Friday, October 17, 2008

ICAATS: Reactions

[ICAATS] As soon as certain evangelical and conservative missionaries decided to establish a (formal or informal) system for quality-guidance in the Indian theological world, there was great bickering and opposition from the theologically radical thinkers and radical seminaries.

Theological radicals in India were quick to realize that the evangelical Christian movement is likely to grow explosively in the free India, and that with that will come numerous evangelical seminaries. What is more, with some kind of a formal guidance in quality, they would soon overtake the dominance that the theological radicals were enjoying in the arena of Indian theological education.

Most of them stopped admitting students from evangelical seminaries into their advanced degree programs, and eventually they stopped admitting students of any type who hailed from an evangelical or conservative church. However, the people who conceived of ICAATS remained firm in their decision and went on guiding theological seminaries in an informal manner – for they realized that an informal setup would best serve the independent India.

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