Thursday, December 31, 2009

Making a Supermarket Accident Claim

By Ayesha Salim

If you tripped over something in an aisle or slipped on some juice in a supermarket, you may be entitled to make a claim for compensation. This is not something many customers will think of, however if you obtained injuries through no fault of your won, then it is your personal right to make a claim for compensation.

Many customers may not actually be aware that all of the supermarkets such as Morrisons, Tesco or Sainsbury's owe them a duty of care whenever a customer steps onto their premises. Customers should be safe when they are shopping and the supermarkets are responsible for their well-being. This can also include the supermarket car park.

What to do if you are involved in a work related accident

Employers also own their staff a duty of care in the work place. Many workers are engrossed in various tasks to ensure the smooth operation of the supermarket. These jobs involve cleaning to shelf stacking. Extra care should be taken at all times due to the sometimes risky nature of the work.

For instance working as a check out assistant may seem relatively straight forward and risk-free. Nonetheless many fail to realise that there are many health risks involved in this job. If great care is not taken, check out assistants are at risk from suffering repetitive train injuries in their wrists, shoulders and elbows. They are also at risk from suffering neck and back injuries, if their working area is not set up appropriately. Shelf stackers and cleaners are at risk from spills or other possible obstacles if there are not appropriate warnings set up.

As an employee you may wish to seek action against your employer if you suffered an accident. It is strongly recommended that you seek legal advice before doing so, as you will be better informed about your chances of gaining compensation.

Things you should do as a customer if you are involved in an accident

If you happen to fall or trip over an obstacle in the supermarket that should not have been there, and you sustain injuries as a result, there are some things you should do in order to help your claim later if you decide to make one.

Quite soon after the accident you should report it to the manager or to someone at the customer services desk. You will most likely be given an accident report form to fill In case you are not given a form you can ask for one or make sure that the accident is recorded in the accident book.

You should make note of the contact details of any witnesses around at the time of the accident. You should also use a camera if you can to take photos of the scene of the accident, paying particular attention to important details. A camera on your phone should also be sufficient to do the job. By gathering all of this evidence, you are making your case stronger.

If you have suffered an accident at a supermarket and are unsure on your next steps, our solicitors will assess your case and advise you on your next steps.

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Astral Travel - Why Not Try It?

By Rick J Griffiths

Have you ever had a dream you were flying high above the trees? Have you ever been in such an intense daydream that you thought you were rising out of your body, then up through the ceiling of your house, only to be suddenly jolted awake? You've reached a state called astral travel, where you can travel outside of your body to anywhere you want to go. It is your mind having fun while your body sleeps!

It is important to know that astral travel is not the same thing as dreaming. Dreaming is a more scientific condition. It is essentially your minds way of dealing with the stresses of the day, playing them out in various ways as you dream. Regular dreaming can sometimes be remembered, and sometimes not, but there is a definite difference between that and astral travel.

Those times where your dreams are vividly remembered are the times when you are experiencing astral travel. It is good practice to write down these dreams on paper or in a computer journal of some sort. You may not understand the dreams now, but later you can browse over the lot of them and likely make some sort of sense for you.

Similar to the dreams that allow you to work out the problems and frustrations of the day, so astral travel has some benefits as well. The benefits will be unique to you, as they are to each person who experiences astral projection, and that is why it is so important that you write them down.

Generally speaking though, benefits to experiencing astral travel and keeping track of your experiences can include a deepening of spirituality. When we say this, what we are referring to is a deeper connection to the soul and the world around you. This promotes inner peace and feelings of well being. Another benefit to astral travel is that it can increase memory and creativity. This is because astral travel sparks activity in parts of the brain that we typically do not use.

Once practicing astral travel, you should see a significant boost in your telepathic and psychic strength. Anyone who works at astral projection will tell you that their psychic abilities increase the more they practice. They can more easily sense spirits and use their telepathic skills.

Astral travel is a path to your inner strength. It enhances just about every other mental skill and ability you already have.

Those who are skeptical of astral travel soon come to their senses after working on their astral travel skills. Even they have been able to read the auras of other people quite easily.

Aside from those benefits, one has to admit that it is fun to travel outside your body, to visit places you haven't been before and to find that inner peace everyone craves.

It is a wonder that astral projection isnt practiced by more people. The truth is that most people are afraid or feel silly trying it out because they don't feel they have the psychic sensitivity to do it. But everyone can use astral projection to their benefit, if only they give it a try.

Everyone has, at one time, taken some sort of astral travel experience. Whether it is through remembered dreams or daydreams, everyone has done it! Flying out of your body is quite common even if you dont realize it as that.

Now that you know something about astral travel, you can allow yourself to experience these events openly. The next time you have an astral travel experience, try to control some aspects of it. A little practice at this and you will see your mental strength increase each day.

There are techniques that you can learn on your own through books offline or eBooks and other resources online. These were created by people who practice astral travel. Learning to astral travel is not as difficult as people want to believe that it is. This is a natural ability that you were born with, you just forgot how to use it and need to fine tune your ability.

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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Investor Mind Control: Is It For Real?

By James Scott

Discovering the 'thumbscrews' of investors is crucial to getting them to take action. In over a decade of dealing with global investors there are several elements that I've discovered to be universal truths about the mind of the private investor (angel investor, accredited investor).

When talking to an investor for the first time, it's more important to listen than to speak. It's more important to ask questions than answer them. It's more important to discover their needs and wants than to exclaim your own. Your first conversation with an investor should be all about piercing the armor and finding the trigger points that prompt a reaction that gets to the center of their 'childlike' state.

What I mean by this is, investors, just like anyone else, has insecurities that are rooted in their childhood and what they are outwardly today, is typically a polar opposite of what they are on the inside. For example, an arrogant, chest beater seems proud and obnoxious on the outside but the reality is that they are over compensating for an insecurity that is rooted in an individual or collection of childhood incidents.

Maybe they were made fun of as a child, maybe they're father was verbally abusive, maybe their teachers would single them out in class opening them up to playground mockery. When talking to these individuals it's important to listen to their voice and intonation when the conversation topic changes. Take notes on their psychological adjustments to the conversation. After you feel you have discovered the triggers that induce the 'pleasurable' responses, end the call, and set your second phone appointment with them.

On that second call, you want to have your conversation ready to go using the triggers you found in the first conversation. Play off of those insecurities that you found, become their best friend without being chummy but it is your mission on this call to be the "guy that understand me" to the investor. You want the overall tone of this conversation to have the response from your target along the theme of, "wow, this guy gets me" , "I can see investing in this company".

By using this method and not coming across as 'fake', you have become an investment opportunity and a shrink all rolled into one. You want to be the one person that this investor can lower his guard to because everything he says, you seem to be the one person who understands him at his deepest level. You seem to naturally be tuned into his insecurities, emotions, needs and wants. Sound strange? Try this out on the next investor you talk to, I guaranty you will be shocked with the results.

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Choosing The Right Investor To Take Your Business Public

By James Scott

So many companies dream of going public to raise massive amounts of capital, as set up for an exit strategy, to make acquisitions with stock and for many other reasons. While your intentions may be pure and with genuine motives, you're entering shark infested waters of boiler rooms, crooked attorneys and underbelly consultants who have made careers off of taking well intentioned executives just like you for a 24 month rollercoaster ride while they take every penny you have as your company shrivels up like week old road kill.

Just and honest consultants in the 'public offering' industry are as rare as the illusive white elephant. This industry exists in a cesspool surrounded by rose gardens; from afar it looks amazing and an image of a dreamland but get up and close and the sludge and odor are enough to make you run and hide. So what do you look for in a consultant? The best consulting firms are the 'boutique firms' with minimal overhead that keep a low profile and are made up of 3 or 4 'partner' consultants.

These firms typically have the experience of working with the large consulting groups but for one reason or another have decided to leave and go out on their own. The great thing is, these small groups typically have massive contacts and process your entire public offering in-house. Offering a complete turn-key solution that is managed in-house offers a huge advantage because there is accountability and you can actually build a relationship with the people that are making your dream of a public offering come true.

These 'boutique' consultants will usually stay onboard as growth consultants for the life of the company in exchange for modest fees and a pre-IPO or pre-OTCBB equity position. The large firms will hack you out at the knees and gouge you with fees while they take massive amounts of equity in your company which takes away your bartering chip when you need to offer more stock to the public to raise capital.

The small firms will also work one on one with you to show you how to use your stock to grow through acquisition and other nifty ways to use stock to grow. Seek out the boutique consulting firm and save the attorney for spot audits. Hold on to your cash. Why pay outrageous fees to lawyers when you can pay 60% less with a small consulting firm that will add all the bells and whistles for free and actually get your stock trading, usually in half the time?

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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Oakland Shocks Visiting Philadelphia For Second Win Of NFL Season

By Ross Everett

The Oakland Raiders scored the only touchdown of the game in the first quarter and then prevailed in the kicking duel that followed en route to a--9 upset of the visiting Philadelphia Eagles. Much maligned quarterback Jamarcus Russell played his best game of the season despite two interceptions, throwing for 224 yards and a touchdown. It was only the Raiders' second win of the season, and only the Eagles' second loss. Oakland now stands at 2-4 while Philadelphia slid to 3-2.

NFL betting enthusiasts who backed the Raiders as a whopping +14 home underdog were never in any trouble as Oakland took the lead late in the first quarter and never relinquished it. Oakland evened their mark against the NFL pointspread at 3-3, while the Eagles dropped to 3-2 against the number. The 22 points scored went well UNDER the posted total of 40'.

After the victory, Raiders' coach Tom Cable said for the first time all season his team focused their intensity in the right direction:

"We went out and threw a fight on somebody and said, 'Enough. Let's play. That's all you can say. There's no magic words or anything like that."

Last week's 44-7 loss to the New York Giants may have served a wakeup call to the Raiders. In particular, they were offended by comments made by Giants' linebacker Antonio Pierce that the game 'felt like playing a scrimmage'. Raiders' wide receiver Louis Murphy didn't dispute the comments but instead took them to heart:

"That gave me extra fuel. You have to look yourself in the mirror and man up. His comments were true. We played flat. We didn't play with any emotion. This game was totally different. We took those comments to heart."

The Raiders' defense received the bulk of the credit for the victory as they pressured Donovan McNabb all day, sacking him six times. The Eagles became the first team in three years to not score an offensive touchdown against the Raiders. Richard Seymour and Trevor Scott each had a pair of sacks, and Scott had the following observation:

"I'm sure they watched the Giants game and thought we were sorry. But all week coach Cable talked about persevering and forget the past and move forward so we can get to where we want to go."

After the game, McNabb had little to say:

"I'm embarrassed by the way we came out here and played. We're a much better football team."

The Raiders will try to put together an actual winning streak as they host the New York Jets next Sunday. Oakland is a +7 home underdog with the total set at 35. They'll play their hated rivals the San Diego Chargers on the road the following Sunday before a bye week. Philadelphia will play the Redskins at Washington next Monday night. The Eagles are a -6' road favorite with the total set at 38'. They'll return home for games the following two Sundays against the New York Giants and Dallas Cowboys.

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Washington Offense In A State Of Flux

By Ross Everett

The Washington Redskins are a mess right now. Head coach Jim Zorn has a tenuous hold on his job at best and after Sunday's---6 loss to Kansas City was stripped of his offensive play calling duties. Management installed newly hired 'offensive consultant' Sherman Lewis as the new offensive play caller and the team has set up an awkward arrangement for him to get the plays to the quarterbacks. For that reason, starting QB Jason Campbell has some serious misgivings about the efficacy of the setup.

Lewis has only been out of retirement and with the team for two weeks, and has spent this week trying to ingest a crash course on the Redskins' offensive schemes. While he was learning on the job, head coach Zorn was trying to put the best spin possible on the situation':

"I need to have composure. I need to understand what the reality of the situation is, and I think our players expect me to rise up. We expect them to play under adverse conditions. We expect them to risk it all. ... I'm conscious of what's going on. I'm not naive about what's going on, and yet I have to just hold back on any feelings and make the decisions."

Quarterback Campbell is more concerned about the convoluted system of getting plays from Lewis to him:

"There'll probably be a couple of plays I have in my head just in case if some reason it doesn't get in on time."

Here's how things are supposed to work-Lewis will sit in the coaches' box above the field and read the plays off a sheet. While Lewis has years of experience working in the so called 'West Coast Offense', Zorn left doubt that he really knows what he's doing at this point stressing that Lewis "doesn't know the protections" and "doesn't know the blitz schemes." Nevertheless, he'll be running the offense when the Redskins take on Philadelphia this Monday night.

Once Lewis figures out what to call, that's when it really gets tricky. He'll relay the plays via headset not to Zorn but to offensive coordinator Sherman Smith. Smith will then inform the quarterback what to run. Zorn is left in the role of a passive bystander on offense, though he will listen in to the playcalling on his headset.

Backup quarterback Todd Collins also shared his concern with the new arrangement:

"It is unsettling. I've never gone through this before. I've never had a play caller get changed in the middle of the season."

Lewis didn't exactly evoke a lot of confidence upon his hiring, where he revealed that he'd been calling bingo games at a seniors' center to kill time since his retirement in 2004. Still, Collins gave him a guarded vote of confidence;

"I know he's been studying last year's game against the Eagles and seems to have a pretty good idea how he wants to call the game this week. It's the same plays. He might coach them a little differently or highlight some different areas, but the offense hasn't gone under an overhaul or anything like that."

The Redskins haven't scored more than 17 points in a game this season, so maybe the thinking is that things can't get any worse. The NFL odds for Monday Night's game show the Eagles a -7 road favorite with the total set at 37'.

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Monday, December 28, 2009

What is Taught Under a Certified Nursing Assistant Training Program?

By Alice Gold

The Main Exam comprises of two part- Theory and Clinical skills. Certified Nursing Training Program is even obtainable online, which can be took up by you at absolutely reasonable price from the comfort of your home. The duration of this training program can go from 2 weeks to 6 months even, depending upon the requirement of your territory or state.

The experimental or hands-on training may take place at a nearby nursing home or hospital. It will definitely help you to obtain fair clinical expertise. Right upon the completion of Certified Nursing Assistant Training Program, you become ready to hit the floor as a professional CNA to look after physically impaired, mentally ill, weak and wounded patients.

Undergoing Certified Nursing Assistant Training Program will enable you skilled enough to perform the subsequent tasks assertively, such as- gauging patient's vital signs like blood pressure, pulse, temperature, respiration etc, tracking the record of every patient's case history, helping the physically disabled patients with moving, bathing and feeding, dressing the injuries, assisting the patients with their regular exercises as prescribed by the physician, sanitizing patient's stuffs and his room, slotting in catheters and taking it out as recommended, maintaining good relation and interaction with the patients and finally reporting the daily progress in patient's health to the licensed nurse or visiting doctor.

Learning these health care tasks proficiently will help you further to pass the final test too. The theory part can be cleared effortlessly with what you have studied so far. Whereas in the practical test, it's not just the matter of testing your intellect, you will be evaluated for your common sense and presence of mind. Your ability to face diverse situations, your confidence and audacity while doing your daily tasks and your efficiency to keep the environment neat and clean are thoroughly checked by them.

Concisely the Certified Nursing Assistant Training Program will arm you with all the requirements expected from a CNA and brushes you up for passing the CNA test successfully.

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Save Money with Speed Reading

By Jay Polmar

All people is trying to save money these days. Finding bargains is quickly turning into the Western worlds favorite pastime. A close second is doing whatever one can to make oneself invaluable to his or her employer.

What would you pay for that next promotion? What would you pay to practically guarantee a raise? In todays global financial market, what would you pay for simple job security?

Self-improvement classes of all types start anywhere from $200 to $2,000 and offer mixed results and mixed promises. There is one company, however, which offers worldwide results and guaranteed in the end result.

SpeedRead America, Inc. has condensed their 3-day live speed reading course into a small, at-your-own-increasing-pace ebook course to help you"the busy business professional"not only make yourself invaluable to your employer, but to also improve your chances of getting that all-too-important promotion or surviving the latest round of job cuts.

This course has been taught to everyone in the corporate world from busy executives to the administrative assistant answering the phones in more than 20 countries around the world in more than five languages, all with amazing results. Many mid-level managers see promotions in less than three weeks. Everyone who takes the course doubles their reading speed in just the first hour"some even triple or quadruple their reading speed!

How much would you pay for the opportunity to get more done in less time, leaving more time for family, friends, or hobbies? What would you pay to practically ensure job security and a promotion?

With our do-it-yourself speed reading course for the business person, you can not only increase your chance of succeed in these economic times, you can also choose the price you will need to pay!

The Speed Read Complete Corporate course is specifically designed for the busy professional and is guaranteed to help all the people in the corporation from the newly-hired administrative assistant to the CEO.

For a very low-cost price, you can make an investment in yourself that will touch every aspect of your life.

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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Offering Memorandum Basics: A Must Read If You Are Raising Capital

By James Scott

Are you a business owner raising capital with a Regulation D Rule exemption (504, 505 or 506) also referred to as a Private Placement Memorandum, PPM or Offering Memorandum? If you are using this mechanism to raise capital then you'll, no doubt, have to have a solid comprehension of the most distinct and important part of the Private Placement Memorandum referred to as the 'Offering Circular'.

When your consultant or attorney is asking you for details on everything from business location to management, from dividends to risk details, you need to make sure that this information is complete and accurate. You'll need to audit the documents after they are completed. A solid Offering Circular has kept countless companies from being sued by investors that didn't get the investment return they were anticipating.

While the business plan is meant to grab the initial attention of the investor or funding source, the Offering Memorandum is meant to spell out the down and dirty details of the venture so that you are protected from lawsuits down the road, while simultaneously exposing the various ins and outs of your venture to give a 'reality check' to the investor before they hand over the cash.

The offering circular needs to be powerful yet very compact without the redundancies of using space to say the same things over and over again to pull the investors attention from the negative to the potential profit margins or management's impressive pedigree. With all this said, yes it's true the offering circular is one of the parts of a PPM spells out the technical aspects of the enterprise with a focus on inherent risk of investing but this can be done in a balanced way to also demonstrate the positive aspects of your venture by giving solid descriptions of your management team and, in place, distribution centers and contracts in place ready for capitalization.

When authoring the offering circular demonstrate the risks with a well balanced demonstration of the system in place to overcome these risks and dominate your market niche.

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MMA Pioneer Helio Gracie Remembered

By Ross Everett

The founding father of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and patriarch of the Gracie family, Helio Gracie, died in early 2009 at the age of 95. His influence in martial arts as well as the sport of mixed martial arts is mind boggling. The Gracie family name will forever be synonymous with Brazilian sports, jiu-jitsu, MMA and the UFC"not only due to Helios own accomplishments but the legacy he created both by training others and through his family.

Helio Gracie began his training in mixed martial arts early, and by his teenage years was already teaching judo. While he had no problem mastering the theoretical aspects of judo, he found that many of its techniques were less effective for a practitioner with a smaller build. Along with his brother Carlos, Gracie began to work out his own fighting system by adapting many of judo's techniques and making them more a product of leverage rather than brute strength. This led to the creation of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ), frequently called Gracie Jiu Jitsu in his honor.

Gracie also had a professional fighting career, taking on champions from other disciplines in a forerunner to modern mixed martial arts. These bouts were grueling, unregulated affairs with rules that were often made up as they went along and time limits that seem barbaric by todays standards. By his own recollection, he had 15 fights against the top fighters of his day. He began his career in'32 by submitting professional boxer Antonio Portugal (whod likely never even heard of a submission at that point, let alone experienced one) in just 32 seconds. Later that year, he fought American catch wrestler Frank Ebert to a draw after the ringside doctor ordered the bout stopped after an ungodly fourteen ten minute rounds.

His most famous battle was against Japanese judo legend Masahiko Kimura, resulting in a rare loss for Gracie. Despite the setback, he fought bravely and may have actually enhanced his legend after refusing to submit to a reverse arm bar (the same move that now bears Kimuras name). Only after his arm was broken did his brother Carlos throw in the towel.

Helio Gracie's impact on fight sports and mixed martial arts would continue through his offspring. Married twice, he had seven sons (Rickson, Royler, Rolker, Royce, Relson, Robin and Rorion) and two daughters (Rerika and Ricci), many of whom went on to make their own mark on the fight sport world. Royce Gracie is well known as the first UFC superstar, while sons Rickson Royler, Renzo have also achieved considerable fame in professional MMA.

Gracie died at age 95, after suffering stomach problems though the cause of his death was officially listed as 'natural causes'. His last words are classic and highly fitting for a man who gave so much to martial arts and fighting sports:

Gracie's last words are as follows:"I created a flag from the sports dignity. I oversee the name of my family with affection and nerves of blood.

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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Select An Accredited College For Online Bachelor Degree

By Girish Jaju

The internet has revolutionized the education system all over the world. The theory of distant education has been transformed into online education. Online bachelor's degree is available through the internet on many subjects from renowned universities across the world. You have to be particular to find out a recognized university degree to avoid certain unrecognized universities or educational institutions that deliver degrees without any course or study materials and take payments from you to serve the degree.

Having a bachelor's degree from a recognized institution has several rewards. Students who need to take proper education with a constraint of time due to other pre occupations are able to advance in their career paths by having proper qualifications. There has been a spurt in online education in current times due to several facilities for students, who are busy elsewhere during the normal college education hours.

Moreover, universities are also assertively pursuing students to take more education. It is a must to choose the best institution for your online education. You have to consider many factors to make your selection foolproof. It includes the cost of education, the dependability of the bachelor's degree, study materials to be purchased, personal attention and examinations or tests to have the maximum exposure to the study skill.

If you are interested only in having a degree, you will look for the most commercial one. If you are desirous to learn the skill and keen on learning part, you must look for the details of teachers, study materials, schedule and other online resources that are made available to you.

It should be able to help you to promote your career with the online bachelor degree. Ensure that your selection of the online education institution should be the accredited one like the university of Phoenix and Capella. They are given full recognition by majority of the employers in improvement of your career path.

You should make a systematic research on different online degree colleges and universities for your online education need. Make real good effort in following the study classes so that you learn the expertise and receive a valid bachelor's degree from the recognized university to get help in improvement in your career.

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Chakra Therapy And Chakra Meditation

By Nisal Karuiyaratna

The chakras (the word literally means energy wheels) are lined up along the center line, or meridian, of a person's body according to ancient Vedic thought.

Certain mystical practitioners even believe the number of these wheels to be fourteen.

Beginning at the base (believed to be either the bottom end of the spine or the genitals) they go right up to the top of the head, the crown.

In between are the orange colored chakra situated in the stomach area, the yellow colored chakra known as the solar plexus just above this, the green colored chakra in the heart region, the blue colored throat chakra, the indigo colored chakra in the center of the forehead known as the third eye. The root chakra is colored red with the crown chakra thought of as being violet in color.

The numbering of these chakras 1 to 7 begins at the base of the spine, which is chakra number one. This numbering coincides with the spectrum along the wavelength of light.

The first of these chakras is responsible for our vitality, sexual and physical health.

Chakra two rules a person's creative powers.

The third commands the power of our will and desires.

Chakra four at the heart commands our emotional energy that opens us up to giving and receiving love.

The fifth chakra gives us communicative power, loops our emotions in with our thinking, and gives us personal magnetism.

Chakra six influences a person's intuition, psychic powers and insights, also referred to as the sixth sense.

The final chakra, number seven located at the crown of the head is what is responsible for our astral voyages.

When people feel they are connecting directly with God, they are focusing the energies of their seventh, purple-white, crown chakra.

The chakra wheels naturally want to spin. If they are healthy and clean, they are spinning, and then they are providing you with the strongest, healthiest energies you can have. But if they become clogged, then they cannot spin and you will have problems or sickness in one or more of the areas outlined.

It is also important that each chakra is equal in its development to the others. If one of these is over-developed then an addiction, neuroses or OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) may result.

Chakras can become unbalanced or clogged as a result of neglect or bad lifestyle. If your diet is bad, or you have a negative attitude toward sexual relations you will have problems with your first or root/base chakra. This is likely to lead to ill health and broken or difficult relationships.

If you start dabbling in things like black magic or even destructive negative thoughts about other people you are likely to unbalance or clog up the seventh crown chakra which will mean you are unable to connect with the higher cosmos and you are left feeling totally empty and fearful.

A freely spinning energy wheel will be characteristically flexible. The human mind has the power to receive good vibes and ward off bad and negative ones. It is just like a hand, which can open and close when required but if broken, it will not function. Similarly a healthy chakra will open and close as per the vibes it encounters.

Chakra therapy means basically that you focus your attention and concentration on each of the seven main chakras in turn. This should really be done on a daily basis.

When you meditate, you will be able to pinpoint the chakra that requires cleansing. Thereafter just concentrate on making that energy category strong so that the energies are restored to their healthiest best.

It is also observed that when some persons meditate on a gemstone of the same color as the chakras, their concentration is very high. They are able to focus better and can obtain an insight into the path for cleansing their chakras and make them healthier.

Many people find that the simplest way is to listen to the frequencies of each chakra in turn which results in your own chakras resonating with these frequencies, which then results in them becoming completely balanced.

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Friday, December 25, 2009

Green Screen Hollywood - Brief History

By Phillip Guye

Green screen Hollywood technology, a. K. A chroma key is a system employed by filmmakers to mix two separate photographs together. This works by making the background ( a solid color which is mostly green or blue ) clear in order to show another image which is the particular background that'll be shown on film. This technique of filming is often referred to as color keying, blue screen, and color separation overlay ( CSO ). It was essentially used for weather reports. Forecasters were shot in front of chroma key screens and the background was replaced by actual maps that indicate weather forecasts . The chroma key technique is also used by filmmakers and photographers alike.

The green screen first made its appearance in the 1930's at RKO Radio pictures. The background used back then was blue. This technique of film making was developed to create special effects for the film "The thief of Bagdad." apart from the chroma key technique, filmmakers depended on an awfully boring and laborious process called "travelling matte." This made transition such as "wipes" possible.

Larry servant is thought to be in charge of pioneering the blue screen system. In fact, he even took home an Academy Award for visible effects for his work in "The burglar of Bagdad." After his success in the 30's, butler was the first individual to use chroma key technology in Technicolor, paving the way for modern green screen Hollywood technology.

The first films to take advantage of Chroma Key technology was the flick adaptation of Ernest Hemingway famous short story, "The Old Man and the Sea," starring Spencer Tracy. After the "Old Man and the Sea," more films used the chroma key methodology. Some famous film that employ chroma key technology are The Empire Strikes Back, Lord of the Rings, Titanic, Star Trek, and even three hundred. Films that make use of CGI or computer generated pictures are also made with aid from green screen technology. This is how having out of this world settings and amazing creatures are able to be shown on film.

Today, green screen Hollywood technology isn't just restricted to big budget flats. It's also utilized in photography. From the initial blue screen, green was used later on because filmmakers discovered that a green background doesn't need boring lighting. Cameras are most delicate to this color, so the result of films shot on green screens are easier to work with and manipulate. With that said, chroma key technology is now known to photographers and filmmakers' best friend.

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Beginner Learning Spanish Online - Rocket Spanish Review

By David Whistenant

If you too are considering a beginner learning Spanish online course, congratulations, you chose the very best language to learn from the best possible teacher at most probably the most opportune time. There are positively countless possible ways through which you can build up your beginner learning Spanish online.

Newer and latest development in both the internet faculties as well as computers now allow you a more interactive, fun-filled as well as highly educational experience in learning Spanish.

There are also plenty of free tools that a prospective beginner learner for Spanish can take advantage from. Due to the high competition there are plenty of online tools just waiting for you to give them a try.

The first and foremost in a beginners minds should be to access a page where complete comparison between Spanish and English is provided. There was a time when all you could find was a page with comparison between the two alphabets, now you will find a highly interactive page which will also play the sound as well as the phonetics of an alphabet as you click on it, you can do so as many times as you want and provide yourself as many practice time as you wish without the hassle of a classroom where you would have to put a pause to your learning as the designated time for a certain class is over.

Next you could always get yourself Spanish to English dictionary, either through a purchase or through one of many free downloadable sites, and you are on the go to the beginning to a successful era of Spanish learning and speaking. There are also various games and similarly interactive software, either downloadable or flash based to ensure your Spanish learning experience is as successful and tension free as it can be.

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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Is Your Company Going Public? Grow Quicker With Good Publicity

By James Scott

As a publicist, I can't help but laugh when I turn on the television to see an author on a talk show telling the audience about their book or flip on the radio in my car and hear the morning DJ interviewing a self proclaimed expert of some new weight loss program where you can lose 500 pounds in 48 hours.

I don't laugh because of the content but because I know how much they had to pay a publicist to get that interview. I know that all the questions are predetermined and that the publicist who convinced this individual that TV and radio were the only way to get in front of the public is living in the'70's and can't seem to adjust to the new concepts of massive publicity for pennies and the young, hip publicists that have transformed the process of ga

Sorry to offend any publicists out there but I'm going to tell the public a little secret. If you are seeking massive explosions of publicity for your business, book, musical act or future celebrity, there is a process that will blast your 'brand' to 10,000,000's overnight. There is a process that will put your brand in front of your target market in hours, not weeks. There is no waiting on approval from a television network or radio channel.

That secret process is a cooperative of internet video distribution, press releases, article marketing, social book marketing, blogs and a few other online media distribution combination that will take your brand campaign from 0 mph to 100mph overnight. When you are interviewing publicists or brand recognition marketing specialist keep this in mind, any publicist can get you on TV or the radio with a couple calls since both of these media genres are constantly in need of content and truth be told, the results you'll get are very minimal from these to publicity mediums.

The core of your interview should be quizzing them on their online media campaigns and viral media expertise. Don't spend a dime until they've convinced you that their online strategies are on the cutting edge and cost effective. Online marketing strategies can literally have the internet screaming your name in hours.

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Take Your Company Public Fast and Easy for Less Than $25,000 Down!

By James Scott

OK, you're ready to take your company to the next level and your CFO and legal counsel have advised you to go public to raise capital as well as to retain some of those prize employees with stock options and to bait that new sales executive with a signing bonus made up of stock options. You've looked into everything from pink sheets to reverse mergers to OTCBB to IPO and you have come to the conclusion you're going to need to take on investors so that you can afford to follow through with your plan. If you're lacking the funds to dive right in and start creating your public structure, here is a way that just about any business can afford to go public.

First, get a real business plan. Your business plan needs to sizzle and reel in the investor and clearly paint a picture of your vision to the investor and their advisors. Next, you'll want to raise an initial round of cash quickly so that you can afford to take your company public without hindering your current company structure with additional ancillary costs. You're going to need something fast and affective; you should consider having a professionally authored private placement memorandum put together for your company.

If you are trying to go public via OTCBB a Regulation D Rule 504 exemption will suffice, if you are trying to achieve an IPO you'll need to go with a Regulation D Rule 505 exemption (pink sheets and reverse mergers into shell corps are not very successful in immediate and long term success so I would suggest you stay away from these structures). Build into the PPM verbiage that you are raising an initial round of capital that will be used to take your company public. When savvy investors see that they are investing in a real, viable pre-IPO or pre-OTCBB formation you will see investors climbing out of the woodwork to give you cash if your business concept is sound.

Next you hire the consultants (usually the same firm that wrote your PPM) to start the process of taking you public. On the PPM your Mini/Maxi should allow you to use capital almost immediately to get the ball rolling on your public company. You can count on a solid OTCBB going for between $75k and $250k and an IPO going for $1M+ so have your PPM written accordingly. If you follow the path set forth above you will notice something extraordinary.

The only out of pocket expense you had was for your Private Placement Memorandum (and your business plan if you didn't have one) and 100% of the capital needed to go public was supplied by greedy investors who are excited to invest because of the quick payoff of their investment when you go public. This process means you can literally take your company public for less than $5,000 (the typical cost of a strategic Private Placement Memorandum. This is a simple, strategic and inexpensive way to get the capital you need for your company quickly, without using your limited financial resources in the process.

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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

1977 Triple Crown Winner Seattle Slew

By Ross Everett

Seattle Slew, horse racing's lone remaining living Triple Crown winner, passed away on May 7, 2002 at the age of 28. Already ranked among the all time greats by virtue of this accomplishment alone, Slew is even more notable as the only Triple Crown winner to go undefeated as a three year hold. He came from humble beginnings, bought at public auction--the only Triple Crown winner to be acquired in this manner. After retiring to stud in'78 he remained a very profitable horse based on a stud fee of $300,000. His offspring earned over $76 million dollars at the race track and include over 100 stakes race winners including'84 Kentucky Derby champion Swale.

The Seattle Slew story began very modestly at a public auction in Lexington, Kentucky. The Keeneland Summer Yearling sale wasn't supposed to be the marketplace of champions, and the idea that this particular horse would ever amount to anything other than a farmhand was downright laughable. Slew looked clumsy, due primarily to a right forefoot that splayed outward and resulting in a shuffling gait at a trot. He also wasn't a majestic beast like his predecessor by a few years, Secretariat. Slew was borderline ugly. So ungainly a creature was he that he was given the less than inspiring nickname "Baby Huey" by the Keeneland staff. He was purchased by two couples (Karen and Mickey Taylor and Jim and Sally Hill) for $17,500. What wasn't apparent at the yearling sale was the intangibles that make up a championship thoroughbred--poise under pressure, love of competition, toughness, heart and desire. The Taylor's and Hill's had stumbled onto an equine Tiger Woods or Michael Jordan who's competitive fire quickly became apparent to the trainers that worked with him and the jockeys that rode him. His first race came at Belmont in'76, and the three races he entered--and won--as a 2 year old gave a hint of what was to come.

Slew quickly became a horse to watch as a three year old as he won three Derby prep races including the Wood Memorial. In the Derby, Slew got off to a terrible start as he stumbled out of the gate. He recovered from the miscue and essentially bulled his way through a pack of horses to lead at the 1/4 mile pole. Slew would win the Derby by a length and 3 quarters. He took another tough victory at the Preakness before clinching the Triple Crown with a 4 length victory in the Belmont Stakes.

Slew ran in a few races as a 4 year old but in the pre-Breeders' Cup days there wasn't as many opportunities for an older horse. He retired to stud in'78, where he sired champions such as the aforementioned Swale and'92 Belmont Champ AP Indy.

Slew was in someways overshadowed during his prime by his predecessor--and arguably the greatest thoroughbred race horse in history--1973 Triple Crown winner Secretariat. In hindsight, however, it has finally been noted what an exceptional horse he really was. Jockey Angel Cordero, who rode Slew during the twilight of his career noted "If I had a chance to take any horse in the world, if someone said your life is depending on riding one horse to win, I would take (Slew). I rode 44,000 horses, but he was special, he was different. He was muscled, like a wrestler. He ran different than any other horse. It was like he came from another planet."

After his death in 2002, Slew was buried at Hill 'n' Dale Farm in Lexington, Kentucky under a statue in his image.

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Chiefs Beat Struggling Redskins

By Ross Everett

The offensively struggling Kansas City Chiefs have finally found a way to win-play a team with a more stagnant offense than their own. The Chiefs gave Todd Haley his first win as a NFL head coach on Sunday with a---6 win over the Washington Redskins. Kansas City is now 1-5 on the NFL season, while the Redskins slumped to 2-4.

To successfully bet on NFL football you occasionally have to put aside W/L records and look at the underlying statistics. Those who did that found reason to take Kansas City as +6' road underdogs and were rewarded with the outright victory. Kansas City is now 2-4 against the NFL pointspread and has covered two straight while Washington is a dismal 1-5 versus the money.

After the contest, Haley sounded more relieved than excited about finally putting a "W" on the board:

"We made it pretty difficult, right down to the end. We've pushed through a very difficult period. We needed to get some positive reinforcement with a win."

Kansas City QB Matt Cassel also won for the first time since coming over from New England in the off season. His postgame comments were more upbeat:

"There's been a lot of change, but this has definitely been special. We rose to the occasion. We made some big plays. We put ourselves in a position to score points."

Embattled Redskins' coach Jim Zorn was stripped of his offensive play calling duties by team management after the contest. In one of his last decisions in that role, he pulled starter Jason Campbell at halftime and went with Todd Collins. He explained his move as follows:

"I felt the need to create a spark on our football team offensively and went with Todd. I think the guys responded well. We kept our spark, at times, and then we refizzled."

The Redskins have managed to win only two of their first six games despite being the only team in NFL history to play their first six games of the season against winless opponents. They'll get another chance to silence their doubters next Monday night as they host the Philadelphia Eagles. The Skins are +6' home underdogs with the total set at 38'. They'll have a bye the next week and return to action on November 8th against the Atlanta Falcons at the Georgia Dome. Kansas City will try to string together back to back wins as they host the San Diego Chargers on Sunday. There's currently no line on the game pending San Diego's Monday Night Football contest against the Denver Broncos.

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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Why Does Cliffside Malibu's Dual Diagnosis Treatment Succeed Where Others Fail?

By Landon Marks

It is very easy for you to simply try out a drug when in college, or with friends. But what is important is whether or not you get addicted to it. And if you do get addicted, it is a never ending cycle of pain and suffering. Too much of an addiction can even lead one to go towards extreme depression. Psychiatric problems combined with a strong addiction can be really difficult to overcome. Substance abuse can be a huge problem. That is why you need a detailed analysis of the situation, followed by a therapy session, which will focus on you and your quick recovery.

I think one rehab which is good is the Cliffside Malibu, which is a licensed dual diagnosis residential treatment center and has a combination of clinical and psychiatric experts who are trained to correctly diagnose and meet the unique needs of patients suffering from substance abuse and a co-occurring emotional or psychiatric illness.

The residence program offers safe and sound recovery options, luxury facilities and healthy food. Many therapy sessions tailor-made by the experts and doctors are also offered. A dual diagnosis treatment will help you overcome both your addiction and depression problems. Depression can be a part of your life if too much of addiction is present.

You can have gourmet meals, spa treatments and lots of recreational activities, which promise to make your stay here memorable. Pressure and tension will be a part of your life, and these are the things you need to remove them in a jiffy. It is important to focus on the recovery rather than be tensed about it.

Detox, art therapy and spirituality are also in the offing. Patients are assessed on a clinical and psychological level when they come in. This is followed by a detailed discussion with the patient and his family. The therapy sessions and what they have to offer you are discussed at length, and once you feel comfortable with them, it is carried forward. Experience of a rehab center is also important in knowing how it is going to deal with your problems. So if you think you need help, contact them at 800-501-1988.

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Take Your Company Public: Software Firms Can Raise Capital Fast!

By James Scott

Are you trying to raise capital for your start-up or corporation in expansion? Have you exhausted your traditional institutional sources and hedge fund contacts? Don't lose hope just yet! First of all, take all those pamphlets and brochures from banks and other traditional lenders that are lying all over your desk and toss them in the trash...they are absolutely useless.

Banks don't have your company's best interest in mind as they are hardly even staying afloat in this economy. Today's institutional financier isn't qualified to run a bath let alone a bank. Don't put your future in the untested hands of a 20 something knucklehead. After you've tossed all that useless info in the trash, clear your head and then look at your company and ask yourself a few tough questions: Is your company invest-able? Do you and your executive staff have a pedigree that investors deem as seasoned enough to take their money and make affective use of it and not lose it? What proprietary concepts/technology/patents do you have that give you a larger market share with the proper cash infusion? What is your current capital/debt situation?

If, after pondering these questions you've come to the conclusion you honestly, truly have something worth pursuing then the next step is to look at the reality that your company is worthy of a public offering. Stay away from Pink Sheets and be weary of reverse mergers and in reality your company won't qualify for the NASDAQ so the quickest way to raise public capital is the OTCBB (over the counter bulletin boards).

OTCBB is an SEC regulated platform that has a solid investor following and market makers that can effectively promote your stock to rapidly raise capital. Don't let these difficult economic times steal your dreams of corporate prosperity and personal growth.

If you have a solid business concept, there is a way to fund it. Look into the OTCBB, it's your best bet for an inexpensive public offering with a direct path to long term funding.

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Monday, December 21, 2009

Boston Bruins' Scoring Legend Phil Esposito

By Ross Everett

Although many of his offensive records have now been left in the dust by Wayne Gretzky and Mario Lemieux, former Boston Bruins/New York Rangers center Phil Esposito is still regarded by hockey experts as one of the greatest players in NHL history.

A native of Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Esposito was signed by the Chicago Blackhawks as a teenager. After some time in junior hockey, he was called up to the NHL in'64 quickly earning a spot on the teams top line between Bobby Hull and Marcel Dionne. In'67, Esposito was traded to the Boston Bruins along with Ken Hodge and Fred Stanfield.

It wasnt long before Esposito started to destroy long standing NHL records. In'69, he became the first NHL player to top the 100 point mark (combined goals and assists) for the season"he obliterated the record with 126 points, which would be the first of six times that hed top the century mark. He topped 100 points in five straight seasons between'71 and'75, missing a sixth straight season by a single point with 99 in'70. Bruins fans were fond of displaying car bumper stickers that read Jesus Saves; Esposito scores on the rebound.

Esposito's greatest single season was in'70-71, when he destroyed the NHL's single season goal scoring mark with 76. That record stood until Wayne Gretzky of the Edmonton Oilers broke it in'81-82. Even now, only four other players including Gretzky have scored more than 150 points in a season and only five others have scored more than 76 goals in a season. Perhaps the most amazing element of Espositos game was the frequency with which he put the puck on net"Espo had 550 shots on goal in'70-71. No one has since come close.

In'75, Esposito was traded to the New York Rangers where his experience, intelligence for the game and nose for the puck made him a valuable component of the Broadway Blueshirts offense and he was named team captain. Until the very end of his career, he remained a dangerous scoring threat that all opposing teams were forced to reckon with.

After his retirement in'75, he remained active in hockey. He served as the GM of the Rangers before helping secure an expansion team for Tampa, Florida in'92. Esposito served as the President and GM of the Tampa Bay Lightning until'98. Esposito now hosts a daily hockey radio show on XM Radio, and has even done some acting appearing in a recurring role as a fire chief on the TV series Rescue Me.

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The Arena Football League Calls It Quits

By Ross Everett

After canceling their 2009 season, the Arena Football League has shut down entirely and appears headed for bankruptcy. Earlier this week, the league office released a short statement indicated that it had ceased operations because owners were "unable to reach any consensus on restructuring the league over the past eight months." The leagues statement continued that there are no other viable options available to the league right now."

Even before the decision was made to cancel the 2009 season this past December, it had been a tumultuous off-season for the Arena Football League. It began with the resignation of long time AFL commissioner David Baker just two days before the Arena Bowl championship game. Though Baker put a positive spin on his resignation saying that he felt it was time, the timing was curious despite his insistence that it was due to "personal reasons".

In October, the owner of the New Orleans VooDoo announced that the team would cease operations"despite being one of the league leaders in attendance. In announcing that the team would fold, owner Tom Benson (who also owns the NFL Saints) suggested that the end of the five year old franchise was in no way an indictment of the New Orleans market.

A dispersal draft to reassign the VooDoo personnel was scheduled and postponed several times amid assurances from the AFL office that rumors of financial instability were unfounded.

The inability to get any consensus on a business model for the league reportedly served as the final nail in the AFLs coffin. A major problem was skyrocketing player salaries, and some sort of compensation system tied to team revenues was a necessity. That agreement was reached with the players, but a bigger schism was left between several factions of owners"primarily drawn along lines of overall wealth.

Despite the demise of the Arena Football League, it wont be the end of the road for the twenty two year old sport. known as The 50 yard indoor war . Arena Football lives on in the AF2 league which, ironically, was originally started as something of a developmental organization for the AFL. The league plays in smaller markets and has a more realistic salary structure. A number of current AFL players"and possibly a couple of AFL franchises"could end up in AF2.

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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Have You Heard Of litigation Support Services - (what Is This)

By Adriana Noton

Have you heard of litigation support services - (What is this). This is a litigation service which helps lawyers present a better case. The better your case the better chance you have to win. Many cases do not get to the trial stage. They are negotiated before trial and both parties agree to a settlement. Or there are cases that are settled in conflict resolution settings. But you have to be ready for trials that do go to trial.

Are society is fascinated by the courtroom trial. They are part of many television shows and many movies. Jury trials make for great drama on the big screen or on the TV. We love to see a witness broken down by the bastion of justice the honest lawyer who is trying to ring out the truth from the witness. The witness finally breaks down during the cross examination and the person on trial unjustly accused is free because his lawyer stood up for the principles of truth and justice.

In today's jury trial members of the jury are more likely to be swayed by video evidence verses oral testimony. Part of how litigation support services can help you present your case is to build your video evidence. If you are representing a client who has suffered personal injury from a car accident you can use a video reconstruction of the accident to show the jury.

Let us face reality the modern jury is made up of people who watch television, who like movies with special effects, and who go to the internet and watch videos demonstrating everything from how to install a dishwasher to how to cook lasagna. People, even members of juries want to see a video. Litigation support services have experts in video creation.

Litigation support services are also experts at putting together animation videos. Let us say you have a medical malpractice case. You want to demonstrate what the medical procedure does, what it was supposed to do, and what went wrong. You easily make your case when the jury sees the medical procedure in animation. And in malpractice litigation you will need an expert witness. You can rely on litigation support services to provide the expert witness that will perform well under questioning.

Expert witnesses mostly do well during direct testimony but when it comes to cross examination many experts do not fair as well and all the money and time you spent on your witness can go down the drain. Litigation support services can provide your side with expert witnesses who will not fold under cross examination.

Some lawyers think that all they need to film a deposition is a video camera and a charged battery. Then after they realize that there is no audio on the tape they wish they hired a professional You want to look at litigation support services for all your video recording needs. Most services even keep a back up of your videos like your depositions in their archives.

You need in this day and age of complicated litigation a litigation support service you can trust and count on.

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What Is Meant By A Past Regression?

By John Paul Harding

As reincarnation gains ever more acceptance in our society, you may have been hearing about something called past life regression. This is exactly what the name implies; and it is something that a growing number of people are interested in. When we know more about our past lives, it gives us insight into our lives in the here and now.

One thing which can help you to get started is to keep a past lives journal. This is where you can write down your emotions and thoughts, even the most trivial which seem to be out of place with the experiences which have shaped you as a person in your present lifetime. Some of the things which seem to be of particular importance to many include fears of or attractions to specific places and things, whether or not you have ever been there or seen them for yourself; at least in this lifetime. Your journal can help you to start drawing connections and piecing together the puzzle of a past life or lives.

A past lives journal could begin as a list of things you like and do not like, fears, favorite foods, places and other cultural details. You should also note any predispositions and talents you may have - anything which says something about who you are may turn out to be important as you decipher the clues to your past lives.

Your dreams may also contain some clues to your past lives - be sure to take notes on anything from your dreams which seem to belong to a previous life. However, you should keep in mind that much of the content of your dreams will come from the present.

You could also try past life regression.

You may have to go see an experienced past life regression therapist. These therapists are skilled in taking you through a regression step by step and then helping you to interpret what you have gathered from this experience. To accomplish this, the therapist will use hypnosis. However, self hypnosis may also be an option.

Meditation is another technique which is used to learn about past lives.

For a lot of people, it is hard to induce a past life regression experience using meditation. We are often skeptical of what we receive during these experiences; but in order to make the most of your regression, you have to learn to trust your instincts and to listen to yourself.

While meditating, useful information about your past lives can come to you. You should write down everything which you experience during your meditation; this will help you to figure out which of these pieces may be tied to a former life.

Those who have some difficulty meditating often find aids including visual focal points, incense or relaxing music or sounds to be helpful. There are guided meditation tapes you can try as well as recordings of relaxing natural soundscapes.

You can also use binaural beats.

These are specially designed audio recordings which contain specific frequencies which can help you reach a deep meditative state quickly. While you meditate, choose a quiet place where you will not be disturbed and that you can sit or lie down comfortably. As you begin, make a conscious effort to relax your body and maintain a positive mindset.

You need to relax your muscles and clear your mind. When one of those thoughts of your everyday concerns comes through, simply acknowledge it and move on. It may take several tries before you can successfully meditate, but you will get there - and the answers to your questions about past lives may start coming to you.

Past life regression can even help you to cope with problems in your present life as well as give you information about the past. Some even learn that they have known the people they know now in a past life.

Reincarnation in some form or another is a part of many religious traditions. Hindus, Buddhists, Jains and Sikhs all believe in the concept of Karma. To put this concept into the simplest possible terms, it is the principle that the actions you take in your present life determine the circumstances of your next life. Knowing more about your past lives can help you to live a better life in the present.

The most important thing is to come to this experience with an open mind. You have to be able to accept information and be willing to learn from your past in order to improve the way you live now.

There are many who hold the opinion that a regression through a past life can help to free you of mental blocks and improve your mental health and your outlook on life.

When you can deal with the problems of your past, you may be able to make positive changes by knowing where you have gone wrong in past lives and make better decisions in the present as a result. A regression can show you the way towards living a better life with a greater degree of kindness to yourself and others.

You might even find that you have talents or abilities which you were not even aware of. If you see yourself in a past life as an expert pianist, for instance, you will most likely find that if you take up the instrument you will be an accomplished player quickly. Discovering these latent abilities can add to your quality of life immensely.

As long as you have an open mind and are ready to learn from your past lives, there are many benefits which past life regression may hold for you.

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Saturday, December 19, 2009

What are the Different Styles and Sizes of Cigars?

By Dave Sabot

If you are new to cigar smoking, you probably know that cigars come in an extremely wide variety of styles and sizes. The style and size of cigar can have a great impact on how the smoking experience will be and can be a determining factor of your personal level of enjoyment. For instance, taste is probably the number one factor that will vary depending on style and size as well as the physical temperature of the smoke that is drawn from the cigar. With a little knowledge of the difference in styles and sizes of cigars, you can assure that your smoking experience will be a positive one.

Variations in Style

Cylindrical - The most common cigar style is the cylindrical tube. These are usually the easiest to make and provide even airflow through the cigar's body. The cap on these is usually rounded. Most cigar manufacturers offer this style of cigar.

Torpedo - The torpedo is the second cigar style type and are less common than cylindrical cigars. Thanks to the tapered end, they provide a more direct flow of air through the cigar body. The shape of the torpedo utilizes a funnel end that is generally located at the cap (the head), although some cigar makers place it at the lit end (foot).


When you apply torch lighters to cigars, you need to know how size affects your enjoyment. The size of the cigar you choose will influence many different factors about your smoke.

Length - Longer cigars are usually preferable, simply because they provide a much cooler smoke and greater enjoyment. They are also usually smoother tasting and lack the harshness associated with shorter cigars.

Diameter - The ring gauge or diameter of your cigar also plays a crucial role. The more thin a cigar is, the more harsh the smoke will be and the faster the cigar will burn. Alternately, a wide cigar will burn slower and the smoke will generally be smoother.

One thing to keep in mind before you determine what style and size of cigar to light up, is that fatter cigars generally cost a bit more money. Obviously, it requires more tobacco and materials to create the cigar. Essentially, you are paying more money because you are getting more cigar.

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Fake Lawyers Courtesy Of The 2007 Bar Exam ?

By Zigfred Diaz

As I was visiting the Southwestern University (SWU) Cebu City Philippines, School of Law alumni association friendster group, I came across a very interesting topic in the discussion board. This interesting topic reads "2007 Bar exam produced unreal lawyers."

Curious, I click on the post and it contained a link to a forum where a heated discussion was going on about the allegedly fake lawyers, courtesy of the 2007 Bar Exam. I gave an argument in the SWU Alumni Association Friendster group in response to his statement stating why I think he has erred in concluding that the 2007 bar exam passers are fake lawyers. Below is my answer:

Frankly, the topic starter did not only show his idiotic side but also his ignorance when he implied that the 2007 Bar exam Passers are phonies. For the information of the readers, I am not a 2007 Bar Exam passer.

This person's argument is based on the major premise that "Under the Rules of Court, a bar examinee is deemed to have passed if he obtains a general average of 75 percent in all subjects without falling below 50 percent in any subject."

Then using the Bar Committee's decision to lower the passing rate from 75 percent to 70 percent and also its decision to lower the disqualification rate on Labor and Civil Law from 50 to 45 percent, he formed his minor premise.

He then implied stating, "Due to these considerations, I conclude that the 2007 bar exam passers are phonies because they were not able to completely satisfy the requirements as stated by the Rules of Court."

Such a show of ignorance! This individual based his conclusion on the premise that the Rules of Court are cannot be changed. This individual failed to consider the 1987 constitution, mainly Article VIII, Sec. 5 subpar. 5, which says "The Supreme Court shall have the following powers . . . Promulgate rules concerning the protection and enforcement of constitutional rights, pleading, practice, and procedure in all courts, THE ADMISSION TO THE PRACTICE OF LAW, the integrated bar . . . "

In layman's term, the Supreme Court has the power to decide on who will be qualify to the bar. The Supreme Court's action in lowering the passing rate of the 2007 bar exam remains correct and it is within the scope of what is mandated by the Constitution. Letifico ut idots (Cheers to idiots)

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Friday, December 18, 2009

Have You Got A Suitable Suitcase Generator For Your Life?

By Jennifer Carter

Though generators are rarely exploited, they still play an essential function in our everyday life. Every home ought to have one in their house. Selecting a desirable generator for your house can assist you get the best value for you money. Do you know how to opt for a appropriate one? Here are some useful tips for you.

The first is the time you ought to exploit your generator. Of course, that is when power outages occur. Whether for residential or commercial use, power generators are there exactly to address the need to adopt electric power when it is cut off. Furthermore, in some events, you will acknowledge the value of such machine, for example, if you are on the road, or live in the boondocks or in a agricultural area where no electric power is ready, or go picnic outside...

About all generators are portable and they can be carried or transported anywhere. That is, generators have numerous sizes and level of portability. There are new suitcase generators in the market that one is able to carry like a briefcase and may be more suited for your uses than the traditional portable generators. Nonetheless, almost generators resonate and are very noisy. Their engines sound no different from those of small cars or motorbikes. Thus, you have to put your generators in the shed. It is sometimes very inconvenient and gives you any troubles. In such case, you wish to have a quieter one without interrupting the neighbors. Suitcase Generator is your good solution.

Another criterion you ought to think of when selecting a generator is what appliances need to be powered. This is actually the primary consideration when determining on what size and portability level you expect your generator to be. If you expect to choose one for residences, it depends on the total power load demands of the equipments. A small but strong suitcase generator is able to be the optimum selection for you in this situation.

Above are the features of the suitcase generators. I can certain that after viewing this article, you can decide which class of generators is the most appropriate for you.

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Industrial Design As A Career

By Agatha Anderson

Industrial design has witnessed a lot of growth in the past few years. It includes design of a vast range of items including household as well as commercial items, like electronic goods and vehicles, and it forms an essential element of various other industries too. It provides employment opportunities with big firms and even MNCs, not only to experienced candidates but also to young graduates.

Industrial design not only enables the manufacturers to enhance their revenues but also provides the designers a platform to exhibit their creativity and hence there is already a great deal of competition in the field for securing employment in the best firms. However, selecting industrial design as a career option requires a careful consideration of certain factors before taking the final decision.

You have to be among the best in your field as big firms appoint people with a lot of expertise, who have also proved their commitment to the profession. Hence, it is advisable to choose this profession only if you are greatly interested in it and sure of the fact that you possess all the skills needed for it, including creativity. You should also have certain inherent aptitude in sketching and drawing, even if you have ready access to computer aided designing tools. This would help in putting down an idea as soon as it flashes in your mind and allow you to develop it slowly.

You should also be able to balance utility with attractiveness in a product that has been given to you to improve its market value. This means you need to think out of the box and create something that grabs attention instantly for the largest number of consumers.

Like all other professional fields, industrial design too demands constant effort and dedication for years. Education plays a significant role as well and you must try to get yourself admitted into a reputed course, which can serve as a perfect launch pad for your career.

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Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Link Between Cellulitis Infection and Cellulite Surgery

By Patricia Hammond

Most people have probably heard of cellulite. Some may have also heard of a condition called cellulitis infection. What is cellulitis infection and how is it related to cellulite?


Cellulitis and cellulite are not the same. In the strictest sense, the two conditions are not even remotely related. Cellulitis infection is a non contagious condition that is simply an infection of the skin or dermis and the subcutaneous tissues underneath. In some people, cellulitis infection may just be a surface condition but more severe forms of the infection may penetrate deeper. An untreated person with cellulitis infection may suffer from deeper flesh infections, blood poisoning and nerve damage. In these severe cases, cellulitis infection could become life threatening.


This infection could occur on any part of the body but it usually develops on leg areas. A person with cellulitis infection could have red, swollen skin areas that are also warm, tender and painful. The red areas could spread further into other neighboring skin areas. As the bacteria release their toxins, a person could also suffer from fever and chills as the body reacts to the spread of toxins.


The main cause of cellulitis infection is bacteria. Although different kinds of bacteria may cause cellulitis infection, most cases of this kind of infection are caused by staphylococci or streptococci bacteria that find their way into open wounds, cuts and punctures. Although the condition is not contagious, anyone with a cut or wound could get an infection by coming into direct contact with bacteria on other people's wounds.

Cellulitis and Surgery

Although cellulitis is not a related condition to cellulite, a person who has undergone a surgical procedure to treat cellulite may run the risk of suffering from this condition. It is a known fact that poorly performed and poorly monitored surgical procedures could result in cellulitis infection. A cellulite leg incision therefore that is not properly cleaned could make it more open to bacteria causing infection.

Risk Factors

The risk is higher for those individuals who have diabetes, weak immune systems and poor blood circulation. These risk factor conditions may be present in a lot of older individuals. This is then an additional reason why surgical methods may not be particularly advisable to treat the cellulite conditions of older people.


You could reduce the risk of getting cellulitis infection after cellulite surgery if you pick a highly qualified and expert surgeon to perform the procedure. Aside from choosing an expert doctor, there are also a couple of things that you could do after surgery to help reduce the risk of infections.

Follow your doctor's instruction about tending to and cleaning your incision wound. Depending on your doctor's advice, you may use soap, water, antiseptic solutions, antibiotic creams and clean dressings on your incision. Proper hygiene after surgery is the best prevention against cellulitis infection. You should also allow for a period of recovery before getting back to your usual daily activities. Be extra sensitive to signs of possible infection.

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Remote Viewing - How Even A Beginner Can Learn

By Vicki Porter

What is remote viewing? How do you know if you're doing it right? Remote viewing is the ability to see people, places and things with your mind's eye instead of with your five senses.

However, it's not the same as astral travel. When you are doing astral travel, your 'spirit' body can leave your physical body and travel remote distances to see something firsthand. With remote viewing, your mind is doing the traveling, and your subconscious mind is the vehicle.

Every person on Earth has the ability to learn remote viewing. How successful each attempt is depends highly on how well you're able to descend into a relaxed trance state that is very similar to the level of awareness during hypnosis.

Experts have long stated that we only use about 10% of our minds' capacity, but the other 90%, for most of us, is left untapped and untrained. As one illustration of this, think of learning a foreign language. Children who speak four languages from childhood do so fluently, with those neural pathways firmly established, such that they do so easily and without struggle. It's the same with any ability; skills in basic math or reading are taught early so that those neural pathways are firmly established as soon as possible. They become part of your mind's ability and power, and you think nothing of them.

Imagine if you'd been taught to access the power of your sub-conscious mind as a child? Just because you can't do something right now doesn't mean you won't ever be able to do it. It simply means you haven't been taught yet and that you need to train your mind to unlock the ability that was always hidden there.

Before you start learning remote viewing, how well are you able to relax? Meditation is a good precursor to teaching your mind to reach the correct state of relaxation needed in order to access your subconscious mind. Self-hypnosis is also an excellent way to reach the same, if not deeper, trance state.

Once you've relaxed your entire body, remember to keep your mind alert and aware. It can be very tempting to fall asleep when you're in such a relaxed state, so part of correct remote viewing is learning how to keep your mind awake while your physical body goes to sleep.

Before you get into a comfortable, relaxed state and prepare for remote viewing, how will you test your results? You should plan a way to verify whether your viewing was successful or not before you get started.

One of the best ways to choose views that you can 'test' is to choose places you already know. For example, if you know a friend's home well and know what it usually looks like, try to look at it in your mind's eye through remote viewing. Is anything out of place? For example, are there books or papers scattered about that aren't usually there, in the living room? Are dishes or plates set out on the counter in the kitchen?

These small things might not seem like much, but they can give you a clear indication of whether you're seeing real places and events. Once you've awoken from your relaxed trance, call your friend and verify the objects you've seen.

When you've practiced remote viewing, how to relax properly will become easier each time you do it. Soon, you'll find that you're able to relax easily and the technique itself will become much more fluid as well.

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