Thursday, December 31, 2009

Astral Travel - Why Not Try It?

By Rick J Griffiths

Have you ever had a dream you were flying high above the trees? Have you ever been in such an intense daydream that you thought you were rising out of your body, then up through the ceiling of your house, only to be suddenly jolted awake? You've reached a state called astral travel, where you can travel outside of your body to anywhere you want to go. It is your mind having fun while your body sleeps!

It is important to know that astral travel is not the same thing as dreaming. Dreaming is a more scientific condition. It is essentially your minds way of dealing with the stresses of the day, playing them out in various ways as you dream. Regular dreaming can sometimes be remembered, and sometimes not, but there is a definite difference between that and astral travel.

Those times where your dreams are vividly remembered are the times when you are experiencing astral travel. It is good practice to write down these dreams on paper or in a computer journal of some sort. You may not understand the dreams now, but later you can browse over the lot of them and likely make some sort of sense for you.

Similar to the dreams that allow you to work out the problems and frustrations of the day, so astral travel has some benefits as well. The benefits will be unique to you, as they are to each person who experiences astral projection, and that is why it is so important that you write them down.

Generally speaking though, benefits to experiencing astral travel and keeping track of your experiences can include a deepening of spirituality. When we say this, what we are referring to is a deeper connection to the soul and the world around you. This promotes inner peace and feelings of well being. Another benefit to astral travel is that it can increase memory and creativity. This is because astral travel sparks activity in parts of the brain that we typically do not use.

Once practicing astral travel, you should see a significant boost in your telepathic and psychic strength. Anyone who works at astral projection will tell you that their psychic abilities increase the more they practice. They can more easily sense spirits and use their telepathic skills.

Astral travel is a path to your inner strength. It enhances just about every other mental skill and ability you already have.

Those who are skeptical of astral travel soon come to their senses after working on their astral travel skills. Even they have been able to read the auras of other people quite easily.

Aside from those benefits, one has to admit that it is fun to travel outside your body, to visit places you haven't been before and to find that inner peace everyone craves.

It is a wonder that astral projection isnt practiced by more people. The truth is that most people are afraid or feel silly trying it out because they don't feel they have the psychic sensitivity to do it. But everyone can use astral projection to their benefit, if only they give it a try.

Everyone has, at one time, taken some sort of astral travel experience. Whether it is through remembered dreams or daydreams, everyone has done it! Flying out of your body is quite common even if you dont realize it as that.

Now that you know something about astral travel, you can allow yourself to experience these events openly. The next time you have an astral travel experience, try to control some aspects of it. A little practice at this and you will see your mental strength increase each day.

There are techniques that you can learn on your own through books offline or eBooks and other resources online. These were created by people who practice astral travel. Learning to astral travel is not as difficult as people want to believe that it is. This is a natural ability that you were born with, you just forgot how to use it and need to fine tune your ability.

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