Wednesday, September 30, 2009

How To Map A Route Through A Crisis

By Connor Sullivan

For anyone who has had severe monetary problems, the best idea is to contact a Houston bankruptcy attorney. Even trying the Woodlands bankruptcy lawyers or the Woodlands bankruptcy attorneys will give some thoughts on just how to save the family from financial ruin.

Many families these days are experiencing heavy debt burdens which only serve to bring down the whole security system and financial cushion which ideally should protect the family from any kind of crisis. Indeed, the entire world is in one of the deepest financial slumps that has hit since the great depression experienced since the 20th century. Images of Wall Street suicides still hit the headlines when the anniversary rolls around and the world's super powers are doing everything in their power to pour money into stimulus packages. But this doesn't help those people seemingly fighting against the inevitable in a timely fashion.

It is very common, when people find themselves bereft of hope, to find that most people will decide to end the suffering caused by financial ruin, to give up and either run away or get ravaged by financial institutions. But insolvency doesn't mean the end of the world. The professionals know exactly how to delay or postpone these crises to let the family take a little time to regroup and hopefully recover from the mess that they have found themselves in.

Indeed, economic failure is more common than anyone would ever think. Even Donald Trump has had his share of narrow escapes. How he dealt with it is what got him out of the fiscal mess and here he is today, back at the top of his game!

Many people will assume that there is no way out of this very difficult position but where there is a will - and an expert - there is a way to be tried before giving up hope. Restructuring debt is one of those avenues of escape where the family sits and discusses what can be cut from the family budget. Once children are made aware of the family situation, and they feel secure in that, then it is surprising just what they will give up for the family good.

Many kids have superfluous and pricey commitments that cost money. All these have to be gotten rid of in a family crisis. Credit card debt has to be reduced to proportionate levels and the whole family has to start living within their means. The problem with most parents is that they want to spoil the kids with too many unnecessary purchases and they spend money trying to take the sting out of the recession for them. This only adds to the debt and, eventually, both the family and relationships in most cases are put at severe risk.

Whenever the wolf is at the door, the best thing to do is try to figure it out with haste and find someone who will certainly not be emotionally involved and will point the way to a more secure future. Times will be tight for sure but, if strict guidelines are followed, eventually the problem will pass and the future will begin to look bright again!

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Online High School: Saving Drop Outs

By Ed Desmond

Online school may have innovative answers to the pervasive problem of high school drop outs. While a virtual school or internet school may not have solutions for every complex problem that can cause dropping out of school, for many who need credit recovery and an alternative to public high school, online high school may offer our best hope.

There are two general categories of the causes of dropping out. These are home related problems, and school related problems. This article will look at the subcategories of drop out predictors and how online high school may address these.

In my view, the guidance that can be provided by a professional case manager would be highly beneficial as soon as a student begins to exhibit predictive signs of dropping out. Typical school counselors are given so many extraneous tasks that they have little time remaining to do actual intervention. When possible, parents should also play as strong role as well.

The first area that is predictive of dropping out is poor academic performance and poor grades. Low grades are reflected in poor self esteem, negative peer acceptance, and general discouragement. Online high school allows the child to catch up in private, recover lost credits, and work at his own pace. .

Failure of one grade or more is also highly predictive of not attaining a diploma. The chances of leaving school before graduating can be more than 90% in those who have been held back grades. Grade retention results in his friends moving up without him, classes becoming repetitive and boring, and graduation slipping further away. The online option can be quite effective in catching the potential drop out.

One area where online high school is only partially effective is for serious behavior problems. When negative peer pressure is to blame, internet school can allow parents to better control and supervise the child's progress. Of course, strong parents are not always available. When a student is often getting in trouble, school can become a place where mostly punishment occurs. An online alternative may be of help.

Behavior problems are difficult to deal with in any setting. When considering switching to online school, it is wise to take into account that online education may require a good deal of self motivation and focus. Without parental supervision and mentoring, these behaviors can disrupt attempt at online schooling as well.

Frequent absence from school, and frequent moves from city to city are strong warnings that dropping out may occur. One great benefit of the internet is that it is portable. Wherever there is a connection, the student can attend class. This is perfect for families that travel a lot, athletes, and teens in other types of training.

When drop outs are questioned, they list dislike for school, parental duties, pregnancy, and job priorities as reasons. In these cases, traditional public school may just be too rigid. This is a good situation where the online school can offer the flexibility necessary for schooling to continue to graduation.

All across the U.S. schools are attacking the problem of drop outs. Online high school, while still in development, will have an increasing role to play. Given the nightmarish consequences of entering life without a high school diploma, this problem demands that every alternative be utilized. There are numerous online high schools to choose from. Finding which one is best for a particular child can save a child from poverty, and lost opportunities.

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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Authorities And DUI

By Richard Milford

Driving under the influence, also known as a DUI; should not be taken lightly by any individual. You could not just think that you can get away with it since authorities are likely to apprehend you when you are caught doing so.

The odds that someone is operating a vehicle under the influence is high since there is no law to stop them drinking up a storm. For this reason it has become a cause for concern because of all the fatalities resulting from it and families destroyed.

A common mistake made by drivers under the influence is that they still think they are capable of driving normally and therefore will never be noticed by the police. However, that is most untrue. In fact, the best drivers around will drive crooked if they are intoxicated due to alcohol consumption. This makes it easy to detect vehicles on the road that are being driven by someone who is under the influence of some substance.

There are several ways traffic authorities have to detect intoxication from alcohol, drugs or other neural compounds and one is the BAC test. This test measures the amount of alcohol content in the blood. In the United States a reading of .08% or higher classifies a person as DUI and if driving and caught you will be liable for an offense.

Authorities have another device to administer to check for intoxication if they apprehend someone driving suspiciously. It is called the Breathalyzer and is a simple device you blow into and it then reads blood-alcohol concentration and if it fails to reach a certain range you will be allowed to go.

Officers not equipped with Breathalyzers can require you to take a urine test which then is tested in a laboratory to evaluate the alcohol amount in the body.

If determined to be intoxicated the driver will then be punished with the penalties under the law of the state they are in. These penalties for a DUI vary by state and one state may have harsher consequences than another. The severity of the penalty also depends on whether or not prior DUI offenses have been committed. The first offense is often lighter than it is for subsequent offenses.

In some states the severity of the charge can vary for the offender depending on age with leniency, to a degree, for minors whereas the grown adult will not.

There have been many campaigns in recent years to educate both adults and minors alike on the consequences of driving under the influence. Due to the unacceptable number of DUI incidents in recent years authorities are enforcing the law more in apprehending drivers that are DUI in hope of possibly saving a life or more.

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Get GCSE Maths Help And Don't Become A Bad Mathematics Joke

By Luke Redding

Have you heard the one about the teacher and the student, she asked him, "what is 7 x 6?" he replies "42!" "Great" she says "well done!" "Now what's 6 x 7", "I know" he says, "it's 24". That is a bad math's joke and if you want to avoid becoming one yourself, you may just need to get GCSE math's help.

Did you know that during the past 20 years girls have been beating boys in the UK in terms of GCSE mathematics exams? But apparently this is all set to change as a move to drop coursework starts taking effect. This has already happened in some areas and in one year, boys have managed to leapfrog their female GCSE counterparts.

By next year, coursework is going to be dropped countrywide, and girls are going to have a job on their hands keep in up with GCSE boys. Already the dropping of coursework has seen record breaking results being achieved by the lads according to the Guardian. Girls are rapidly obtaining less of the best marks and they may need to get help with their math's.

Instead of coursework, "controlled assessment" is being introduced. The dividing factor is that girls are more organized and they work consistently but boys are lazier and they prefer to study like mad just before an exam comes up. As apposed to coursework, controlled assessment is extended tasks which are undertaken in an exam setting. If you are wondering why coursework is being replaced, it is because of concerns regarding plagiarism. The changes are set to make significant impacts on the gender gap in education and it is even thought that girls will have an unfair disadvantage.

Since 1997, this is the first year that boys have done better than girls in GCSE maths. The removal of coursework has been directly attributed to this as marks are also given for soft skills. Soft skills entail planning as well as sticking to deadlines, and girls are better at this.

If you need math's help to see you through your GCSE's you will find plenty of this available online. If you need help with any other subject, you will also find this. Your course needs to concentrate on 6th form revision and homework. Makes sure the tutorials and articles are easily understood. They must cover all the problems you expect to encounter, and assist you fully in the learning process.

Not that we are saying that girls need more help than boys, there must be plenty of boys out there who still need GCSE math's help.

The tutorials should cover small sections at a time and be particular to a certain mathematics based problem. This is so that if you should become unstuck with a problem, you will easily be able to refer back to it for help.

It needs to be a flexible course where you are able to ask as many questions as you like to cover the matter at hand and ensure you fully understand the processes. The course material should make good use of practice exam questions too.

No one is ever alone and for hundreds if not thousands of years, the real math's experts are only created when they receive extra tuition. One-on one tuition for math's has long been recognized as being the one deciding factor in making or breaking a mathematician.

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Monday, September 28, 2009

Five Things You Need to Know About Debt Collectors' Rights

By Sean Payne

If you still owe money on debts, you may already know your rights under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, also called the FDCPA, says that you have the right to demand that debt collectors use certain ethical debt collection practices.

The FDCPA specifies exactly when debt collectors can contact you, how they can do it, and what they can tell you in order to collect on a debt. One example is that a bill collector can't tell you a lie or misrepresent the truth about your debt. The FDCPA was created after a long string of debt collectors abusing people to collect on debt. What you probably don't know about the FDCPA, however, is that even bill collectors have rights.

The first is that they have the right to communicate with you to let you know that you owe a debt. They can communicate with you via telephone or by letter. In this phone call or letter, they can tell you exactly how much you owe, including any fees or penalties.

Second, they have the right to contact you until you let them know in writing that you don't owe them money, that you don't owe as much as they say, or that you demand that they provide verification that you owe the debt. Of course, under the FDCPA, they're limited in when and how they can communicate with you, but if they stay within the rules of the FDCPA, they can keep contacting you until you tell them to stop.

Third, if that debt collector is actually the creditor to whom the money is owed, or an in-house agency owned by the creditor, they can continue to contact you even if you request that they stop contacting you. This is because the FDCPA does not recognize creditors as debt collectors, so they are not subject to the same rules as collectors are. Of course, they still have to abide by the rules of decent behavior outlined in the law, such as not harassing people you know, or calling at all hours of the night.

Fourth, they have the right to contact other people about your debt, but only once, and only to find out your address, your phone number, or where you work. However, they are prohibited from contacting a third party more than once. Any more than that can constitute harassment.

Lastly, debt collectors have the right to sue you in court to collect a debt from you. Of course, you can defend yourself in court, but if the judge decides against you, you may have your wages garnished to repay the debt.

When dealing with debt collectors, make sure that you know your rights under the law. But also make sure that you know the rights that the law gives to debt collectors. This knowledge can help you to better deal with them when and if they become a problem.

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Reverse Engineering a Product

By Dayna Fields

Contract inspection and reverse engineering go hand-in-hand when it comes to the field of science. The large amount of work that you can achieve in a very small amount of time is incredible, especially considering how long it would have taken just a decade ago.

One may take a part a computer chip and, using the same ideas from the original, rebuild it with different part than the original had. This process to reverse engineer something means that a scientist (or whoever) would dismantle a product with the intention of understanding how it was built in the first place.

Although the parts should all be different, the two pieces should essentially accomplish the same thing. The military uses this method often and they started as late back as the Second World War.

After a piece of equipment is finished being engineered, it must be inspected.Although the parts should all be different from the original model, the two products should essentially accomplish the same purpose.

After a piece of equipment is finished being engineered, it must be inspected. Whereas we once had to rely on human hands and eyes, we can now use a machine to inspect the finished creation for us. A laser rolls over the finished product and transfers the data to a computer. That data is much more sufficient and complete than any human can offer because their senses are simply limited.

After the data is transferred to the computer, scientists can see exactly where there might be a problem or if all the parts of the machine, even the smallest parts in the hardest to see places, were installed correctly. If so, then the product can be sent off to the field for use or to the manufacturing plant for mass production.

Bottom line, the thoroughness of the laser machine is far superior to what any human eye could offer. In a matter of minute, the computer can tell you exactly what and where there is a problem in the manufacturing of the device.

In many cases, ensuring that all the parts of an object were created and secured correctly is a matter of safety. For example, astronauts in the Space Station use this type of inspection as opposed to human inspection because it is important for them to be 100% positive that everything is installed correctly. And there is no better way of making sure of this than using a machine.

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Sunday, September 27, 2009

3 Reasons Why You Want To Get Hands-On Experience For Your CCNA Test

By Francis Teo

Command line configuration experience is definitely a valued asset when you are starting out in the networking world and want to be a qualified and certified CCNA network engineer. If you want to become a good network engineer, you should certainly be looking at increasing your exposure to configuration of switches and routers at the command-line level. Mastery of Cisco IOS is definitely a key element of becoming a Cisco network engineer.

Here are 3 good reasons why you need to improve your Cisco IOS network troubleshooting and configuration skills:

1. To Get The CCNA Certification - Cisco has included simulation questions into the CCNA test for several years now. I believe that this was in part due to the demand of the market, which was looking for more certified people who have both theoretical and practical knowledge. These kinds of simulation questions test the CCNA candidate on configuration and troubleshooting skills at the Cisco IOS command line. Nobody knows exactly how important these questions are to the final score (except for Cisco), however, it is generally agreed that you won't be able to pass the exam if you cannot answer these questions well. This is one of the reasons why you need to have good configuration skills before even attempting the CCNA.

2. Employer Requirement - It's a well known fact that corporations prefer candidates who have hands-on configuration and troubleshooting experience, when compared to those without. If you demonstrate that you have the relevant skills, some corporations might hire you, and may look past the fact that you are not certified. It is also getting more common for corporations to conduct their own practical test to make sure that the candidate has the relevant technical skills to take on the job. If you want to improve your chances of landing that networking job, it is important that you brush up your Cisco IOS command line troubleshooting and configuration skills.

3. Memory Retention - Repetition is key if you want to remember all the common commands used by network engineers on a day-to-day basis. The best way to improve your recall of the commands is to practice consistently on a regular basis until you simply can't forget them anymore. This ease of recall is extremely important in critical network situations where you are called upon to troubleshoot and resolve the issue. There is very little time to consult reference books and you definitely need to be able to recall the commands in a snap if you want to solve the problem quickly.

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Meet the Professionals in San Antonio Weight Loss Surgery

By Randolf Stevens

San Antonio Bariatric Surgeons are highly trained and specialize in gastric bypass surgery. Bariatric surgery is a weight loss surgery that is performed on the stomach of people who have excessive body fat to lose weight. The surgery decreases the size of the stomach, reduces the amount of food intake. This surgery is intended to cause a dramatic decrease in weight. The procedure is permanent but requires a lifetime commitment to sustain a long healthy life. This surgery helps you lose weight as well as improve your health and increase your self esteem.

Gastric bypass, lap band, and gastric sleeve are the most widely practiced weight loss procedure. With gastric bypass surgery, the surgeon staples the upper part of your stomach, which separates it from the rest of your stomach. During lap band surgery, the surgeon places a silicon band around the stomach. This creates a very small stomach pouch. This allows you to feel full very quickly. The gastric sleeve surgery allows you to reach a comfortable weight so they can then move onto gastric bypass surgery.

Which procedure is right for me? What is the recovery time? How much weight will I lose?

Which procedure is right for me? What is the recovery time? How much weight am I expected to lose?

It can be a challenging time to restart your normal life after the surgery. The biggest challenge most people have is the amount of food they can eat after the surgery. After the surgery your stomach is limited to little amount of food and liquid. This can cause a loss of energy and takes a while to return to normal activities. If 1 month and half later and you are not getting well, you should call your doctor as soon as possible.

It can sometimes be a challenge to resume your normal life after the surgery. The biggest challenge most people have is the amount of food they can eat after the surgery. After the surgery your stomach is limited to only a small amount of food and liquid. This can cause a loss of energy and takes quite some time to return to normal activities. If six weeks pass and you are not getting your energy back, you should contact your doctor as soon as possible.

On the other hand, because of the limited amount of food you are able to eat, a significant amount of weight can be lost. People that lose a lot of weight usually have loose skin. This skin can be removed with cosmetic procedures. A simple body lift can remove the excess skin.

Bariatric surgery also has complications. This surgical obesity treatment is considered to be major surgery. However, these complications are due to the patients health problems like severe disease. Stop smoking and drinking and lose weight before taking obesity related surgery. In this way the risk of complications may significantly diminished. Complications most likely are caused by patients not following their post-surgery instructions.

The risk of death from one of these surgeries is miniscule. Death is almost always due to the patient's health problems. If you have heart or lung disease then these surgeries are not for you as they can cause serious medical conditions and even death. Be sure to consult your local Texas weight loss doctor to go over which surgery is right for you.

If you want weight control then maybe one of these procedures might be right for you. San Antonio Bariatric Surgeons are the most experienced people in this field of medicine. Talk things over with them and be sure to ask questions before undergoing any surgery.

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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Economical Ways of Getting a Degree

By David Young

A good professional degree along with a steady job is the formula for success in a persons professional life. But most often people need to pursue certain specialized courses to ensure they are able to stay ahead of their peers. There are some simple steps to reduce the cost of getting a degree, so everyone enjoy the benefits of a higher degree.

Step 1 " If you are looking for full time courses, look for admission in community colleges rather than in a four year degree institution. The expenses are less costly compared to a four year degree university. The credits of the electives chosen in these colleges can also be transferred to a four year institution. This will enable students to continue another college degree without much cost involved.

Step 2 - There are many colleges that offer athletic and non-athletic scholarships for students. Visit websites like and that help to get a scholarship based on some criteria. The criteria may include categories like minority, disabled, gender-based, religious, academic, or athletic scholarships etc. Remember to check in the University websites for financial aid application forms and their guidelines to apply.

Step 3 " Professionals who are currently employed can check with the college/university if there any work credits allocated for their work experience. There are some colleges that give three, six or more credits for business experience that is related to the college course they want to pursue. Find out if the employer will offer a tuition fee reimbursement for pursuing higher education. Also, if tests like DSST (DANTES Subject Standardized Tests) and CLEPS (College-Level Examination Program) have already been taken, they add more value to the credit count during college admission.

Step 4 - Pursuing online courses helps to completely eliminate many overhead costs like travel, purchase of books, dresses, vehicle etc. Online degrees can be pursued to give one's career a boost. There are some online universities that provide early bird discounts and conduct essay contests to grant scholarships and waivers to students. These schemes can be well used to cut down on major portions of the college expenses like tuition fees.

Step 5 " Make sure to check with university offices whether they offer Federal Stafford Loans, Perkins Loans, Pell Grants, and in-house scholarships for those who qualify. Also, check out the government website The FAFSA is an important document for getting any kind of financial assistance from the government, without having to pay back!

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Think Seriously About A Distance Learning College Degree

By Bob Hobson

Opportunities to earn a distance learning college degree have exploded in the last ten years. Post-secondary educators have finally seen the light and are getting creative in presenting online programs for students. Everything can be done online, from lectures, class notes, assignments and exams. No need to darken the door of a classroom or lecture theatre. If you think this is for you, consider all the factors to learning online.

You can save time and be more flexible

If you'd like to earn a college degree while holding down a full or part-time job, caring for children or aging parents, distance learning could be for you. Perhaps you're a night owl and getting up for an 8 a. m. class just doesn't work for you. Since there's no schedule to keep with your computer, distance learning may have the flexibility you require.

Proximity to a college

If the degree or certificate program isn't offered by your local college, distance learning allows you to find the courses you need without leaving home. There are increasing opportunities to earn a degree by taking all your courses from several different colleges or universities. Students in rural areas, who may be needed on the farm or don't want to waste time commuting to their nearest college, may benefit from earning their degree online.

Get into those popular programs that fill up quickly

Many of today's most sought after fields of study have waiting lists. These courses fill up quickly in a traditional, institutional setting. But online classrooms have unlimited seating and taking a course using the internet may help you achieve your goals more quickly.

Will distance learning suit your personality type?

If you can stick with your studies without a professor lording over you, then you may have the right personality for online learning. It doesn't matter whether you work morning, noon or in the middle of the night, as long as you keep on track and have the self discipline to open your computer every day, you'll be alright. If you're a procrastinator, distance learning might be a disaster. If you thrive on human interaction, you may feel too isolated when your classroom is your living room at home.

Find out if your credits are transferable

Even students who attend colleges or universities sometimes discover the credits they've worked so hard to earn are not recognized by all schools. The same is true with online learning, only more so. Since it's possible to mix and match your courses when you take them through distance education, it's more imperative to check with your registrar to ensure all credits count towards your diploma.

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Friday, September 25, 2009

Falcons Beat NFC South Rival Panthers In Key Divisional Tilt

By Ross Everett

The Atlanta Falcons are off to a fast start this season, and on Sunday used a potent offensive attack to top the Carolina Panthers 28-20 at the Georgia Dome. QB Matt Ryan threw a career high three touchdown passes, including one to his new favorite receiver Tony Gonzalez. The attack was well balanced, thanks in large part to running back Michael Turner who ran for 105 yards and a touchdown.

NFL football betting devotees who invested in the Falcons as -6 home favorites were rewarded with the pointspread cover. The Falcons have won and covered both games this season for a 2-0 record both straight up and against the spread. The Panthers, meanwhile, have dropped both of their 2009 contests straight up and to the number. The 48 combined points scored went OVER the posted total of 42. Carolina has now gone OVER in both of their 2009 NFL games, while Atlanta evened their O/U record at 1-1.

The offseason acquisition of Gonzalez has worked to a benefit of both so far. In his first two games in a Falcons uniform the future Hall of Famer has 12 catches for 144 yards and two touchdowns. Gonzalez wanted out of Kansas City to play for a contender, and hes found himself on a talented young Falcons team with a QB that already appears destined for superstardom.

Afterwards, Gonzalez admitted that he couldn't be happier with how things have gone so far:

"Not a bad start at all. It's just great to be part of a team like this."

Quarterback Matt Ryan was full of compliments for his tight end in his postgame comments:

"He's one of the greatest tight ends of all time. That was a huge pickup for us. He makes big plays for us in different situations when we need him. I've enjoyed playing with him thus far."

Despite the loss, Carolinas Jake Delhomme was relieved to put the horrible performance of the opening week behind him. This week only he gave up one interception during a late game rally attempt:

"It couldn't be any worse than last week. I felt good out there today. Last week, I put too much pressure on myself. This week, I got back to being just plain Jake."

The Panthers will head to Dallas for a game against the Cowboys next Monday night. Carolina is a +9 road underdog in that contest with the total set at 46. Atlanta has a pair of tough road games on the docket, beginning this weekend against the New England Patriots at Foxboro, Massachusetts. The Falcons have been installed as +4 road underdogs with the total set at 44.

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Insomnia - Natural Treatments

By Troy Phillips

There are many natural treatments for insomnia. Individuals that suffer from insomnia experience complications when it comes to falling asleep and/or issues staying asleep. It has been determined that there are two unique types of insomnia. These types include "Primary" and "Secondary". While there are many over-the-counter and prescription based medications, more and more individuals are seeking natural treatments for insomnia. In this guide, you will learn about those treatments as well as some facts regarding this sleep disorder that millions suffer from regularly.

It only stands to reason that before a suitable treatment can be determined, it first needs to be established whether you're suffering from primary insomnia or secondary insomnia. Primary insomnia is essentially the type of insomnia experienced by those who are otherwise perfectly healthy apart from the sleeping disorder itself. Secondary insomnia on the other hand is usually caused by some other underlying complication or condition. This can be due to certain medications or even alcohol or alcohol based products.

As far as determining a suitable natural treatment is concerned, one also needs to take into consideration the length of time a person suffers from the disorder. For example, if insomnia is preventing you from getting a proper night's rest once or twice each week, then it would be safe to assume that you are suffering from acute insomnia. If on the other hand this condition is preventing you from getting adequate sleep three or more times each week, then by all accounts you are suffering from chronic insomnia.

Essentially, there are numerous factors which can contribute to the onset of insomnia. For example, those who suffer from acute insomnia may often experience difficulty sleeping due to stress, medication, or any other form of discomfort. Those who suffer from chronic insomnia on the other hand, often suffer from this disorder due to excessively high levels of stress or one or more medical conditions. Even depression can play a significant role in whether or not a person is able to get to an adequate amount of rest. Of course, if insomnia is caused by depression, anxiety, or stress, then it only stands to reason that reducing stress levels is perhaps one of the best natural treatments.

There are many symptoms that are often present in the insomnia sufferer. One of the most common experiences for sufferers of this sleep disorder is feeling sleepy throughout the day. This comes as a direct result of interruption in the ability to rest appropriately at night. In addition to this, many may discover that they are unable to focus on important tasks, concentrate as needed, and even remember important information. Mood complications such as high levels of marked irritability, depression, and being emotionally responsive in an open manner may all result in the person that is unable to fall asleep easily and stay asleep.

Interestingly enough, it is widely accepted that the human body simply cannot continue to function for more than three weeks if deprived of sleep. Additionally, sleep not only ensures that you have sufficient energy to go about your daily life, but it also helps to boost your immune system. Furthermore, it is during the times when you are a sleep that your body repairs its muscles and tissues. The bottom line is; sleep is vital for both mind and body and as such, if you suffer from insomnia it would be in your own best interest to invest a little bit of time in order to research the different natural treatments.

One of the most popular natural treatments for insomnia is a substance called "Melatonin". While the body naturally produces this substance when evening and night arrive each day, it has been found that many do not produce enough melatonin to promote healthy sleep. For this reason, there is natural melatonin products offered on the market today that assist in promoting rest. In addition to this, valerian is another product that is said to enhance sleep and allow individuals to stay asleep at night. Both of these products will assist in ensuring that the body is properly restored, more energy is experienced throughout the day, and the mood is even throughout the day.

Even though the market is practically flooded with an abundance of natural treatments, melatonin and valerian are by far the option of choice amongst the medical profession. Of course, over and above taking medication, one should also take the necessary steps with regards to making certain lifestyle changes. This could include a change of diet and perhaps a few changes to your bedroom in order to ensure that it's as comfortable as possible. If you find you cannot relax enough in order to fall asleep, or you find yourself waking up regularly during the night, you may very well find that the natural treatments mentioned in this article are quite invaluable.

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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Get The Federal Workers Compensation That You Deserve

By Trent Williams

For those that work as federal employees, the rules differ from those working in the private sector. Some of the work guidelines may differ too. The different regulations and rules for federal employees can affect retirement plans and other compensation programs.

If you are injured on the job as a federal employee, you are entitled to receive benefits if the injury occurred while performing your regular job requirements. For those working for the government, this benefit is called federal workers compensation.

There are many factors involved in workers compensation as it relates to the federal level but there are a few very specific factors that you will deal with if you are injured on the job. The first is the most basic and primary of benefits and that is lost wages. This means that while you are injured and recuperating from your injuries yet unable to work, you will be compensated for your lost time if the injury is job related.

Medical expenses are another benefit you are entitled to with federal workers compensation. Even if you already have medical insurance, this benefit will go above and beyond your existing coverage. Your employer will be required to compensate you for any medical expenses incurred as a result of your injury.

One other benefit that a worker is entitled to is called a scheduled award. This benefit isn?t used as often as lost wages, but it is still very important. This covers any injury sustained on the job that was serious enough to cause the permanent loss of functionality in a part of the body, or the loss of an appendage. Many people don?t think about it, but this kind of injury can happen all too often.

The thing that you must remember is that as a federal employee you are entitled to those benefits if you are injured on the job. Unfortunately, sometimes those benefits can be denied, and it is very important that you have an expert on your side that understands the ins and outs of this program and will work to help you claim those benefits.

When dealing with federal workers compensation, the legal jargon and bureaucratic red tape can be utterly confusing and mind boggling for a normal person. However, for those with experience and for those who are trained, this process can be dealt with and you can have the benefits you so richly deserve.

Having someone fighting for you in these situations will pay huge dividends in the future. No one can predict when accidents will happen, so it is always good to have someone on your side to make sure your needs are met.

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Advantage of Home Schooling - Is There Any?

By Lee A. Hulse

More and more families lately are changing over from traditional public schooling to home schooling. But is there any advantage of home schooling? Look at the following 5 advantages to home schooling your children.

Scheduling Flexibility Flexibility in your child's is a great advantage of home schooling. If your child is a serious athlete or musician, for example, you can schedule their schooling around practice times. Another example of how the flexibility can work is just to your child's internal clock. Not all children are alert in the morning. Some are better in the early afternoon. So why try to force

Individual attention It is impossible for public school teachers to provide very much individual attention to their students, there are just too many students to take care of. If one or two students don't understand a concept, it is just not feasible for the teacher to take time away from the rest of the class to individually instruct them until they get it.

So some kids will never fully understand the material. With home schooling, your child has your individual attention (or divided amongst their siblings) and you can take 5 minutes, 5 hours, or even 5 days to work with your child until they understand the material.

Curriculum Choices You know your child better than any teacher ever will. You know their strengths and weaknesses. Home schooling allows you to adjust the curriculum schedule to your child's advantage - something public schools can't do. If your child excels in the math concept you are teaching, but is having a hard time understanding a language arts concept, you can adjust their schedule to allow for more time on the struggling concept.

Peer pressure at school Not so much in elementary schools, but once you get past 5th grade, 'fitting in' with your peers becomes more important. Peer pressure in school to dress with the coolest fashions or have the newest cell phone seems to take a front seat to education. With home schooling a lot of these frivolous competitions are put back in the back seat - where they truly belong.

Religious Learning Religious learning is such a sensitive issue that most traditional schools do not teach it. However, with homeschooling, parents can take control over the moral and religious learning of the child. Parents can impart their ideologies and beliefs to the child rather than let the school dictate what moral education the child will be receiving.

Do you agree with Darwin's theory of evolution or that God created man? Whichever your belief, that is what you impart on your child.

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

What to do in Belize

By Dave Bouskill

Belize City. Most people picture run down buildings, crime and remnants of hurricane damage. Very few take anytime to actually explore the town instead choosing to hop on a water taxi and head out to Ambergris Caye.

If you take the time to actually walk around the town and explore it a little, you will find that it is a fun place to be with friendly and welcoming people. Travel books advise people to skip Belize City if you can, but after all it is the countries largest urban hub, and by avoiding it you will miss a large part of what Belize is all about.

Cruise ships stop here regularly and whisk tourists off to Tikal in Guatemala, or to Amgergris Caye off of the coast. The port is well developed and you can spend time walking around the shops in the comfortable terminal. However, walking around the city is where you get the true Caribbean flare.

Explore the architecture from stilt houses to Colonial buildings left over from the English settlement of the 1500's. Make sure to stop for some food while out and about. Belize city offers local fare, seafood and international cuisine. Culture, food and even language is varied in this small Caribbean nation. People speak the official language of English, but are also fluent in Creole, Spanish and even Mayan and German.

Now that you have actually explored Belize City and realized that it isn't the big bad city that you thought it was, you can catch a water taxi with peace of mind. You aren't running away from anything, you are simply moving on to see the rest of beautiful Belize. From downtown, you can catch a water taxi for $10 to take you out to the Cayes on the Caribbean Sea.

The relaxed Caye Caulker is a popular place for the backpacker crowd. Far less touristy and quieter than Ambergris Caye, it feels as if you are relaxing in Jamaica. No motorized vehicles are allowed on the island keeping noise and pollution to a minimum. You will see the odd golf cart or you can rent a bike to check things out. Rooms are cheaper and you won't find any enormous resorts desecrating the land.

Located just 1 mile from the Belize Barrier Reef, it offers some of the best diving and snorkeling in the world. Hire a boat to take you out to Shark Ray Alley and you will swim with the sharks as manta rays brush up against you. A marine preserve for the past 12 years, the coral and marine life is second to none in the world. Dolphin sightings are commonplace and you will be sure to spot barracuda's, octopus, stingrays, eels and lobsters.

For experienced divers, The Blue Hole is not to be missed. Made famous by Jacques Cousteau, dive 150 feet into this collapsed cave as sharks circle above the hanging stalactites. If you are not already a diver, take an open water diving course.

Diving isn't for everyone and you may just want to see the sights. Walk down Caye Caulkers main drag and you will find your choice of tour companies waiting to take you out to see the islands. Hire a sail boat to take you around and explore the surrounding area.

Dining is high on everyone's list when traveling and Caye Caulker has its fair share of restaurants. There is jerk chicken, fresh seafood and western flare. After dinner stop in at a beach bar and enjoy a cocktail as you look out over the Caribbean Sea. You won't find crazy nightclubs, but you will find a great bar to listen to music while you relax in the islands.

There is so much more to do in beautiful Belize that you need at least two weeks to see it all. Jungles and caves, wildlife and sanctuary's Belize has something for everyone. Even Mayan ruins can be found in the country and beaches aren't only out on the islands, Placencia actually has the most beautiful beach in the country and it is located on the mainland.

Belize is not a country that most people think of when they decide to take off to a warm Caribbean destination, but it is growing in popularity every year. Book your trip soon to experience this untouched paradise. It won't be long until the rest of the world follows and it will never be the same.

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Credit Repair Can Make Your Life Stress Free

By Dina Salinas

For most people, having bad credit would be like the end of the world. People rely on credit for even the simplest transactions in this modern world. If you have bad credit, then simplify your life with a credit repair that is within reach.

If you're having financial issues, chances are that creditors already know. They can tell by the way you handle your credit, the way you pay it, etc. For instance, if you are changing your credit pattern or taking cash advances.

If credit is being denied, it can make your life quite difficult. When you don't have a credit card, for instance, you cannot rent an automobile. The same is true for trying to rent a hotel room. The reason for this is that they use your credit card as a guarantee to charge you, if anything goes awry.

Try to fix bad credit, before it becomes terrible credit, and before the only option is bankruptcy. Because of the burden and stress placed on every individual who is in a difficult financial situation, they feel as if it is out of control and they cannot focus on the right way to deal with things. Often, they don't answer creditors' telephone calls or their letters. In most cases, however, if you contact these creditors they are willing to deal with you and help you. They would rather get something from you than nothing.

Your banker is also able to help you, for they are also in the business of making money. You'll find that they may be able to offer you solutions that you never thought of. One solution that banks often offer their clients is a loan consolidation.

This type of loan sums up all your existing debts into one. That means that you will no longer have to pay minimum payments to various creditors. Instead, all your creditors will be paid off with this loan.

Of course, one to you and your banker agreed to this loan consolidation, you will have to contend with one single, solitary monthly payment. Imagine that! It means that you can deal with all your financial requirements, and probably have some money left over each month.

Should this not be the optimum solution for you, you can try a credit repair services. Credit repair services work on your behalf to get you better deals with creditors, for instance, by reducing extra fees and charges that are applicable with late payments. You'd be surprised how much money is saved just buy this reduction.

Moreover, one easy monthly payment will also be arranged by the credit repair services. There is a fee paid monthly for their services, but it is worth their weight in gold when compared to the amount of charges and high interest rates, you are saving on.

Fix bad credit now, because it is not an unattainable goal. Step outside the box and come up with logical solutions to resolving your problem. It will result in you being stress-free be stress free when you know that your credit is in order and your financial responsibilities are settled.

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

NFL Preseason Handicapping: Pros and Cons

By Ross Everett

Betting preseason NFL games never fails to elicit an irreconcilable difference of opinion among sports betting enthusiasts. Some consider it a very poor wagering opportunity, while others maintain that there's no better moneymaking opportunity in sports than pro football's preseason. The truth is probably somewhere between the two extremes--NFL preseason betting must be approached with caution and discipline, but offers the potential to make a tidy profit before the regular season kicks off.

The opponent of preseason wagering would suggest that its a bad wagering opportunity by its very nature alone--simply stated, the games don't count meaning that the motivation and focus of individual teams is always in question. It's hard enough to identify teams that are in a desirable 'spot' during the regular season, the often conflicting agendas of personnel evaluation, playbook testing, and injury prevention found in the preseason makes it impossible. All told, this uncertainty makes it very undesirable to get financially involved with preseason NFL games.

The proponent of preseason wagering would argue that this is the very reason that good opportunities frequently arise during preseason. First, additional value is frequently found with the underdog in preseason games by their very nature. To explain, in a hypothetical matchup between a Superbowl champion and an also-ran the "better" team by regular season standards would invariably be favored. However, by virtue of their success the "better" teams have not only more 'marquee names' to protect, but also valued guys in the trenches who could cause big problems if injured. Frequently, they'll have more depth and thus fewer personnel evaluation decisions to deal with. They'll have no need to "create a winning attitude", nor will they usually have wholesale changes in team composition, offensive or defensive strategy, or coaching philosophies to deal with. In short, the "better" teams often go into preseason situations with little to accomplish other than to get the games over with and stay healthy.

On the other hand, consider the 'lesser' team in a preseason matchup. They often have a number of key starting positions they need to fill, along with backup positions up for grabs. They may have new coaching staffs that players want to impress, new offensive or defensive schemes to implement. Most significantly, 'lesser' teams often view the preseason as an opportunity to build team chemistry or create a winning attitude. A team trying to rebuild can benefit from winning *any* games, regardless of whether or not they count in the standings. For a league doormat, a win over an elite level opponent can serve as a rare highlight of a losing season.

Even teams that put a low priority on preseason games don't want to lose them all. For this reason, a longterm winning situation has been to bet on teams that lose their first two preseason games outright. Over the past twenty years, 0-2 teams in this spot have produced a winning percentage right around 60%.

There may be no greater determining factor of a team's preseason success than the philosophy of their head coach. Some coaches just don't like to lose *any* game, and usually these hyper-competitive teams are good preseason bets. Bill Parcells, for example, was legendary for his serious approach to preseason games. The coaches that he mentored like the NY Giants' Tom Coughlin have to some extent carried on this legacy. While the "good" preseason coaches are often reflected in the pointspreads assigned to their team, a motivated team is almost always worth a look.

One of the best tools that a handicapper has at his disposal during the preseason is the Internet. Actually, it's a great tool year round but during the preseason it is invaluable. The best source of information on coaching philosophies, game plans, injuries, lineup changes, etc, are the local sports pages of NFL teams. Basically, the situation during preseason is that there is a lot of interest in the team and a lot of anxious beat writers looking to write stories. The problem is that there is little in the way of real news, and for that reason you'll find the sort of minutiae on teams and players from which you can often extract relevant handicapping information. Even if there aren't any nuggets of handicapping gold, you can at least get a feel for the coach's goals for the game and the amount of playing time that key players will see. Sometimes coaches will come right out and say who will play at what juncture of the game, and will occasionally go on record that personnel decisions like evaluating all of the guys they're considering for the backup defensive secondary jobs are more important than winning. Clearly, operating with this knowledge is a distinct advantage and operating without it can be fatal. There's nothing more frustrating than betting on a team only to have them look like they could care less whether or not they win the game. During the preseason, however, it can frequently be prevented with some simple research and analysis.

In conclusion, there are certainly strong opportunities for profit in NFL preseason wagering but its essential to understand that it cannot be approached in the same manner as the regular season. And, as always, its important to remember that there will be more strong opportunities down the road and that discipline and rigor in handicapping is just as crucial in the preseason NFL as it is at any other time of the year.

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Cro Cop Takes On Choi At Fields Dynamite

By Ross Everett

The bizarre career of Croatian striking machine Mirko Cro Cop will continue on New Years Eve in Tokyo as he faces 72 Korean kickboxer Hong-Man Choi in what should be the final addition to the K-1/DREAM combined show called Fields Dynamite!. The matchup adds even more striking firepower to a lineup that already includes K-1 mainstays Peter Aerts, Mighty Mo, and Semmy Schlit.

For Cro Cop, its another stop on what has seemed like a meandering professional course full of much talk and little action since his departure from the UFC. In September 10, 2007, Cro Cop had just won PRIDE's Open Weight Grand Prix in dominant fashion.

Cro Cops upset loss to Gabriel Gonzaga changed that and his career his never really recovered. In what was supposed to be a "tune up" bout, Gonzaga smothered Cro Cop and roughed him up on the ground before unleashing his own version of Cro Cop's signature kick. Mirko never saw it coming, and he crashed to the mat like he'd been shot with his leg folded awkwardly beneath him.

Since the loss to Gonzaga it has been almost impossible to keep up with the various twists and turns in Cro Cops career. After another UFC loss, this by unanimous decision to Cheick Kongo where Cro Cop looked listless and gun shy, his management announced that he had suffered a broken rib in the first round and was having trouble breathing.

Its been an eventful year for Hong Man Choi as well. 2008 began with a loss to Fedor Emelianeko on the Yarrenoka New Years Eve event, in which the Russian fighting god briefly struggled with Chois 72 330 pound frame before submitting him. In April, he joined the Korean army for his compulsory military service only to be relived from his duties after medical tests discovered a brain tumor. The tumor was removed in June, and Choi was back in the ring in late September.

Tanikawas comments notwithstanding Choi is really the same as hes always been. Hes a physical mismatch for any opponent and while his striking style is awkward at best, it has proven to be reasonably effective. Not sure why Tanikawa is just now realizing that Choi isnt Ernesto Hoost, but hes a surprisingly skilled fighter who uses his unique physical attributes to their best advantage.

This fight isnt about competition as much as it is about commerce. Cro Cop remains one of the most popular foreign fighters in Japan, and with the proven success of freak show matchups this may have been the most attractive opponent for him from the promotions standpoint. Its a fight that Cro Cop should win, and in Japan at least a victory over Choi would have at least some significance. At the same time, Chois size combined with Cro Cops recent reticence to throw punches and kicks makes it a potentially dangerous matchup for the Croatian striking machine.

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Monday, September 21, 2009

Discover 3 Ways To Get Your Ex Back

By Lilliana Haley

Whenever anyone makes a decision to enter into a relationship and pour their heart out to someone else; then you always risk the chance of getting hurt. Relationships are fragile bonds and whenever we take advantage of our partner or do not act in the proper ways then chances are the relationship will end.

Many people who end up going through a break up usually want to know how to get your ex back. That is the reason that we wanted to provide you with 3 great reasons that you can use that have been proven to help repair broken relationships:

Always Be Yourself

A broken relationship can easily cause someone to be someone that they are not. In fact when both men and women are trying to get their ex back many of them find themselves trying to be someone different. The truth is that you stand a better chance when you are just being yourself after all they found something attractive in you when you met.


Yes it is possible to get an ex back and thousands have repaired their relationship; however you have to have patience for it to happen. Begin standing on your two feet and avoid looking desperate because you want it to happen overnight.

Most people are not going to want to get back together with an ex when they are showing signs of desperation. The best way to show your ex that you are not desperate is to begin going out with friends and family.


Before you can expect your relationship to be repaired you have to become a different person. This means that whatever caused the relationship to end needs to be fixed or changed. If you are not willing to work on yourself then chances are the relationship will not work the second time around.

Below you will find a site that is dedicated to helping everyone learn how to get your ex back and stay happy. You will discover some great advice and resources that are guaranteed to have your ex running back to you.

Manifesting Abundance - How You Can Have It All

By Anthea David

No matter who you are or where you came from, you have the ability of manifesting abundance in your life. When you are deeply convinced of your needs, desires and those things you deserve, abundance will come to you. Whether you are consciously aware of it or not, most of whom and what you have in your life at this moment are reflections and expressions of those things.

Manifesting abundance is the knowing that thoughts have power. Your life has taken shape, beginning the moment you were born by the quality of your thoughts. When you were a baby, your quality of thought was only beginning to develop, since your thoughts focused on basic instincts and trying to absorb the vastness of the sensory input available to you.

From that point on, you learned to believe what your parents taught you. What you learned from your parents taught you how to socialize as a child. Then you went to school and learned that life is cold and unyielding. You were taught that manifesting abundance was foolish.

You learned that perhaps you could reach your dreams with too much over work or you needed rare genes or maybe you would just get lucky. You found that abundance might not even be possible. You found that you might die of starvation and not have a comfortable home, if you were not lucky or you were ignorant. Perhaps, you even learned that you should forget all those extraordinary dreams that are essential to you, that perhaps you would have to marry just anyone rather than your soul mate.

But you can have abundance--and you don't have to rely on luck; and you don't need a so-called 'education'; and you don't need 'good genes'. You also do not need to live an existence where you are enslaved to drudgery, boredom, or doing any work that you hate.

You deserve to thrive. You have permission to thrive. You can thrive.

But in order to manifest abundance, you have to be aware that you deserve it. You have to feel 'in your soul' that you deserve it. And, you have to know the certain way to do things that will make it come into being.

Now, each one of us is different. So just because the cosmic laws of manifesting abundance are universal, they will find unique expression in you and in your life, the way a musician applies universal laws of playing his instrument but has his own unique style of playing and composing. This is important to keep in mind so that you don't get confused. Manifesting abundance is not about keeping up with the Joneses.

When you manifest abundance in your life, you may get married, or you may not. You may become famous, you may remain basically unknown. You may become as wealthy as Donald Trump, or you may simply make enough money to meet all of your needs as you live a modest, quiet life in a location of your choosing.

It matters most of all what you want in your heart. Manifesting abundance means manifesting all of your heart's desires. It means actually living your fantasies.

So. What does it take to manifest abundance? What are the cosmic laws that you must align yourself with regardless of who you are?

*Know that you deserve to be able to live your fantasies. If this is hard for you to comprehend, start taking the time to find a quiet or internally private space for yourself every day, and find a way to meditate on your deserving (there are many ways to meditate, so study that). You have been conditioned to think you aren't 'good enough' to have a charmed life, and you have to re-program yourself with new conditioning which tells you the opposite.

* You need to know why you want those things you want and it needs to be deeply ingrained in your mind. If it is not, you will manifest things that you really do not want or need, remember you should not ask for anything you do not want since that is what will manifest in your life.

*Once you are sure you know why you want something, just let your fantasy world take over. Focus intensely on your arising fantasies.

*Take all of the action you are inspired to take to bring about your fantasy. If you feel that you must gain more technical knowledge, for instance, get on the Internet and read, watch videos, or order books that will give you the knowledge. If you feel inspired to go to a certain place or a certain website, do so; etc.

*It's not that your abundance will manifest without work; rather, it's that the work you do for it will be so inspired that it won't even seem like work to you, like a professional baseball player 'going to work' by playing his sport and getting paid millions of dollars for it.

*Allow things to manifest in your life as they will. Never try to force them. Know that the desired thing or event is 'in production' or 'being shipped to you' right now, and have the patience that comes with this certain knowing.

The life of your dreams is waiting just up ahead. Start walking in its direction.

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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Do You Know What Causes Warts On Hands?

By Deborah Valley

If you have ever suffered from a wart on your body then most likely you want to know what causes warts on hands or anywhere else on your body. Most likely you grew up with the myth that toads are responsible for this skin condition. However if you are like most of us you have never touched a toad; yet you are still reading this article that teaches you how to get rid of warts.

You most likely know that warts are caused by a virus known as HPV and is also referred to as (human Papilloma virus). While there are so many different types of the HPV viruses in fact there are over 50 different types that can target our bodies. Research has been done on several types of the HPV viruses in hopes of being able to find out what causes it to become active in our bodies and cause these skin growth problems.

When the virus is active in our bodies then we can expect to see the growth of warts on our bodies. Our bodies have all the necessary ingredients to fight off these types of viruses all by itself. However most of us have realized that our immune system is not as strong as it could be because we do not provide our bodies with the nutrients that it requires to be able to function with the best protection it can provide us.

Medical studies have been done on a consistent basis of this problem and no one still understands what causes warts on hands; what we do know is that it is possible to learn how to get rid of this problem. You should consider getting the all natural guide that will help you learn how to get rid of this problem quickly instead of having to live with this condition for several months or even years. The guide will walk you through step by step on what you need to do to begin treating this problem and guarantees that you will see an improvement.

Our site below will provide you with some great tips and resources on what causes warts and best of all what you can do to get rid of this condition. So stop living with your warts and learn how to get rid of this problem naturally once and for all.

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Alcohol Dependency Effects, Alcohol Addiction Signs, and Alcoholism Statistics

By Denny Mitchell

Mr. Richards was one of three health instructors at a large metropolitan high school located in the Midwestern part of the U.S. For "Alcohol Effects Month" he decided he would center his teaching agenda on the following three subject areas: alcohol dependency effects, alcohol addiction symptoms and signs, and alcoholism statistics.

After Mr. Richards finalized the subject matter for his students, he came to the conclusion that he would pass out the out-of-class assignments the following Monday morning. When the date and time came for the class assignments, Mr. Richards handed out some introductory information about alcohol addiction and alcohol abuse and then told his students about the three alcohol-related subjects he selected.

Mr. Richards answered some questions and then discussed the paperwork he handed out. He then talked around fifteen minutes about the major differences between alcohol addiction and alcohol abuse. Mr. Richards also emphasized the fact that the terms "alcoholism," "alcohol dependency," and "alcohol addiction" meant the same thing.

As the students excitement increased, Mr. Richards thought it would be a good time to tell his students about their assignments. He first mentioned that 50% of the assignment included writing a thirty page, double-spaced research paper about one, two, or all three of the alcohol-related topics. He then informed the students that the other 50% of their assignment would be a twenty-minute class presentation in front of the other students that centered on their research project.

As recognition for their outstanding scholarly attainment, the student with the top grade on the oral presentation and on his or her research project will be asked to present his or her findings at the regional alcohol and drug abuse convention at the county seat during the last week in May.

After Mr. Richards explained both parts of their assignment, almost everyone in the class said they needed a more explicit description and an example of one of the sub-topics that they could chose for their oral presentation and for their term paper. In a word, while all of the students seemed fascinated with the assignment, they required additional direction so they could side-step turning in a less than exceptional project.

Mr. Richards was well prepared for the questions that followed and so he started to discuss four or five alcohol addiction symptoms and signs that the students could research. For instance, Mr. Richards listed the following alcoholism signs and symptoms: boasting and a "big shot" complex, loss of control, an obsession with drinking, getting arrested for a DUI, and cloudy thinking.

Because there were numerous alcoholism signs and symptoms from which to choose, Mr. Richards articulated that he was not going to lose any sleep over the likelihood that two or more pupils would decide upon the exact same alcohol dependency signs and symptoms for their research paper and their presentation. In point of fact, even if more than one classmate selected the identical alcohol addiction symptoms or signs, this would not be a big issue due to the fact that each pupil would have his or her own way of researching and presenting the subject matter.

Mr. Richards then emphasized the fact that although there were more than a few alcohol dependency signs and symptoms from which to select, the pupils were also able to concentrate their research on alcoholism statistics or on alcoholism effects. When the extensive range of all three topics was taken into consideration, it became apparent that the number of doable research topics was almost limitless.

Why did Mr. Richards select alcoholism signs and symptoms, alcoholism effects, and alcohol dependency statistics as the topics for this class project? Mr. Richards' fundamental objective was that by asking each student to investigate one, two, or three of the alcoholism topics he assigned, all the students would have a better grasp of a significant and multifaceted topic such as alcohol addiction.

Mr. Richards also thought that by challenging his students to raise their comprehension about the detrimental and deadly effects of alcoholism and the deplorable existence that most alcohol addicted people struggle through, his students might think more intelligently before they get involved in damaging and unhealthy drinking.

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Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Pros And Cons Of Professional Resume Writing

By Eric Civi

There are two options when it comes to writing your resume. You can either write your resume yourself or get a professional writer to do it for you. Obviously doing it yourself is the cheapest option plus you know precisely what your duties and achievements were; Consequently, you might think you are the best person to do this. But with the job market being so competitive it is imperative that your resume stand out and unless you are a great writer and are aware of the latest employment trends, chances are you will not be able to do this. This is when you should consider hiring a professional.

To help you find what is right for you, here are the advantages and disadvantages when it comes to getting a professional resume service:

The cost is obviously the first issue. While preparing your resume yourself is free, hiring a professional writer obviously has a price and, to be frank, it is not cheap as writing a strong resume is not easy.

The delivery time can also become an issue if you are getting close to the application deadline (if there is one). Because writers have multiple clients and need to sleep just like you, they will need at least a few days to get your resume ready, unless they provide rush delivery, which will incur an additional cost.

In terms of advantages, resume writers certainly know their job. Not only are they certified and have lots of experience but they also know the latest trends and techniques so that your resume will be up to date.

Another important element is that they will be able to customize your resume to your niche or your specialty. Despite what you might think, resumes should be formatted differently depending on your career level and field.

Finally, most companies offer guarantees. If you are not happy or are not getting the results you expected, they will rewrite you resume until you are fully satisfied and, in some cases, might even reimburse you.

With these elements in mind, you should now be able to assess what is the best option for you, whether it is preparing your resume yourself or getting a resume service to do it for you.

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Working with English to Spanish Translation Companies

By Phillip C. Nicolas

Using software to translate English documents to Spanish often produces poor results. Most translation software programs are not advanced enough to capture the meaning, tone and context of the original document. To ensure accuracy, it is still best to work with an experienced English-Spanish translation company.

There has been an increase of translation companies around the world because of the internet. Technological advancements have significantly made transactions easier and faster; documents can be sent and received with a click of a button allowing for a faster turn-around time. There are other reasons why you should contract a professional company for your document translation needs such as:

1. Specialized translations. Professional companies can translate different types of documents from legal contracts, technical documents, financial statements, and marketing ads. That is because they have native Spanish speakers that specialize on various fields or disciplines working as their translators. This is also an assurance that the resulting document would retain its original content and message since it will be translated by a native-speaker familiar with your line of work.

2. Regional localization. Spanish have evolved differently in different regions. The Spanish used in Spain is different from the Spanish used in Mexico, Peru, Argentina and Cuba. An experienced translation service company can determine if your document needs to be edited to capture the language variations for a certain market or region.

3. Swift yet quality translation. Top translation companies can promptly translate a document without the use of software. They only use a team of certified native speakers to accurately translate a document.

The main advantages of using professional translation companies are the convenience it brings plus the fact that all translations are done professionally. You can rest assure that your document is being translated by a team of highly trained and certified individuals.

Overall, English to Spanish translation services offer many benefits over hiring a freelancer independently and hoping for good results. A professional and experienced company that manages a team of translators can offer competitive rates, and many offer guarantees for quality. Whether you're translating a marketing newsletter or a company manual for Spanish-speaking employees and staff members, using professional English to Spanish translation services may be to your advantage.

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Friday, September 18, 2009

Its Easy To Become An Online Tutor

By Luke Redding

Many options are given to get a better way of life as well as understanding why education is so important to the success of every student. Children must see this as a serious matter in order for them to understand that tutoring is the best way to get help online. Become an online tutor and help those in need of your knowledge in becoming an online tutor.

Online tutoring requires for well preparation in order to help students as well as keeping open availability in order to tutor online at times where there is peak timing such as from Thursday thru Sunday being these the most needed times as well.

Also, when looking into being an online tutor you can earn a good income if you are available. Becoming an online tutor requires you to submit your application as well as expose your talents or knowledge to be qualified to assist in this online work.

Moving into the actual exam itself as answering the exam questions as well as receiving a high score will make you eligible to become an online tutor and this way help students with your skills. When working with online tutoring companies is an awesome chance to assist a student.

Also, do know that your will have the opportunity to show your skills as well as receive tutoring yourself to meet guidelines and benefit from the assistance and training to assist with all knowledge and tutoring classes.

Please do know that you will be working with a tutor yourself to enhance your skills as well as to promote any teachings which will benefit you in the long run in order to become very successful in what you will be doing.

Do remember than when working as an online tutor you will be exposed to updated technology as well as become knowledgeable into providing assistance for your students as well as practice the teachings and learn yourself. Tutoring sites are available all around the clock. Many sites are open 24 hours and all 7 days a week making sure the students get the service and help them deserve. You can work from as little as 4 hours up to 30 hours a week.

Whether it is helping a student pass an Algebra exam or simply helping a student with a test, your will be making a living by providing help tutoring and assisting with many materials and knowledge in helping your student and keeping under an agenda.

Helping students all over the world to assist in there needs as well as earning extra income online. Tutoring online is a support for all these users. When using this technology in submitting any documents and articles. Becoming an online tutor is an opportunity to become savvier in technology and computer

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Study Claims Phones And Internet Hamper Children's Education

By Jon Hunter

A survey just released has claimed an increased use of phones and the internet is undermining students' ability to study and is a cause of poor grammar amongst many of today's school children.

The report produced by the Cranfield School of Management blames children's use of mobile phones and the internet for a fall in standards in pupils study, research and written communication skills.

The study found that 90 per cent of students used the internet, which is double the percentage who did their research with books. It also finds 6 out of 10 pupils have admitted to copying work from the internet without reading or understanding it, with a staggering 25% thinking this is an acceptable practice. English skills have also suffered with 3 in 10 admit using text shortcuts in essay and coursework.

Andrew Kakabadse, professor of international management development at Cranfield, said: "Our research shows that technology obsession hinders spelling skills, implicitly encourages plagiarism, and disrupts classroom learning."

The Report has also found that mobile phones particularly had a negative effect upon school discipline seeing pupils often ignoring rules on mobile phones at School. One third of pupils admitted to using their mobiles in class, Andrew Kakabadse also said "Despite school policies restricting mobile phone usage, students use the phone frequently, with the majority making calls from the toilets. The mobile phone continues to be a prime channel of social communication during the school day."

The study also shows patterns of behaviour that it finds worrying; many pupils spent one to two hours a day on social networking sites. Most pupils had access to a computer before the age of 8, had used the internet by the age of 10 (with some doing so as young as 5), and joined social networking sites between the ages of 11 and 13. One in 10 (9%) have admitted to spending spend more than six hours a day online.

One does have to wonder with the tone of the report is that do the writers expect education, learning and society at large to remain static? As technology changes education will change and adapt as it does too many other stimuli. Many of these changes will be positive others will be negative. Circulated highlights of this report only seem to focus on the negative aspects of this technological change.

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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Here's a Quick Way to Locate Psychology Online Phd Schools

By Christina Williams

While a high school diploma can get you small jobs, a college degree will bring you farther. However, it's not as easy to get as it may seem, since you'll be investing plenty of time, money, and resources to be able to get one. That's not the case, however, if you get an accredited online bachelor degree.

Following the online incarnation trend, online schools have appeared online and made life much easier for those who want to get a high-quality college education from the comfort of their very own homes. After all, you no longer need to commute to school everyday--you can do it at home.

Studying online gives you advantages and benefits which you won't find anywhere else. For one, you're able to work at a pace which is comfortable to you. If you're the type who likes getting ahead of the class by reading the next chapter, then you can do just that, and the teacher will work with you. Same goes for the opposite.

When you go to school to study online, you're given the privilege of working anytime it's convenient. If you've got a part time job, you can study before or after, depending on when you can. You won't need to stick to a schedule or follow deadlines, because everything is at your disposal.

Aside from working whenever you want, you can also work wherever you want. If you've come down with a fever, then why not work in bed? You can listen to music, have a bowl of soup, and study, all at the same time. You can also study in a coffee bar, a restaurant, or even at the office where you work.

Online schools are accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, which also accredits offline schools. They bear the same status, and if two have the same level, you're assured that they both meet the same standard of education.

Online schools are in no way inferior to regular schools. The degree which you'll get is as valid and as credible as the one you'd have gone to an offline school for 4 years to work for.

No money is no excuse to go to college. You'll be able to go to a lot of places with a college degree, so why not start now? Affordable accredited degrees online are in abundance and ready for you, so it's time you start making the most of it.

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To Become A VCP You Must Attend A VMWare Training Course

By Scott Heron

What virtualization achieves is simply this; it lets a single PC carry out the job of multiple PC's by sending onward the resources from a singular computer device over many desktop environments.

Virtualised desktops and servers let the user have many systems and applications hosted together tightly as well as hosted in different positions. This is handy because it removes problems such as geographic limitations.

The benefits of installing VMware are obvious, lower cost efficiencies and smaller disbursements because of more effective use of the users hardware resources. In addition to that, the infrastructures security will improve and the actions of disaster recovery will also greatly improve.

The right choice is in authorized VMware training

Authorised VMware training is only accessible through VMware Authorised Training Centres (VATCs) and through VMware themselves. A few companies are starting to give non-authorised VMware training on VMware Products; VATC training will defiantly give you or your business the greatest results and without doubt grant you the highest return on your investing. IT Training Scotland has teamed up with stellar UK, Interchange ant ETC

You can benefit from our partnership because:

* Authorised VMware instructors have been through high standard VMware accepted training program.

* 24/7 live help from VMware themselves will be available.

* 100% official course-ware thats consistently being updated regularly.

* If you wish to obtain the VMware Certified Professional (VCP) certification, only authorised VMware training on VMware Infrastructure 3 achieves the course requirements

Wish to become a VMware Certified Professional?

You must show your knowledge of virtualisation and proficiency in that field. You will hold all the required skills (many of which very detailed) and you must obtain the industry standard on applied science for VMware. VMware Certified Professional courses are designed to be sat by any technical individual.

Professionals that wish to demonstrate their knowledge on virtual environments and gain more opportunities for vocation progression. To achieve VCP accreditation, attend either Install and Configure or Deploy, Secure and Analyse course. You must then sit and pass the official courseware exam.

So in short if you were to attend a authorised VMware training course you would bring benefits such as your employer will have the assurance of your skills and abilities, the business will maximise profits and efficiency, you will examine your own skills and last but not least you will reduce overheads for your company.

In addition to that, employers wishing to send their staff on a VMware training course will be delighted in the knowledge that if you invest in training your staff you will greatly improve staff retention rates.

For the student, the benefits are that you will have achieved the status of expert VCP, improve and add to your skill-sets (which of course is a great benefit considering how volatile the IT market is these days), will help the student in their career progression and lastly they will now have a professionally certified qualification.

The main thing that the student should remember that their number one benefit for going on the course is that after they have the qualification, they can now differentiate themselves from other IT workers i.e. their competition.

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