Saturday, September 19, 2009

Working with English to Spanish Translation Companies

By Phillip C. Nicolas

Using software to translate English documents to Spanish often produces poor results. Most translation software programs are not advanced enough to capture the meaning, tone and context of the original document. To ensure accuracy, it is still best to work with an experienced English-Spanish translation company.

There has been an increase of translation companies around the world because of the internet. Technological advancements have significantly made transactions easier and faster; documents can be sent and received with a click of a button allowing for a faster turn-around time. There are other reasons why you should contract a professional company for your document translation needs such as:

1. Specialized translations. Professional companies can translate different types of documents from legal contracts, technical documents, financial statements, and marketing ads. That is because they have native Spanish speakers that specialize on various fields or disciplines working as their translators. This is also an assurance that the resulting document would retain its original content and message since it will be translated by a native-speaker familiar with your line of work.

2. Regional localization. Spanish have evolved differently in different regions. The Spanish used in Spain is different from the Spanish used in Mexico, Peru, Argentina and Cuba. An experienced translation service company can determine if your document needs to be edited to capture the language variations for a certain market or region.

3. Swift yet quality translation. Top translation companies can promptly translate a document without the use of software. They only use a team of certified native speakers to accurately translate a document.

The main advantages of using professional translation companies are the convenience it brings plus the fact that all translations are done professionally. You can rest assure that your document is being translated by a team of highly trained and certified individuals.

Overall, English to Spanish translation services offer many benefits over hiring a freelancer independently and hoping for good results. A professional and experienced company that manages a team of translators can offer competitive rates, and many offer guarantees for quality. Whether you're translating a marketing newsletter or a company manual for Spanish-speaking employees and staff members, using professional English to Spanish translation services may be to your advantage.

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