Saturday, September 12, 2009

PC Magazine To Find Great Laptop Reviews

By Francua Smith

What is it about PC Magazine? I can tell you that PC Magazine is one of my favorite websites for laptop reviews. The writers there constantly churn out very good reviews of the latest laptops and they just blow me away! If you want to find authoritative laptop reviews, the best place is to go to PC Magazine. I'm not kidding pay a visit and you will know what I mean.

Laptop Review Sites Just to put things into context, there are tons of laptop review sites out in the Internet. I've seen places like, Tom's Hardware and several others, but none of them come quite close to the quality of PC Magazine's laptop reviews. Now I'm not trying to plug PC Magazine (really) nor am I receiving any kind of commission from them - I just find their laptop reviews up to the minute and chockfull of information - so I thought I'd share that with you.

PC Magazine Historically, PC Magazine has always been one of my favorite magazines. Even before the advent of the Internet, I was reading PC Magazine for their quality reviews of desktops, laptops and all things to do with computers. Did you know PC Magazine now covers everything from desktops, laptops, digital cameras, projectors and computer software? It's simply great.

Why PC Magazine Is Good What's the reason why PC Magazine is good? Well, I can assume of three reasons. Firstly, they are very, really timely with their reviews. I find that PC Magazine reviews of laptops come out faster than numerous of the competing sites.

Secondly, the PC Magazine webpage is really clean and well-designed (I prefer it to CNET's). You can look the material organized really well, with reviews and how-to guides within simple reach of the navigation bar.

Lastly, PC Magazine has a very strong hardcopy magazine following. Many of the websites which review laptops have no equivalent hardcopy magazine, so sometimes you can't be sure of their editorial robustness. PC Magazine is a full fledged magazine and has the full capacity of a professional editorial team.

Conclusion I know the above sounds like a shameless plug for PC Magazine, but their website gives such good reviews of laptops, I simply had to mention it. Go check out PC Magazine and see the laptops being discussed there. Bookmark it and soon you will be returning again and again to catch up on laptop and other computer technology.

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