Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Get GCSE Maths Help And Don't Become A Bad Mathematics Joke

By Luke Redding

Have you heard the one about the teacher and the student, she asked him, "what is 7 x 6?" he replies "42!" "Great" she says "well done!" "Now what's 6 x 7", "I know" he says, "it's 24". That is a bad math's joke and if you want to avoid becoming one yourself, you may just need to get GCSE math's help.

Did you know that during the past 20 years girls have been beating boys in the UK in terms of GCSE mathematics exams? But apparently this is all set to change as a move to drop coursework starts taking effect. This has already happened in some areas and in one year, boys have managed to leapfrog their female GCSE counterparts.

By next year, coursework is going to be dropped countrywide, and girls are going to have a job on their hands keep in up with GCSE boys. Already the dropping of coursework has seen record breaking results being achieved by the lads according to the Guardian. Girls are rapidly obtaining less of the best marks and they may need to get help with their math's.

Instead of coursework, "controlled assessment" is being introduced. The dividing factor is that girls are more organized and they work consistently but boys are lazier and they prefer to study like mad just before an exam comes up. As apposed to coursework, controlled assessment is extended tasks which are undertaken in an exam setting. If you are wondering why coursework is being replaced, it is because of concerns regarding plagiarism. The changes are set to make significant impacts on the gender gap in education and it is even thought that girls will have an unfair disadvantage.

Since 1997, this is the first year that boys have done better than girls in GCSE maths. The removal of coursework has been directly attributed to this as marks are also given for soft skills. Soft skills entail planning as well as sticking to deadlines, and girls are better at this.

If you need math's help to see you through your GCSE's you will find plenty of this available online. If you need help with any other subject, you will also find this. Your course needs to concentrate on 6th form revision and homework. Makes sure the tutorials and articles are easily understood. They must cover all the problems you expect to encounter, and assist you fully in the learning process.

Not that we are saying that girls need more help than boys, there must be plenty of boys out there who still need GCSE math's help.

The tutorials should cover small sections at a time and be particular to a certain mathematics based problem. This is so that if you should become unstuck with a problem, you will easily be able to refer back to it for help.

It needs to be a flexible course where you are able to ask as many questions as you like to cover the matter at hand and ensure you fully understand the processes. The course material should make good use of practice exam questions too.

No one is ever alone and for hundreds if not thousands of years, the real math's experts are only created when they receive extra tuition. One-on one tuition for math's has long been recognized as being the one deciding factor in making or breaking a mathematician.

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