Friday, September 11, 2009

Why Learn French - The Advantages of Learning the Language

By Alice Sy

There are certainly big reasons why people like you should learn how to speak in French. In this article, the question, "why learn French" will be answered, and before you can even finish reading, you will know how becoming a French speaker can help you improve the status of your life.

When you have a second language, the possibility of earning more and obtaining a more promising career is there. You will also have a bigger opportunity to get a trade and industry related job. There are big companies that give good salaries but part of their requirements is that the applicant should know how to speak in French.

French is usually the chief or second language of many countries. If you are interested in getting exposed to various cultures, it will be important to learn the language, even just its basic. Approximately, there are 40 countries that speak French. There is also a rough estimate that about 100 million people use this language on a daily basis.

If you will add yourself to that number, it means you will have a bigger chance to develop a social relationship with them. The more people you know, the more doors of opportunity will be opened for you. You will have the chance to broaden your horizon if you can communicate with more people.

After finishing a French degree, you will have something to add to your credentials. If you will be interviewed for a good position and they'll find out you know how to speak in French, it can raise your level before their eyes. In short, you will impress them.

Adapting the French language also gives you the chance to enhance your English. If your first language is English, that only means you will be more familiar with it. Why? Because many English words and phrases were taken from the French language.

What others may not know is the fact that whenever one tries to learn a new language, he develops a sharper mind, as well as useful problem solving skills. If you are working, you will be an asset to the company because you can intelligently deal with anything. You will also become a positive feature in your home.

After reading the things which are written above, you definitely know now why you should learn French. It can take you far from where you are. In the long run, you will be happy about how improved you have become as a person.

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