Thursday, September 24, 2009

Advantage of Home Schooling - Is There Any?

By Lee A. Hulse

More and more families lately are changing over from traditional public schooling to home schooling. But is there any advantage of home schooling? Look at the following 5 advantages to home schooling your children.

Scheduling Flexibility Flexibility in your child's is a great advantage of home schooling. If your child is a serious athlete or musician, for example, you can schedule their schooling around practice times. Another example of how the flexibility can work is just to your child's internal clock. Not all children are alert in the morning. Some are better in the early afternoon. So why try to force

Individual attention It is impossible for public school teachers to provide very much individual attention to their students, there are just too many students to take care of. If one or two students don't understand a concept, it is just not feasible for the teacher to take time away from the rest of the class to individually instruct them until they get it.

So some kids will never fully understand the material. With home schooling, your child has your individual attention (or divided amongst their siblings) and you can take 5 minutes, 5 hours, or even 5 days to work with your child until they understand the material.

Curriculum Choices You know your child better than any teacher ever will. You know their strengths and weaknesses. Home schooling allows you to adjust the curriculum schedule to your child's advantage - something public schools can't do. If your child excels in the math concept you are teaching, but is having a hard time understanding a language arts concept, you can adjust their schedule to allow for more time on the struggling concept.

Peer pressure at school Not so much in elementary schools, but once you get past 5th grade, 'fitting in' with your peers becomes more important. Peer pressure in school to dress with the coolest fashions or have the newest cell phone seems to take a front seat to education. With home schooling a lot of these frivolous competitions are put back in the back seat - where they truly belong.

Religious Learning Religious learning is such a sensitive issue that most traditional schools do not teach it. However, with homeschooling, parents can take control over the moral and religious learning of the child. Parents can impart their ideologies and beliefs to the child rather than let the school dictate what moral education the child will be receiving.

Do you agree with Darwin's theory of evolution or that God created man? Whichever your belief, that is what you impart on your child.

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