Saturday, September 12, 2009

How To Choose The Best Laptop To Buy

By Francua Smith

Are you paralyzed by indecision when it comes to buying laptops? The truth is, deciding on the best laptop to buy is a difficult decision. It stumps the best of us - even my more technically inclined friends can't decide on a model that will best suit their needs. To help you out, I've decided to list down 5 ways to help you choose the best laptop to buy. Make sure you run through this list the next time you're out purchasing a laptop.

1. What Speed Do You Need? One of the most important decisions you need to make before buying a laptop is to decide the speed required. If you're using the laptop mainly for word processing or emailing, you don't need as much computing horsepower. In that case, you might want to settle for an AMD Turion or a standard Intel Centrino CPU. If you need to use the laptop for graphics or heavy gaming, then you will certainly want a powerful CPU chip one like the Intel Core 2 Duo.

2. The Display Screen The next thing you should do when deciding on the finest laptop to buy is to assume about the show screen. These days, big 17-inch, glossy show screens are becoming more and more common. But request yourself, do you truly need all that glossy eye candy? If you only want a functional, business-based laptop, then assume about getting a smaller screen with a matte display.

3. The Laptop Weight Another approach I utilize to eliminate laptops in my purchase is to assume about the weight. Most people I know want to buy lightweight laptops. Which is perfectly understandable - who wants to lug a 6 pound machine all over city or all over campus? So it is necessary for you to assume about whether weight is an issue for you. If it is, then eliminate those desktop replacement or heavy laptops from your list and concentrate on ultraportables.

4. The Keyboard Surprising, a lot of folks place a lot of emphasis on laptop keyboards. You may assume that a laptop keyboard is beautiful standard fare, i.e. there is not much distinction between one laptop and the next. Well, I can say you that the keyboard is the one laptop element that your hands will be touching 90% of the time. So comfort in typing is extraordinarily important. When choosing the finest laptop to buy, pay concentration to the comfort of the keyboard when you type. Some folks prefer a 'click' sound on the keys (I do), while others prefer a more quiet typing experience.

5. The Battery Life And the final way to check if a laptop is for you? Simple - its the laptop's battery life. Remember, a laptop is useless if it is flat out of juice. Some laptops I know run out of power after 10 minutes of unplugging them from the wall socket. Be very careful and do your research on battery life - choose a laptop that will last at least 3 to 4 hours is possible.

Conclusion Hopefully, the above 5 ways of choosing the best laptop will help you out. Remember, the most important thing in buying a laptop is that it must suit your needs. So always bear that in mind - don't bother too much about what models others are using, just decide on one model that suits your requirements best. If you're interested in learning more about laptops, you may want to check out my free PDF guide to laptops - download it here.

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