Monday, September 7, 2009

Back-to-School Marketing Campaign

By Marinelle Escabeche

The season before the start of the school year is the most sensible time to order custom promotional school items for a back-to-school promotional campaign. This is the time parents and students go look around and study for the best costs on school supplies.

With costs of living getting higher nowadays, saving rather than going on a shopping spree has become the trend. These times are not as easy they things were before. People are doing away with unnecessary things for instance MP3 players and iPod pouches while buying only the basic ones and necessities in their purchasing preference.

Utilizing back-to-school imprinted items is a splendid way to reach out to parents and students, who also happen to be consumers, especially in these troubled times. For those who are on a tight budget, useful everyday school items like rulers, pencils, writing instruments, erasers, can coolers and notepads will help spread the message across without having to spend a lot of money on advertising.

In addition, you can Bolster your promotions with promo promotional giveaway items that are useful for everyone, from the young to the old. Make it a point to browse through these online when you are looking for promotional items for your back-to-school campaign. Select from different kinds, with costs ranging from as low as $0.18 to as much as $25. Pair them with personalized post it notes or notepads and make yourself a suitable giveaway package.

Today's student population have a deeper grasp of the internet, so using electronic gift items like USB flash drives, computer mouse, and USB accessories are highly appreciated. Imprinted mouse pads, pc monitor sweepers, keyboard dusters and voip headsets also make splendid back-to-school promotional gift items.

Take your back-to-school advertising campaign up a notch with mid-priced promotional products like customized backpacks, athletic bags, rucksacks, lunch bags, coolers, & day planners. They may cost more than writing implements and rulers but these giveaways are a necessity. With repeated use, it promises brand exposure and awareness over a longer period of time.

School memorabilia like personalized tees, windbreakers, water bottles, key chains and planners are very much sought after especially during alumni homecoming events since they invoke the school spirit and pride in one's alma mater. Graduating students often want to have school souvenirs and will make an effort to get these before school ends.

Furthermore, school advertising campaigns gives a good opportunity to be enlightened on youth issues such as school violence, drug abuse, date rape, contraception and suicide among others. Recent killings in shooting incidents in schools all over the States have made school superintendents and parents more disturbed about students on and off campus. Educating the youth should go hand in hand with the giving out of promotional giveaway items.

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