Thursday, April 30, 2009

How Much Electricity You Can Get From Wind Power

By Arnold Thompson

You have probably heard it all already, that renewable energy is the way to go. If more and more people simply took a little time out of their day to learn something new each day about green energy, the planet may find that it is given a little bit of a break. When the issue is ignored, energy plants will continue to make energy through unhealthy means that not only destroy our planet in the long run, but also poison our bodies in the process.

It's imperative that our generation make the change and start to use renewable green energy sources and ingrain the importance of using these clean energy sources on the younger generation. One of these technologies with great potential is wind power. However, before we discuss how much energy you can produce with a wind turbine, let's examine how wind power works.

Many fear that wind power cannot produce enough energy without a steady strong wind. This is a misunderstanding of how wind power operates. Even the slightest breeze can produce electrical power. Wind power works by taking the kinetic energy of the wind moving the turbines of a wind generator to produce electrical power which can be used to power homes and businesses.

A wind generator will work best when installed on the roof of the building, as this allows it to catch more wind energy. However, it may be a good idea to have a backup supply of electrical power, so you may not want to call your local utility to disconnect just yet.

This is so that if there ever is a time that you are not able to capture enough wind energy, you can still get the power you need to light up your house or to keep the heat running if you rely on electric for your heating needs. What about the times that there is a lot of wind being produced around your home? If there are winds that exceed seven miles per hour, which can happen a lot, you are able to sell the extra energy that is produced back to the utility company.

This of course helps to lead people to the understanding that wind power can truly generate enough energy for you to make use of in your home. The power company will always be there to serve as a backup and you would probably have enough left over to sell back to the electric company.

Being able to sell this energy to the power company is a way that you will be able to earn back the money you put into installing the wind generators to begin with. The exact amount of energy that a person can expect from the use of their wind generator will simply depend on the size of generator they are using.

A 10-kw wind generator can bring in about 10,000 kWh each year when placed in a location that produces about twelve mile per hour winds on average. This is enough energy to power one standard sized household. A 5-MW wind turbine can produce 15 million kWh or more each year. This is enough to send enough power to 1,4000 homes.

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Motorcycle Clubs good guys painted bad by a Corrupt World Media

By LJ James

The New World Order and Motorcycle Clubs

What a crazy world we live in today. It's come to a point where you just don't know what to believe any more. The "news" media has gone from investigative reporting to regurgitating Government and Corporate "News Releases" as actual news.

The thing that I don't understand is, some people actually believe everything they see on TV or read in the paper or on the Internet. You can tell people the Sky is falling but if it wasn't reported on CNN, People will just think your some kind of crazy Chicken Little. Chunks of the sky could be hitting them in the head and they still wouldn't believe it.

If CNN reports that the Sky is Falling and states the reason as "human over consumption of oxygen", people start trying to figure out how to stop breathing so they can stop the Sky from falling. It doesn't matter if the real reason is some new Military Toxin.

Let's say there is some national disaster and you say something different from the official Government release on why and how it happened. Now you're some kind of crazy Conspiracy Nut. Again It doesn't matter what kind of proof you have, what kind of scientific evidence you try and present, you're just a nut and no one wants to listen to you.

Because We all know the United States Government would never lie to us. They'd never conspire against the people of this country. Anyone remember The "Gulf of Tonkin" incident? Iran/Contra? Weapons of Mass Destruction?

We're used to hearing about the Government Controlled Media in places like China and Russia, but what of the "News" media in the United States? Just a few months ago our Government was besieged with letters, email, and phone calls by people who were vehemently against the so-called Wall Street Bail-Out. At first the measure failed. CNN broadcast a week of programming designed to "educate" us stupid Americans on the reasons why we needed to pay for this bail-out. The next week it passed.

This is not the "Free Press" our founding fathers envisioned. Our founding fathers envisioned a "Free Press" that would help to keep our Politicians and our Government honest, as a way to speak out against injustices, not an "education" tool.

What has happen to the Spirit of the American people? When did we stop demanding to know the truth about what is going on? When did the Truth get too hard for us to handle? Is it fear? It seems every time someone uses the phrase "National Security", that somehow, we understand that's all we need to know.

Is it apathy? What happened to the days of protest, the intolerance of greed and corruption? Throughout History there are examples of great Societies that have fallen, not from outside forces, but from corruption within.

We live in a world of the Future where things that seemed impossible yesterday are common place by tomorrow. For some of us, we're too busy trying to make it to tomorrow to worry about what is happening politically in the World. We're too busy working and taking care of our families to seek the truth or get involved with some kind of cause.

Many still believe that eventually the Government will take care of us, that despite the loss of our industry, the loss of our jobs, the loss of our freedoms, and the lowering of our standard of living, the Governments still have our best interests at heart.

When we see Governments around the World curtailing our right of assembly, our freedom of speech, do we stand up or do we accept it? Lately, it seems that these political entities have been giving those of us in Motorcycle Clubs a little extra attention. Why is that? Most Motorcycle Clubs are made up of principled, patriotic men who value family, brotherhood and their communities above all else. Many are Veterans of Wars past and present.

Why are we viewed as Radicals & Extremists. The Governments of the world have begun pushing hard to break us up, shut us down.

As a Biker and a Member of a Motorcycle Club I see many injustices taking place all over the world. I have seen Motorcycle Clubs names and logos seized in dirty under handed methods. Large Clubs charged with Crimes and their members locked away. Government Agents inserted into clubs for years so that they can introduce drugs and violence into the clubs in an effort to bring them down. Ex Members and "friends" of Motorcycle Clubs offered Millions of Dollars if they can come up with charges against these Motorcycle Clubs!

Just as in any culture or society, there are going to be a few bad apples.The problem is the Government and the Media have conspired to paint everyone in the Biker World with the same brush. I'll bet it takes you 5 seconds to think of a News Story, Movie, or Documentary that you've seen portraying Bikers negatively, but I bet you can't think of one that shows us feeding the poor, protecting the children, or raising money for every disease known to man.

Watching Motorcycle Clubs slowly being taken down in such blatantly unjust ways is scaring the hell out of me. What makes me sad is at the same time these wolves are getting through the gate and destroying the MC world, Many Motorcycle Clubs continue to fight against each other! These fights are embellished and sensationalized on TV and in the press. They are then used by the Governments of the world as the fuel they need to continue to shut down all Motorcycle Club's.

Motorcycle Clubs, much like the United States of America, were started with incredible Ideals. Both set down on paper what they were about and what they stood for. It is time for both Motorcycle Clubs and Americans to get back to their core beliefs. I believe with all my Heart that true Members of Motorcycle Clubs hold the ideals of Freedom and Brotherhood higher than any other group anywhere.

As I have said many times before I am no Hippie and I do not preach peace or love, I am a true Biker ! It is just that I have realized "Rome is burning" and only by working together can we hope to be able to stop the fire! Motorcycle Clubs are like people and not everyone will always get along, We are always going to have our differences.

What needs to happen now is for members of every Motorcycle Club in the World to look deep inside and ask themselves, "What is the most important thing to me?" If you truly believe in Motorcycle Club Brotherhood, and you have felt true Motorcycle Club Brotherhood, the answer will be simple. We as members of Motorcycle Clubs, need to set aside our differences and unite as one so that we may work together to save the Motorcycle Club world! We must fight against those who would take away everything we are and have us live as slaves.

Next time you hear that a Government or one of its agents has brought down another Brother or a Motorcycle Club you didn't like, don't celebrate, because the next time it will be you and your club. They won't stop until we are all gone.

I am Your Bro, LJ James (Special Thanks to the staff of for their help on this article)

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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Research Shows that Berry has Cancer Fighting Potential

By Dr. Lorna Mistranski

A study has identified substances within acai fruit berry that has chemo preventive prospective that could assist in the possible eradication of cancer.

Researchers acknowledged that anthocyanins which are a collection of flavonoids originating in acai berry fruit, prohibited development and encouraged apoptosis in the throats of rats treated with an esophageal carcinogen. The finding provides robust verification that anthocyanins are fundamental for cancer prevention.

The researchers fed rats an anthocyanin-rich extract of acai fruit and documented that the compound was right away efficient in relation to as successful in hindering esophageal cancer in rats and as a sum total acai fruit berry contained the same absorption of anthocyanins.

This lesson shows the overall value of anthocyanins as protecting agents in acai fruit and confirming the same results. This study was amid the foremost studies to take a look at the relationship involving anthocyanins as a cancer hindrance.

The researchers conducted experimental trials by means of complete acai fruit berry powder, which has yielded some optimistic results, but required patients to obtain up to 60 grams of powder a day.

At the present, it is understood anthocyanins in acai fruit berries are approximately as dynamic as thw complete acai fruit berry themselves; it is the hope of the researchers to be capable to put a stop to cancer in humans using a uniform creation of anthocyanin.

The aim is to potentially substitute whole acai berry fruit powder by means of its dynamic workings and subsequently construct out enhanced ways to distribute these components to tissues, to augment their uptake and efficiency.

In the end, it is the hopes and expectations of the researchers to test the anthocyanins for helpfulness in several organ sites in humans.

Acai fruit is about the dimension of a hefty blueberry however only the furthest layers of the fruit, the pulp adjoining a large internal seed, are fit to be eaten. Similar to vitamin C, the body can only soak up so much at a occasion.

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How to Properly Outsource Your Medical Billing

By Carl Mays II

One of the key advantages of billing outsourcing, when it is done correctly, is the clear alignment of incentives between the practice and the billing company.

Almost all medical billing companies are paid a percentage of what they collect. This means they are only paid when you are paid. It also means the more they collect for your practice, the more they are paid. Internal medical billers, on the other hand, are almost always hourly employees. They are paid based on showing up in your office, not based upon how well they perform your medical billing or how much money they collect for your practice. This is not an alignment of incentives.

This issue, however, is often not fully understood or appreciated by many providers. These providers frequently say: "the staff works directly for me in my office-- they are more loyal and will do a better job and I can see what they are doing". Experience has shown, however, that this is often not true.

In a conversation I had recently with a busy cardiologist I heard a story that is not unusual. One of the office's medical billers called in sick. Some information was needed while she was out so the office manager went looking through her desk. She did not find the information she needed, but she did find over $40,000 worth of claims that had not been billed and had gone beyond the timely filing deadline. That is right, $40,000 worth of claims that could not be billed and for which no money would ever be realized. Upon the billers return she was "sternly reprimanded for this egregious error. Not fired, but reprimanded for costing the practices tens of thousands of dollars. There is no alignment of incentives present in a situation like this.

This reaction is surprisingly common. Typically practices have so much trouble recruiting, training and retaining billing staff they are reticent to let one go. In addition, the billing staff complains about how understaffed they are and how they cannot be held responsible for not being able to complete even basic medical billing tasks. In this office's case they moved the biller to the front desk and had her in charge of collecting patient demographics. A place where she can do even more harm through poor performance.

I also asked how it was possible that the billing supervisor missed that $40,000. Did they not reconcile charges and payments and track charges, payments and write-offs? To this the doctor replied that "their system did not provide this level of reporting and no such reports were ever given to him". Since, the practice was using a new release of a major billing software, I know this system has such capabilities - it is just that either (1) no one knows how to use the system-that's bad or (2) they just don't want to bother-that's' worse! Just imagine how much money is probably lost at this practice annually.

If you select the correct billing company you can avoid nightmare situations like this. Here are some of the key elements you should seek when looking for a medical billing company:

- A fully integrated tracking system (charges by locations/provider and payments by source - lock box, office, PO Box) should be in place and you should have full visibility into the system at all times.

- Any claims that are denied for timely filing should be the responsibility of the billing company. In other words, they should make the practice whole if they fail to file your claims. This is not a demand you can make of in-house billers (it is not even legal to make it).

- You should have access to the billing system so that you can see real time status of your account.

As physicians struggle with stagnant (at best) reimbursements and escalating costs, it is critical that they make the best possible decision in regards to their medical billing. Selecting a solution that structurally minimizes the risk of poor medical billing is critical.

Without properly aligning the incentives (both upside and downside consequences) of in-house medical billers, you can rest assured that history will likely repeat itself and the biller that lost $40,000 in charges is unlikely to excel at demographic collections.

Selecting a world-class medical billing service that provides total visibility into their process and has incentives that are fully aligned with those of the practice is the most reliable road to outstanding medical billing and financial excellence.

Copyright 2008 by Carl Mays II

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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Little Red Riding Hood Story as a Language Learning Tool

By Pola Slovik

Teaching children a language - be that their first, second or third - can be a pleasurable and fun experience for everyone involved - parents, teachers, and children, with familiar fairy tale stories, such as Little Red Riding Hood story, Puss In Boots, the Three Little Pigs and other famous fairy tales.

Young children learn languages best when they are active participants - just as they learned their native language.

When young children begin learning a second language in a structured classroom environment they do not have the same opportunities to hear and use the language as they have for their native language.

Parents can offer important supplemental exposure by providing language instruction at home. The language materials introduced need to be fun and appealing so children can use it (and will want to use it) in different situations.

Because fables and fairy tales are an inseparable companion of childhood, they make perfect material for teaching language at an early age. Fairytale world, heroes, and motifs are already well-known to children and can serve as an excellent basis for learning language, making the learning easy and amusing.

With appropriate adaptations of familiar and famous classic fairy tales and folk tales we can create a smooth environment for learning. Parents and children can become actors, and child's room can be transformed into a stage. Stories can be enlivened by using puppets, costumes, and other props. Parents can create a corner in child's room with puppets, pictures, story books, toys and even costumes related to the story. For example, allowing the child to wear a Little Red Riding Hood costume or wearing a wolf mask while reading the story would add a fun element to the instruction. This will allow children to explore the new language hands-on in a spontaneous play.

Another benefit is that some children become more open and talkative when they are using puppets or costumes. This gives them more freedom of expression, as they can act as somebody else. The use of props, costumes and masks is also an excellent strategy for timid children.

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Law Pay Per Click - Marketing Your Firm For A Profit

By david wolf

As a law firm or independent lawyer, determining where to spend you online marketing budget can be a daunting task. You have so many options, and are competing in a very competitive field. Each click could possibly be a new client eventually worth thousands or hundreds of thousands to the firm. With that kind of value on the line you can bet that firms are willing to pay whatever they have to, to be seen. Is there anything you can do to get the edge?

Yes! You can be better than the competition. The sad truth about law firms and most business when it comes to marketing online is that they try to do it for themselves. Someone in the office says "We should be marketing online, lets try adsense." Everyone says its a great idea and they give it a shot. The problem is, it isnt that easy. Here is why.

In your right mind would ever recommend a client represent themselves in court with little or no court experience? Why not? You would not do that because you know that regardless of how smart that person is, they have no court experience or expertise. This is something that requires years of experience to master. A rocket scientist may be smarter than you but they do not know that asking to dismiss a piece of evidence because the paper work wasn't filed properly was even an option.

By now I am sure you have figured out the important point that I am getting at. You need to have someone on your team that specializes in Pay Per Click advertising running you campaign. The reason is that it works. Specialist devote years perfecting strategies to get the maximum return and effectiveness out of a Pay Per Click campaign. While you were in law school, they were in PPC school, or the school of hard knocks learn by trial. The industry standard for a service such as PPC management is about 15% of your total ad budget, and a set hourly fee to create, manage, and tweak the campaign. It is not always structured like this, but this gives you a pretty good idea of what to expect when looking for Law PPC help.

A good PPC expert can more than make up for the 15% budget fee. This is because they know what keywords to target, and which ones not to. They also know how to get higher in the rankings without paying more. They also know how to attract only those customers that you want to click on the ads.

This translates in to higher conversions per clicks, and only paying for the clicks that are getting conversions. Sounds like a good thing right. Because it is. A very good thing. Imagine what would happen if you were spending $5000 a month in PPC advertising online, and you could increase your conversion from getting leads from 10 clients a month, to getting leads from 20 clients per month. That is huge.

That means that you can pay more for successfull clicks, and possible even increase your advertising budget because it is so successful. Below are several of the most important factors that effect PPC campaigns. If you are outsourcing to a firm or specialist, they should know these facts inside and out.

Creating optimized landing pages is crucial. You want the page that the person lands on to be as relevant as possible to the search term. It makes sense to them, but Google also rewards you with a higher relevency rating, which means it costs less to appear at the top.

Success is all about the testing. Few campaigns are profitable right out of the gate. The key is test every variable. Test dozens of ad variations, test small groups of keywords individually. Keep the best performer through out the others, and test the best performer against a new set of ads.

Analytics are one of, if not the most important factors in PPC marketing. You need to be able to see where you sign ups are coming from. Without analytics, 1000 people could click on an ad from a keyword you were bidding on and you would not know whether anyone signed up or not. Analytics is what let you know which keywords to bid more on, and which to stop bidding on all together.

Keyword research is essential to let you know several things. What your target market is searching for, how much it will cost, and what the commercial intent is of each keyword. You want to go after the people that are in action mode, not research mode. It will save you from expensive clicks from a 15 year old student researching class action lawsuit.

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Monday, April 27, 2009

Locating Private Student Loans

By Colby Mangum

If you decided it's time to go to college, but you are worried about the cost, student loans might be able to help. For people who can't qualify for a government loan in the amount needed to cover tuition and books, there is the option of applying for a private student loan.

How do you find private student loans? One of the best sources of information is almost always going to be the financial aid department at the college you are attending. It's the department's job to help students get the funding they need to attend school. Usually, they will have a pretty good idea of the lending institutions that offer the best student loans.

There is a private loan called the Federal Family Education Loan. Even though it is offered by a private lender, the federal government backs the loan. Not all colleges are eligible for this type of loan. Your financial aid office should know if the school is a qualifying school and if it is, what lenders offer the loan.

Lower interest rates are always a good thing because it means less cost to you in the long run. Not all private lenders are able to offer the Federal Family Education Loan so you might need to do your homework to find out which ones do offer them.

If you don't like the information the financial aid office gives you, you can look to the internet. The internet is a fantastic source for information about private student loans. It is important that you look at the different types of loans before you apply.

There are always a few scams out there and more often than not, there are plenty of companies wanting to earn as much money as possible on the loans they issue.

Another place to find a private student loan is with the financial institution you have worked with before. This can be especially helpful for people who have a short credit history. If you have banked with a particular institution for a while, they might be more likely to give you the best rates possible since you have an established relationship.

If you want to go to college, it is going to take sacrifice and money. You will have to do the sacrificing, but a private student loan might be able to help you take care of the money part.

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How to Become a Professional Nanny

By Rashel Dan

It would surely be easy to land a nanny job if you are a professional nanny. Although it is not easy to become a nanny, it's also not impossible to become one. How do you become a professional nanny?

Start Somewhere

Unfortunately, there is no formal nanny academy. You can't study to become a nanny before you find your first nanny job. The best teacher therefore would still always be experience. Just like every other nanny, you have to start somewhere. Your first few nanny experiences will give you a feel for the job and some basic knowledge about caring for kids.

Do remember though that first timers usually do not earn very much. Parents may also only hire you for a very short period of time. Don't let the low pay and limited time get to you. Once you get considerable experience, you will be given more opportunities to work for higher pay. The key is to get experience.

Enroll in Special Courses

A crucial factor that parents consider is knowledge in first aid, CPR and child care. You may have a basic knowledge of these from related classes in school. Do make sure though that your knowledge is up to date and comprehensive. The only way to ensure that is to enroll for refresher courses or special classes.

Get supplementary materials. Read the latest about child care from leading family magazines, books and online resources. Some parents may even opt to ask you questions related to child care and situations involving kids. Reading up will supply you with some good answers.

Join Groups

Others may be able to teach you to become a professional nanny. Those who already are professionals may be willing to share a few good points or two. You can find these experts in associations for nannies or informal online groups. Even forums may be able to yield good information that you may be able to use. Be careful though. You also need to have the wisdom to carefully sift through what you gather from informal sources. If you really want to follow a particular practice or method, make sure it is from a reputable and expert source.

Establish Relationships

Value your clients. You are on your way to becoming a professional once you have client relationships. Understand that different families have different ways. Your way of communicating and relating to one may not work on another. Nonetheless, two important factors are a clear knowledge of your duties and a respect for parental role. This means you know exactly what is expected of you without overstepping your boundaries as a nanny. Parents should always have a final say when it comes to how their kids should be treated or disciplined.

Having clients who are satisfied with your work is a sign of your growing expertise. In time, these satisfied families that you have worked for will become your recommendation and reference sources. It is not impossible for you to become a professional nanny. If you are determined to be one, then there is simply no stopping you.

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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Learn German

By Bart Icles

Learning is a part of everyday life, and is what makes life interesting here on the earth. Without it, life would be one endless, uneventful and gloomy cycle of existence. The learning process as a whole, develops and builds character, broadens an individuals horizons, deepens mental perception, and enriches our very souls to the point of gaining wisdom beyond description. Anyone can learn just about anything under the sun: any topic, vocation, or any language if one chooses to. It's just a question of will and dedication. Now then, are you ready to learn to speak another foreign language...German, perhaps?

You may be asking why of all the languages in the world should you choose to learn the German language? Well, besides being the biggest economic power in Europe today, and ranking third in the world, the German speaking nation is also vastly well-rooted around almost all major cities in the world, including South America and the United States. And with a rich and colorful cultural heritage to boast of, Germany, and its other surrounding countries are a major tourist vacation and education hot spots.

Learning how to speak a foreign language, and in this case German, can be a sort of mental exercise that can immensely help and improve one's analytical, numerical, and problem solving skills. It also helps increase one's overall thinking and creative faculties; in short, it can help make one smarter and more socially adept at the same time.

There are three ways one can go about in learning how to speak German: 1.) Enroll in a German Language School, 2.) Get a private German tutor, 3.) Enroll in an online German Language Course. All three options have its advantages and disadvantages.The first option is advantageous and best suited for non-working individuals, such students and scholars who have time to spare on their side. The second one, although flexible and not time-constrained, is rather expensive and not as immersive an experience as the first, and the progress of learning is paced according to the pupil's learning capacity and ability.The last and final option is most suited for those who are not as financially privileged and have little spare time to spare due to work, family, or other personal reasons.

But for whatever reason one may have in taking up this noble endeavor, be it for business, pleasure, or just a means of improving one's self as a human being, it's a cause worth doing now.

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Online College - Get Your Degree on Your Terms

By Robin Brown

In the past 20 years, the internet has changed drastically, affecting the world around it. Web 2.0 innovations and developments have made online college programs just as good, if not better than traditional college programs. Enrolling in college is still a big deal, no matter where you get your education, and making the right decisions can be difficult. However, as long as you've got a little time to spend researching online, you can easily find a great program to enroll in, and the money that you need to pay for your education.

You no longer have to waste time going to campus tours, appointments, or waiting on paperwork and other impairments. You can easily find an online college program in any area of study in no time at all. You can find all levels of degrees, as well, from certificates all the way up to doctoral programs. The best part is that this can all be done much quicker online, and on your schedule, instead of someone else's.

The flexibility of online courses can really make a difference in your life especially if you are tight on time. That makes online degree pursuits appropriate for anyone, working parents, people with full time jobs but who want to get ahead, or even just graduated high school students who aren't ready to leave the roust yet.

With an online college everything can be done from your computer, not just the courses. You can set up your financial aid, get advice from counselors and advisors and have dialog with other students as well as your professors. You can even buy books online from the campus bookstore or any other online book outlet.

It is like having the university right in your own home. The cost is significantly less than a terrestrial college as well. And, if you are an environmentally conscious person just think of all the resources you are saving by getting your degree from home. No commuting, no excess use of any kind of resource at all. There is no carbon footprint attached to taking online course.

Education is important to your career, and getting your education from an online college can help you achieve your career goals more quickly, or around your schedule, depending on your needs. Online colleges have increased in popularity substantially in the past few years, and everyone is finding a great use for these types of programs. Check out online schools for yourself and see what they can do for you.

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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Social Anxiety Symptoms Melt Away with Laughter

By Todd Snyder, Psy.D.

You probably already have some gut-level understanding about what I'm about to tell you. But you have no idea just how powerful these methods can be for decreasing social anxiety symptoms if leveraged correctly. Read on.

By now you may or may not have realized that "trying to not feel anxious" doesn't work. Neither does an effort to use logic to tell yourself that you are being ridiculous. When your social anxiety symptoms strike, your mind is not reacting to your intentional efforts or your logical appraisal of the situation. That's why you need to use laughter to reduce the automatic reactions of your brain. Laughter reduces both the mind-based symptoms of self-conscious nervousness and the physical sensations of social anxiety (like shaking, blushing, sweating, or feeling yourself become quiet and less spontaneous). These symptoms come up because your mind labels social situations as dangerous if there is a risk that other's will judge you negatively. While most people's brains do not label these types of situations as dangerous, the mind of someone with social anxiety does. Keep reading to learn the basics of how to actually get yourself into a different state of mind (one where the danger symptoms subside).

What doesn't work is telling yourself that you "shouldn't" be having social anxiety in a given situation. If you walk into a party scene and start feeling nervous and shaky (or start staring at the floor and feeling uncomfortable about making eye contact), it won't help to tell yourself to "get over it," and it won't help if you try to use logic to stop feeling nervous. The parts of your brain that cause those nervous sensations don't respond to logic.

What does work? Any mental action that decreases self-awareness and increases your focus on things outside of you will help to reduce your automatic social anxiety reactions. So how can you use laughter to accomplish that? The answer lies in the subtle forms of laughter. By "subtle laughter" I mean the kind where you are laughing a little on the inside, and there is only a small smirk (if anything) showing on the outside. This is a state of mind that relaxes the limbic system (the part of your brain that controls emotional reactions to stressful events). But what's even better is that the actual process of getting yourself into that state of mind will end up reducing your self-consciousness (and thereby reduce your anxiety). So how do you get yourself into that "process" of subtle laughter? It's easier to do than you might think. You use the creative aspects of your mind to create absurd internal images in your mind that have to do with the situation you are currently in. Here's an example. I'm standing in line at the post office and I start feeling self-conscious when several people get in line behind me. I notice the people behind me are making small talk and the people in front of me are making small talk, and I start to worry that I look out of place or anxious or something. But I'm even more worried that one of them is going to start a conversation with me and I will blush, stare at the floor, or otherwise feel uncomfortable. This gradually increasing social anxiety then gets me feeling uncomfortable about the fact that I will have to interact with the postal clerk in front of the people standing behind me. So here's what I do. I imagine what the look on people's faces would be if I suddenly turned around and started making cat noises while maintaining a perfectly straight face. Then I imagine what people might do if I suddenly started making the most annoying nasal laugh I could muster. Picturing these absurd ideas in my head causes me to think about other people (and less about myself). It also puts me in that unique state of mind in which I feel like I could burst out laughing. This is a relaxing state of mind. It calms my anxiety automatically and makes me feel more jovial, comfortable in my own skin, and more sociable.

The key is that you want to think of the most bizarre scenarios you can possibly come up with, while still linking the imagination scenario to your real-life situation. But this is just a weak-example of what is possible if you use the system designed to teach you how to unleash the power of humor and mental games. There is a course that teaches very powerful methods for using mental games to beat social anxiety. I like it so much that I have a link to it on my website But you can access it directly by clicking on this link:

So how does the anger system work? Anger works a little differently. Generally speaking, if you are angry, you are usually focused on what's wrong with other people or your environment. This takes the focus of your mind off of yourself. Anger also unleashes endorphins that cause you to feel a little less vulnerable and less susceptible to pain. The best way to access anger is to channel someone who you have known at some point in your life who is excessively aggressive and overly self-confident. Don't worry, you won't appear that way to others, because trying to act and think like such a person will only move you toward the average mark. That's because those of us who suffer from an overly anxious brain are the nicest people on the planet (at least when dealing with people face to face). Channeling an angry person can be accomplished by using your mind's hologram to experience what it would be like to be the overly aggressive and confident person. Experience what it would be like to think and feel like they do, in the situation that makes you nervous. To learn a system of mental games that dwarfs these ideas in power and scope, check out a course that I link to at

Be Courageous and Fearless!

Todd Snyder, Psy.D.

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Forex Products

By Carlo S

Fx Reports is one of the new players in the trading scene. This Canada-based outfit was established only in July 2007.

For a trial period of 15 days at a cost of a $4.95 subscription, a subscriber gets to open a demo account. Almost similar to a real account except that it is at no cost to the subscriber. The user gets firsthand experience on how trades are done with no real money involved. A demo gives the subscriber a feel of forex transactions in the market.

A paying user is also granted access to the sites training resources and video vault.

The sites premium product, however, is the Excalibur V 2.25, a forex trading software. Excalibur, which Fxreports calls The Automated Managed Account Trading System, boasts of a constant profit factor between 100 plus pips a month.

FXReports claims Excalibur is fully automated forex software that trades on all currencies and on both US and European markets. The software places trade orders automatically and modifies trades on the fly to increase profits. Trades are also closed instantly. The program runs on accounts with as little as $1,000.00 USD. Other features of Excalibur include: consistency in over 75 % profitable trades, over 40,000 hours of continued testing, a database that is updated daily, and its capability to manage trade lots sizes according to the current balance.

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Friday, April 24, 2009

Prepaid Credit Cards - Review

By Laura Stenson

If you are looking for a convenient way to purchase items in stores or online without the worries of carrying cash or credit cards, a prepaid card may be your answer. They are available from MasterCard, Visa, and American Express.

How It Will Work

Using this card is similar to using a gift card. Before you begin, you make a deposit of cash. You decide how much money to deposit. As you make purchases, ATM withdrawals, or pay bills, the balance declines.

You can reload at anytime. And you will not have monthly bills because you pay as you go.

Who can Benefit

These are great for anyone who doesn?t want the responsibility of keeping track of monthly bills. Parents can give their children this instead of cash. Besides being an easy way for children to make purchases on their own, they also help parents educate children about smart money management. They guarantee approval, so consumers with bad credit can use them with no problems. And travelers might want to use them instead of carrying large amounts of cash.

The Advantages

The financial institution that issues your card will replace it if it is stolen. You are also protected against unauthorized use.

You control how much money is on available. Thus, you will always know if you have enough money to make a purchase.

This is a very effective way to limit spending and develop financial discipline. If you decide you would rather make a cash purchase, you can obtain cash from an ATM.

And it can be used for bill payments at any establishment that accepts online or phone transactions.


Visa, MasterCard and American Express offer several plans with varying fees. Make sure you read and understand the agreement before you select one.

There is usually a monthly transaction fee, and other fees are charged according to the structure of the plan. A plan may include fees for activation, ATM withdrawals, and individual purchase fees. Each fee is deducted from your card?s current balance.

In sum take the time to educate yourself and read the fine print before applying for any card.

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Speed Reading and Straight A's for the Entire Family

By Dr Jay Polmar

If you are the parent of a 9 year old girl, a 13 year old boy, and a 19 year old college bound, you know that their futures depend upon their skills to read and assimilate information, putting it into memory and into use. What are you going to do to help them accomplish that?

You can double, and even triple reading speed, improve your test-taking ability, your memory and recall and develop many other success skills. Live courses for all three kids could cost upwards from $500, some courses are $675 per person.

For pre-teens, try the Children's course called - If You Can Read This, You Can Read Faster! For teens and adults we have - Speed Reading in Only One Hour! And for the college-university bound student - Be Dynamic Through Speed Reading And the courses come with audio support for comprehension, reading speed, test taking skills and more.

For business people - we have the Complete Speed Reading Course, which has a corporate and business training program for speed reading, and business success. Plus it also includes a computer software program for reading faster online.

It's one of the more amazing programs developed by Dr. Jay Polmar, the master of training the human mind for educational and motivational successes. He's the founder of and his complete speed reading programs can be found at

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Thursday, April 23, 2009

How To Prevent Back Pain

By Denise Winfrey

Is your back bothering you to the point that it hinders your daily routine or worse, your job? Back pain is becoming more and more common nowadays, mainly because of two reasons: the alarming rise of obesity, and wrong sleeping positions.

Still, treating back pain is relatively easy:

The market offers a vast array of choices when it comes to our sleeping materials; soft mattresses are very much in demand, yet many people fail to realize that their sleeping positions are being affected when they lie down on these, as soft mattresses do not help maintain the normal curve of a spine.

This makes the veins in between the spinal bones pinched, thus causing back pain. Though many do not choose firm mattresses as they feel it is uncomfortable to sleep in, it actually helps support your back more as you sleep.

Avoiding obesity can help treat back pain. It is not the fat that causes back pain; it is the weight, which puts a strain on your back that actually causes it. And not only does your spine or back suffer; extra weight also strains your knees and ankles, for instance. Losing weight plays an important role in treating back pain.

Doing these will help you avoid and treat back pain, but aside from these, heat therapy can help immediately.

Doing it daily for half an hour will do wonders, as the heat increases blood flow to the inflamed tissues, taking away things which inflame bones and muscles, such as pain medications.

Muscle rubbing and stretching will also help a lot, though the latter should be done gently. Massaging, stretching and rubbing will help the muscles to relax, thus avoiding pain.

If all these do not help, pain medications prescribed by a doctor may also be taken. These are usually Ibuprofen, Naproxen, Meloxicam, and others. Keep in mind that these medicines must be taken only after you consult with a physician.

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Computer Courses - Microsoft MCSA in 2009

By Jason Kendall

For those hoping to start an MCSA (Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator) study program, it's important to realise that courses vary hugely; some are easier than others. You will be able to choose from a number of options, whether you're a beginner, or an IT professional hoping to gain acknowledged certifications. If you're just getting started in the industry, it may well be necessary to have some coaching ahead of getting involved in the first of the four MCP's (Microsoft Certified Professional exams) that are necessary to pass the MCSA. Find a training provider that can tailor your studying to help you - with knowledgeable staff who will guide you to guarantee that you've selected your options carefully.

Being a part of the information technology industry is amongst the most electrifying and revolutionary industries to be involved in today. To be working on the cutting-edge of technology is to do your bit in the gigantic changes shaping life over the next few decades. We're at the dawn of beginning to comprehend how all this change will affect us. How we interrelate with the rest of the world will be inordinately affected by technology and the internet.

Should lifestyle be up there on your goal sheet, then you'll appreciate the fact that the usual remuneration for the majority of IT staff is much higher than with most other jobs or industries. The good news is there is a lot more room for IT expansion in the UK. The market sector continues to grow hugely, and we don't have anywhere near enough qualified skilled IT professionals to fill current job vacancies, so it's most unlikely that this will change significantly for years to come.

So, what are the questions we should pose to take onboard the understanding we need? Because it's apparent there are a good many pretty outstanding prospects for everyone to consider.

Looking at the myriad of choice out there, does it really shock us that a large majority of career changers don't really understand the best career path they should even pursue. Working through long lists of different and confusing job titles is a complete waste of time. The vast majority of us don't even know what our next-door neighbours do at work each day - so what chance do we have in understanding the complexities of a specific IT job. Consideration of many areas is vital when you want to reveal the right solution that will work for you:

* Your personality type as well as your interests - which work-oriented areas you love or hate.

* Is it your desire to reach a key dream - like working from home sometime soon?

* The income needs that guide you?

* When taking into account all that the IT industry encapsulates, it's a requirement that you can take in what is different.

* Having a proper look at the level of commitment, time and effort you'll make available.

In all honesty, the only way to research these areas will be via a meeting with an advisor who understands Information Technology (and specifically it's commercial requirements.)

Some training companies only provide office hours or extended office hours support; most won't answer after 8-9pm at the latest and frequently never at the weekends. Look for training with help available at any time of the day or night (no matter if it's in the middle of the night on a weekend!) Make sure it's always 24x7 direct access to mentors and instructors, and not a call-centre that will take messages so you're waiting for tutors to call you back during office hours.

We recommend looking for colleges that use several support centres around the globe in several time-zones. Each one should be integrated to provide a single interface and also 24x7 access, when it suits you, without any problems. Unless you insist on 24x7 support, you'll end up kicking yourself. It may be that you don't use it late at night, but what about weekends, late evenings or early mornings.

People attracted to this sort of work are often very practical, and don't really enjoy classrooms, and poring through books and manuals. If this is putting you off studying, opt for more involving, interactive learning materials, where learning is video-based. Many studies have proved that long term memory is improved when we involve as many senses as possible, and we get physically involved with the study process.

Learning is now available on CD and DVD discs, where your computer becomes the centre of your learning. Video streaming means you can sit back and watch the teachers showing you precisely how to do something, followed by your chance to practice - in a virtual lab environment. All companies must be pushed to demo some samples of the materials provided for study. Make sure you encounter videos of instructor-led classes and interactive areas to practice in.

Seek out CD or DVD ROM based materials every time. You're then protected from the variability of broadband quality and service.

One area often overlooked by those mulling over a new direction is that of 'training segmentation'. This basically means the method used to break up the program for drop-shipping to you, which vastly changes what you end up with. Many companies enrol you into some sort of program spread over 1-3 years, and drop-ship the materials to you piecemeal as you complete each exam. On the surface this seems reasonable - until you consider the following: Often, the staged breakdown prescribed by the provider doesn't suit you. It may be difficult to get through all the sections inside their defined time-scales?

In all honesty, the best option is to have a copy of their prescribed order of study, but get everything up-front. Meaning you've got it all should you not complete it inside of their required time-scales.

Always expect the current Microsoft (or relevant organisation's) accredited exam simulation and preparation packages. Steer clear of relying on unofficial preparation materials for exams. The way they're phrased can be completely unlike authorised versions - and this could lead to potential problems once in the actual exam. You should make sure you check your depth of understanding by doing quizzes and simulated exams before you take the real thing.

Getting into your first IT role is often made easier with the help of a Job Placement Assistance service. Having said that, occasionally there is more emphasis than is necessary on this service, because it is actually not that hard for any motivated and trained individual to find a job in IT - because companies everywhere are seeking well trained people.

Whatever you do, don't procrastinate and wait until you have qualified before getting your CV updated. The day you start training, mark down what you're doing and place it on jobsites! It's possible that you won't have even passed your first exam when you'll secure your initial junior support position; although this isn't going to happen if your CV isn't in front of employers. If it's important to you to find work near your home, then it's quite likely that a specialist independent regional recruitment consultant or service could work much better for you than a national service, as they're far more likely to have insider knowledge of local employment needs.

A slight grievance for a number of training providers is how hard trainees are prepared to study to become certified, but how little effort that student will then put into getting the position they're acquired skills for. Get out there and hustle - you might find it's fun.

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Prevent Identity Theft With These 8 Steps

By Harvey Warmuth

1. Issuing personal checks to unfamiliar people is a no-no. Instead, give them cash, issue a bank draft or money order. Even if online banking is something which you never did, any person can obtain funds on the Internet coming from any of your accounts.

2. Before getting rid of your bank statements, you should be aware of this - identity thieves cannot get inside your bedroom or office. Instead, they rummage your garbage cans for important information and most of the time, they discover what they are looking for, so purchase a paper shredding machine.

3. Take advantage of online statements. Most of the banks send statements by snail mail and they would not be able to guarantee that it will get to you unopened. Remember that it contains a lot of your bank information.

4. Credit card companies usually send promotional checks through regular mail. Take note that these checks are effortless to cash. Tell the creditors to refrain from delivering these types of checks to you.

5. Even if your credit card has already expired, creditors will send you a new one with the same credit card number. What changes is only the expiry date. If the credit card is swiped somewhere, it will not work, but if it is an online transaction, only the credit card number is needed, as well as the cardholder's name.

6. Always put your signature at the back of your debit or credit card. Cashiers usually compare the signature that is on the card panel with your signature on the receipt. This happens every time you make a large purchase and if there is no signature at the back, there may be a possibility of unauthorized card utilization.

7. Credit offer mailings that are pre-approved are dangerous just like credit card and bank statements. It is simple for a perpetrator to pull credit using your name and those offers. Just like with your other financial documents, pre-approved offer mailings must be dealt with the same way.

8. Avoid the use of public computers in all places because hackers can have easy access to your private information. You can apply for a credit card or get into your financial accounts online when you are at home. Furthermore, remember to clear stored cookies prior to logging out.

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Finding and Financing an Online College Degree

By Marjorie North

Are you a student searching for a college degree program that will fit both your budget and schedule? Why not consider an online degree program as an alternative to traditional classroom studies? Here are some possible ways you can find a great online college program that will work for you and the financial help you need to pay for it.

If you think finding an online program is going to be a task - think again, it's getting easier all the time thanks to resources found online. Many bigger schools are adding distance learning and virtual classroom technology to make it easier for students to complete their programs. It's currently possible to find entire degree programs from associates to doctorates that are completely conducted online. Why? Because indicators have shown that virtual learning is better, more effective and helps busy students of all ages find time to complete their educational goals. Even busy parents or full-time career people can complete their degrees online.

Online degree programs are more affordable than traditional brick and mortar institutions. That's mainly due to the lower costs associated with online programs, where instructors may teach from the convenience of their home offices, teach more courses and not require much in the way of salaries. This is as opposed to traditional learning environments where there is a building to maintain, lights to keep on and many staff members such as campus security, library personnel or other adjust faculty that must be paid for their time.

Getting financial aid to cover the costs of an online program is actually a simple process. Not only are accredited online programs eligible for grants, financial aid loans and other sources of assistance, but there are many more opportunities for students to qualify for scholarships. An excellent resource when searching for these scholarships is by heading to your computer and searching online, where you can locate possible sources of financial help in just minutes.

College assistance may also be available with your employer, if they offer tuition assistance or reimbursement options. Companies today know that it's important for staff to continue their education and achieve higher degrees in order to be productive members of the corporate team. If your employer offers tuition assistance, generally it will be around $5K a year, although some employers offer help for college necessities like books and other fees. Be sure to repay your employer by working for them for a period of time after graduation.

So getting an online degree is easier and less costly than you may think. There are so many programs and financial options to choose from online so be sure to take time to determine which online programs.

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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Hydroponics: its History

By Paul J. Easton

History reveals that the Hanging Gardens of Babylon is a big evidence of a hydroponic garden. Moreover, the Aztec Indians in the now Mexico had a system of growing crops on rafts. These rafts are in shallow lakes that you can still see in floating gardens near Mexico City. Therefore, history shows the great significance of hydroponic system of growing plants even in ancient times.

Developments with hydroponics did not however take place in Europe until 1699 when Woodward discovered it. He found out that he can grow plants in a solution of water to which soil had been added.

On the other hand, Liebig, a German scientist, originated using nutrient solutions to study the nutritional requirements of plants in the 1850's. It was then followed by Sachs in 1860. Knop also did some studies of nutrient elements in water solutions in 1861. They grew plants in nutrients-rich solutions with mineral salts. This does away with the soil as a main requirement for growing crops.

Many researches on the nutritional requirements of plants extended through even until the 1870's. By 1925, practical applications of hydroponics were being introduced for the vast development in the greenhouse industry.

The next decade followed with the wide growth as scientists grown mindful of the prospective development of producing hydroponically to sustain the food supply with rapid growth in population. Developments remained and the commercial use of hydroponics opened worldwide gradually. But it was the N.F.T. method by Dr Alan Cooper in the 1970's, along with improved nutritional formulations, that successfully made the hydroponic growing of a wide range of plants commercially possible.

Hydroponics has grown rapidly since the Aztecs and it has become an important method of producing crops in areas of the World where water is precious and land futile for growing plants. With conscious, well maintained hydroponic crops, we can be assured that farming high quality crops can be environment-friendly for tomorrow.

Are you interested in hydroponic gardening? Learn more with this hydroponic system website to check out the necessary tools you need to succeed with this type of gardening. Learn more with tools like pH meter to Grow Hydroponic now and help yourself with sustainable year-round fruit harvest.

Take a look at this Homemade Hydroponic System Basics Blog for More Detailed Information on how to get started for beginners planning to have their very own Hydroponics Garden.

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Who Pays The Legal Fees If You Make An Accident Claim?

By David Halbert

Accidents are not a new thing. They happen every day, sometimes bringing about nominal losses and sometimes, heavy losses. Nominal losses are generally not considered worth claiming, so they make no issue. Accidents causing big losses generally pave their way to the courtrooms for claims. It is obvious that the hit party files the claim. They claim is filed to get compensation as an aid to recover from the losses of the accident.

Generally, people do not consider going for accident claims thinking of the expensive fees charged by the solicitors. It is a common idea that solicitors do nothing for nothing and they charge a person even for a legal advice. For this reason, individuals hesitate to submit an accident claim. No matter, it is essentially important to understand that while going to submit a claim, how your solicitor is going to get his fee.

Most often, the solicitor taking up a case of an accident claim has to charge his fee from the opponent. He gets his fees from the opponent's insurers. It is important that you choose your solicitor carefully, the one with a good reputation of winning road accident claims, because he would be able to present your case in the most appropriate manner.

Many solicitors offer their avails saying 'no win no fees'. In that matter, there is a chance that the claiming individual is the one who will be bearing the legal charges. However, it should be crystal-clear that the lawyer is not entitled to get a single penny from the claimer even if the case is lost in the favour of the defendant.

These road accident requisitions are generally of two kinds; claims for body wounds, and claims for car damages. Therefore, requisitions differ from case to case. If there are more B.Is i.e. Bodily Injuries, the requisition must clearly state so, and if the car losses are more, then the claim should be loud about them.

One important thing to notice regarding the legal fees is that while signing an agreement with your solicitor, one must read the clauses of the agreement carefully. A person must understand each and everything stated in the agreement. Beware of clauses stating that the client will be payable or responsible for any out-of-pocket expenses, which include claims for medical treatment and its expense, and request for time to make the case stronger. Remember, all expenses are on the opponent and the solicitor cannot put them on the claimer, to be charged from the compensation he gets.

Whilst going for an accident claim, an individual must also know exactly until when he can file a claim. In the United Kingdom, a claim for remittance can be filed within 3 years of the accident date. The lawyer will require the medical reports to evaluate the amount to be requested.

The proclamation cases are often settled down within 6 to 9 months since the submission of the claim. Nonetheless, it is better not to take the case to the court and conciliate it outside the court.

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Monday, April 20, 2009

Reducing Energy Pollution Through Energy Conservation

By markus highland

It's no abstruse that our current methods of using fossil fuels for puissance is harmful to the environment. Not only that but we are actually running out of fossil fuels and if we keep consuming puissance at our current rate without replacing fossil fuels with a more renewable source we will run out within the next 45 years and have no energy at all!

Of course, the hope is that we will soon have more sustainable methods of producing energy which are not harmful to the environment but until then you can help the environment, as well as your bank account, by practicing energy conservation.

face it, we live in a society where we want the best of everything and we want it now. Unlike a generation ago, we don't think of conserving energy. But possibly we should.

Now Im not suggesting that you turn off all your ablaze, throw out your dyrer machine and buy a camel, but conserving a elfin bit can go a long way and if we all did it, it would really add up and would not only ease the consumption of fossil fuels but also reduce environmental pollution.

A great thing you can do to safeguard energy is to unplug those appliances that you aren't using all the time. Your chargers, digital cameras, even your televisions and VCRs,DVD players should be unplugged at night. These actually consume energy even when they're off as some are kept in "stand by" mode or have LEDs that are continuously using energy. The same goes for your i7 computers, don't just leave them in sleep mode turned them all the way when you go to bed at night.

A new thing you can do is get a programmable thermoregulator. Experts say that the most efficient way to use it is to have it at 67 or less during the day when you are home, and 54 when you are relaxing at night and when you are not at home. Having a programmable thermostat and programming it as such will ensure that you don't go above these temperatures and can go a long way in reducing your oil or natural consumption.

Three more ways Appliances are another area where you can bulwark energy. Be sure your refrigerator is set between 39 and 41F and your freezer between zero and 6F. Don't preheat your oven and only use your dishwasher when it is over flowing. Use ice cold water whenever you are able in the washing machine and be sure to clean the lint filter in your dryer so it can run most efficiently. Of course, if you can afford it, buying new energy efficient appliances - they'll save you on your electric bill.

Actively working at energy conservation is a great virtuous to get into because no matter how plentiful or renewable energy sources are in the future, there's just no reason for waste. So, the sooner people can get in the to dwell in the mind set of conserving energy, the sweter for both you and the earth.

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Choosing Online Psychology Degrees

By Ms. H. Smith

You can enjoy the convenience of obtaining an online degree, whether you are building on current work experience or planning to devote your time to full time studies.

Apa accredited online psychology degrees are top notch online psychology degrees ave. Through distance learning, you can acquire your education and get one of these fantastic degrees.

There exists a lot of degree programs and courses on the internet including psychology. They address the systematic application of this knowledge to applied problems.

Acquiring a Phd, a master's degree, or a bachelor's degree. online is a very effective strategy for meeting your career goals. The online courses offered in psychology are always inexpensive, and give you the option to learn when it's convenient for you.

As an example the master of science in psychology is popular among human resources professionals, educators, marketers and managers of all kinds. The degree of human behavior they understand and work with them to deal with people in the development of strategies helps. Once you have completed one of the most renowned online psychology degrees, you can have a number of possible career paths; from working with patients in hospitals to doing actual research in the field.

You have the human mind and human behavior is influenced by what everybody is learning somewhat here.

Master's doctoral student, a psychology degree program can specialize in one particular area. Advances in technology application guidelines, discussed in the classroom in real-time online and set up the lab, learn how to simulate the test participants. Students are able to get the same degree of quality teaching as with a traditional program.

Psychology degree programs in a variety of school, more prominent individuals, providing it is a very worthy organization. Depending on the institution, the programs on hand vary however.

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Sunday, April 19, 2009

California Insurance Agent Courses -What Is Required For Renewal

By edward hulse

California is one of the most active states for insurance sales in the country. This mainly due to it's size. Fortunately for insurance agents in the state, it has relatively easy to fulfill requirement for continuing education. This article covers the bulk of those requirements.

There are several mediums that you can use to fulfill your continuing education requirements. These includes self study, which can be done either online or by video course. I would recommend online due to the cost, and ease. The second option is classroom study. While this is usually much more expensive and time consuming, some specialty courses require it.

Insurance agents must take courses approved for the license he/she is reapplying for. If you are selling California Partnership Long-Term Care, you must acquire 8 hours of California approved LTC credits, and 8 hours of Partnership LTC before you can sell. These are different than other course requirements. After initial requirement are fulfilled, 8 credit hours must be taken every 2 years of both normal LTC and Partnership LTC. A new licensee must complete 8 credit hours of LTC anually, and 8 hours of Partnerhip LTC on a bi-annual basis for the first 4 years. The courses do count towards the basic credit requirements

Any courses taken are required to use the new curriculum labeled CTQ2000. A 4 hour special course must also be taken for any agents who wishes to sell combined group and workers compensation packages. These are also known as 24 hours coverage. This must be done before solicitation can begin.

California has a relatively forgiving carryover policy. Insurance agents with less than 4 years of experience are allowed to carry over up to 25 hours of insurance credits while agents with over 4 years experience can carry over 30 hours to the next term provided they were taken within the last 12 months of the previous term.

Some of the agents that are exempt from these requirements include agents who are 70 and older and have upheld a license in good standing for at least 30 years. These agents are still required to take specialty credit fulfillment requirements such as Partnership LTC. None residents are also exempt but are still help to the specialty requirements mentioned earlier.

Basic requirements which must be met include the completion of 25 hours of CE credit annually for the first 4 years from the initial issuance of the insurance license. After 2 years. Agents must complete 30 credit hours every 2 years. Bail agents must complete only six hours but must complete them in a classroom setting. Agents selling only personal insurance must complete only 20 hours instead of 30.

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"Cash For Gold!" Cool Checks On The Factual Account

By Betty Buckminster

Looking to sell your gold for cash? If you've read and seen the hype by TV pitchmen and maybe you are wondering that the only one being taken to the cleaners is you if you fall for it. The truth is, well connected buyers who sell directly to a refinery can pay the most - up to a cool 70 percent of the melt (spot) price of gold.

Here is an additional cool check on prices: you can get 10% to 70% of the melt price depending on who you deal with. Gold dealers will pay you about 50% of the melt price. Pawn shops will reimburse about 40 percent to 50 percent of the melt price.

The firms that advertise on television will pay you the smallest percentage of money. The common rate is about 33 percent, or 33 cents on the dollar. I've even read of people getting as little as 10 cents on the dollar!

Before you get ripped off know the purity and weight of your gold. Pure gold is known as 24 karat gold. Gold dents easily so it is combined with other materials to harden it. 18 karat gold is 75% pure, 10 karat is 44.2% pure. If you had one ounce of 10 karat gold and the spot price was $900 then $900 x .4416 equal $397.44 worth of gold at the melt price. If you get in contact with someone willing to give you 70 percent of the melt price, they should pay you $397.44 x .70 = $278.20.

You don't want to be taken in, so ask around for various offers and make the effort to write down the prices paid. Then do your own assessment. Weigh your pieces and multiply against the respective weights. Then multiply against the spot price.

Gold weight is another matter where you need to beware of. There are 20 pennyweights in a troy ounce. The measure used to weigh precious metals of gold, platinum and silver, a pennyweight (abbreviated dwt.) is equal to 24 grains and there are 20 pennyweights in a Troy ounce.

Your home food scale is in grams per ounce. The troy ounce (ozt) is 480 grains, somewhat heavier than an avoirdupois ounce (437.5 grains). Grams: A metric unit of weight equal to one thousandth of a kilogram.

It can be a bit confusing if you're not used to the system of measurement. If that is the case, have your gold weighed by a trusted acquaintance or professional who is in a position to help if you are not going to do it yourself. In like manner, when you sell your gold, you'll be more probable to get a more suitable price when the gold market is moving up since the dealer will think he can get a preferred price as it is increasing. Off topic: save 50% replenishing personal checks at Cool Checks

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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Real Estate Foundation Development

By C Bolden

Before you start into real estate investing, it's important to set up your real estate foundation development. This means studying the real estate market in your area and finding people you will need to work with like real estate agents, mortgage brokers, loan officers, repairmen, and so on. Set a firm foundation so when you see a great real estate opportunity, you can jump on it right away. These following seven steps can get you started on your real estate investing career:

(1) Fix your credit rating discrepancies. Your credit rating can directly affect your ability to borrow money, so it literally pays to have good credit. If you have a poor credit rating, you can still invest in real estate. You just will have a tougher time getting a loan than someone with a better credit rating. The first step to fixing your credit rating is to pay off your credit card debts as soon as possible because when banks see that you're making regular payments, they'll gradually boost your credit rating.

(2) Decide where to invest. You know your neighborhood better than any outsider, so that's the best place to start investing. If your neighborhood is getting bad, choose a nearby area where you believe the opportunities are better. Just make sure you start with the most promising area with real estate prices that you can comfortably afford.

(3) Build your investment team. You will need help from other people. You'll need and escrow officer or mortgage broker to help you apply for and process a loan. You'll need a real estate agent, who can often give you background information about a piece of property. You'll need an appraiser to tell you the value of the property. A home inspector can help you spot problems. An accountant to help with your taxes. An insurance agent to insure any properties you buy. An attorney who can advise you on legal matters and you will need a home improvement contractor.

(4) Get prequalified for a loan. Nothing is more frustrating than finding the perfect real estate opportunity but not having the money available to take advantage of it. That's why you should get prequalified for a loan so you know the maximum amount of money you could borrow from a bank.

(5) Apply for a home equity line of credit. If you own your own home, apply for a home quity line of credit. This will determine how much extra money you may have available. If you don't own a home, find someone who does and who would be willing to work with you in real estate investing. Then find how much money they could borrow on their home equity.

(6) Find other sources of money. After you've identified how much money you can borrow through traditional sources, it's time to discover how much money you can borrow through nontraditional sources, such as friends or relatives. The more money you can access right away, the faster you can move when you spot a real estate bargain.

(7) Study how promissory notes work. Promissory notes are legal documents that let you borrow from other people. A promissory note is no different than a traditional bank loan. You'll need a lawyer to help you write a promissory note. It's a valuable tool that can help you borrow money as soon as possible from sources other than banks. The more you understand how promissory notes work, the more they can work to your benefit.

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5 Ideal Summer Jewelry Gifts For Moms

By Terry Stanfield

There are so many jewelry gifts ideas from which to choose when you are looking for summery gifts for mom. You can choose from rings, bracelets, watches, pendants and other types of summer jewelry, all of which make the ideal gifts for moms. You should always consider the fact that moms like to have jewelry that reminds them of their children when you are making a selection.

Whether you are choosing necklaces, bracelets or rings for mom, you want to be sure that you are selecting good quality jewelry that will also have symbolic meaning for any woman. Most women like to have jewelry that reminds them of their children. You can choose from many different types of jewelry to find a gift that she will love.

One idea gift when it comes to summer jewelry is a pendant. You can purchase a pendant that has a photo in it of the children that a mom adores as an ideal gift for any mom in your life.

Other summer jewelry gifts include bracelets as they get more wear in the summer months when short sleeves are worn. Take a look at the different bracelets that are made with moms in mind to make your choice.

Rings for mom are always a good idea when it comes to jewelry choices. Rings that contain the birthstones of her children are always treasured by moms who will often never even take these rings from their fingers.

Watches are both attractive and functional and make ideal gifts for any woman. You should look for watches that will compliment the jewelry that she already is wearing in order to make the right choice.

If she has pierced ears, you may want to consider getting her a pair of earrings. These can be her birthstone or other fine gems that are perfect for any mom.

If she has pierced ears, then earrings can be a good fit for her when it comes to jewelry gifts. You should look for earrings that are made from precious metals and also contain symbolic stones when you are choosing this type of jewelry.

When you are looking for jewelry gift ideas for any mom in your life, look for fashion, style and sentimental value. Summery jewelry is something that most women will cherish and not only wear just in the summer, but year round. Make a selection that she is likely to love for the rest of her life.

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Friday, April 17, 2009

Online Phd in Psychology - Tips

By Ms. M. Roberts

These days, there are many opportunities for people to choose from when it comes to graduate schools.

The PhD degree - online or campus-based - is the highest form of educational qualification in the field of psychology.

With the kind of hectic life we all are leading today, the tension associated with our work seems to be mounting, leading to frustrations and depressions at the end of it. Hence, psychologists and counselors in the field are more in demand today than ever, and it could be in any stage in man's life. In US alone, the demand for psychologists is expected to increase considerably in the next five years. A person can met and join in the university to avail the course wanted and can help solve some certain problems.

A masters or a doctoral degree is the qualification required to work as a full time psychologist. A master's degree will allow you to work in organizational purview and the license will permit you to work in conjunction with a PhD in the field. If you have a PhD, you can work as an independent consultant anywhere you like. They have much to contribute to research as well. If you plan to pursue an online course in psychology, make sure the college or the university you have been enrolled to, enjoys a certification from the American Psychological Association (APA).

A doctorate in Psychology enables you to work as an independent consultant or within a health care framework. Nearly 40% of all psychologists currently practicing in the USA are self-employed. Professional salaries are usually $42,000 - $58,000. After you have registered, you may choose to specialize in a domain such as clinical counseling, educational psychology, rehabilitation or sports psychology. Go on the net and choose the college of your choice befitting your affordability and timing. With online psychology phd programs, you will reap high benefits tomorrow.

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Z2R Wealth Matrix - The Cost Efficient Way To Earn Money Online?

By Noel Bishop

With the U.S. and other nations all over the world going through an economic crisis, more and more people are searching for ways to supplement their income, whether it be part-time or full-time. As the country tries to fight through a recession, hundreds of people have now began to flock to the internet in hopes to find a means to make ends meet.

Due to the internet, many people have found ways to make money online. More often than less, others fail horribly in this endeavor. The internet is riddled with scams, who many people fall prey to and unfortunately, most just don't have the knowledge it takes to succeed. Newcomers to internet businesses jump head first with the misconception that they can earn a great income without any work involved. That is the furthest from the truth.

With all the hype, bells, and whistles that so many online companies proclaim, it is difficult to find a true company to make an honest income with. Rifling through all the sites that boast instant riches can be tiresome.

While there are many programs online that are legitmate, many of them however are far too high in cost for those that are going through financial hardships to join. Z2R Wealth Matrix provides a highly inexpensive alternative to create an income from home. This company is in no way a get rich quick scheme. It is quite the opposite providing a true and honest income that steadily grows every month.

The month to month residual income grows normally in reflection to one's own efforts. However, with Z2R Wealth Matrix, it grows off the efforts of others as well. Both a newcomer and an experience marketer can be successful with this system. Recruiting new members is completely optional, which means that there is no sponsoring required to earn money. Though, if a member decides to directly sponsor new members, they will see their income grow at a faster rate as there are incentives for direct sponsorship, but again, it isn't required to earn money.

Teamwork is the foundation of the Z2r Wealth Matrix. It involves a 4x8 matrix, which creates a spillover effect. A member can only have 4 direct referrals their first level, but the level are 8 tiers deep. If that member recruits more new members, those members will be placed under the sponsors initial 4 members on the 1st level. If those initial members have already filled their 1st level, then the spillover occurs down to the next level. This continues on and on until all 8 levels are full. This is why it is in a member's best interest to directly sponsor new members, but it is not a requirement.

Every person in that member's matrix will create a commission of $1 monthly on all 8 levels. This is how the compensation could look.

1. On level 1 you can earn up to $4 monthly.

2. On Level 2-Make up to $16 monthly.

3. Level 3-Earn up to $64 monthly.

4. Level 4-Earn up to $256 monthly.

5. Level 5-Earn up to $1024 monthly.

6. On Level 6-Make up to $4096 monthly.

7. Level 7-Earn up to $16,384 monthly.

8. Level 8-Earn up to $65,536 monthly.

Honestly, for the average person to reach 8 levels is not a realistic thought. With that said, an additional $500, $2000, or $5000 and maybe more monthly is quite easily attainable. Whether that is a full-time income or part-time, regardless it can help people financially and Z2R Wealth Matrix is created to be a program that creates the ability to build residual month to month income.

Z2R Wealth Matrix also provides what the company calls a down-line builder. It is designed as an optional income generator for those members that want to greatly increase their income potential. It involves 3 additional programs, either free to join or a low-cost one-time fee, that a member can join, and through the Z2R Wealth Matrix, their members in the matrix will automatically join under them as well if they opt to include the down-line builder.

Looking at the entire program as a whole, it is the perfect program for beginners. The chance to get involved with a company in which allows a member to qualify for income without sponsoring anyone directly is unheard of in this industry. Z2R Wealth Matrix also provides members, who are new to online marketing and want to directly sponsor new members, the opportunity to learn with the company's vast training vault, which contains hundreds of dollars worth of marketing and advertising materials for the member's own personal use.

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