Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Finding and Financing an Online College Degree

By Marjorie North

Are you a student searching for a college degree program that will fit both your budget and schedule? Why not consider an online degree program as an alternative to traditional classroom studies? Here are some possible ways you can find a great online college program that will work for you and the financial help you need to pay for it.

If you think finding an online program is going to be a task - think again, it's getting easier all the time thanks to resources found online. Many bigger schools are adding distance learning and virtual classroom technology to make it easier for students to complete their programs. It's currently possible to find entire degree programs from associates to doctorates that are completely conducted online. Why? Because indicators have shown that virtual learning is better, more effective and helps busy students of all ages find time to complete their educational goals. Even busy parents or full-time career people can complete their degrees online.

Online degree programs are more affordable than traditional brick and mortar institutions. That's mainly due to the lower costs associated with online programs, where instructors may teach from the convenience of their home offices, teach more courses and not require much in the way of salaries. This is as opposed to traditional learning environments where there is a building to maintain, lights to keep on and many staff members such as campus security, library personnel or other adjust faculty that must be paid for their time.

Getting financial aid to cover the costs of an online program is actually a simple process. Not only are accredited online programs eligible for grants, financial aid loans and other sources of assistance, but there are many more opportunities for students to qualify for scholarships. An excellent resource when searching for these scholarships is by heading to your computer and searching online, where you can locate possible sources of financial help in just minutes.

College assistance may also be available with your employer, if they offer tuition assistance or reimbursement options. Companies today know that it's important for staff to continue their education and achieve higher degrees in order to be productive members of the corporate team. If your employer offers tuition assistance, generally it will be around $5K a year, although some employers offer help for college necessities like books and other fees. Be sure to repay your employer by working for them for a period of time after graduation.

So getting an online degree is easier and less costly than you may think. There are so many programs and financial options to choose from online so be sure to take time to determine which online programs.

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