Sunday, April 26, 2009

Learn German

By Bart Icles

Learning is a part of everyday life, and is what makes life interesting here on the earth. Without it, life would be one endless, uneventful and gloomy cycle of existence. The learning process as a whole, develops and builds character, broadens an individuals horizons, deepens mental perception, and enriches our very souls to the point of gaining wisdom beyond description. Anyone can learn just about anything under the sun: any topic, vocation, or any language if one chooses to. It's just a question of will and dedication. Now then, are you ready to learn to speak another foreign language...German, perhaps?

You may be asking why of all the languages in the world should you choose to learn the German language? Well, besides being the biggest economic power in Europe today, and ranking third in the world, the German speaking nation is also vastly well-rooted around almost all major cities in the world, including South America and the United States. And with a rich and colorful cultural heritage to boast of, Germany, and its other surrounding countries are a major tourist vacation and education hot spots.

Learning how to speak a foreign language, and in this case German, can be a sort of mental exercise that can immensely help and improve one's analytical, numerical, and problem solving skills. It also helps increase one's overall thinking and creative faculties; in short, it can help make one smarter and more socially adept at the same time.

There are three ways one can go about in learning how to speak German: 1.) Enroll in a German Language School, 2.) Get a private German tutor, 3.) Enroll in an online German Language Course. All three options have its advantages and disadvantages.The first option is advantageous and best suited for non-working individuals, such students and scholars who have time to spare on their side. The second one, although flexible and not time-constrained, is rather expensive and not as immersive an experience as the first, and the progress of learning is paced according to the pupil's learning capacity and ability.The last and final option is most suited for those who are not as financially privileged and have little spare time to spare due to work, family, or other personal reasons.

But for whatever reason one may have in taking up this noble endeavor, be it for business, pleasure, or just a means of improving one's self as a human being, it's a cause worth doing now.

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