Monday, April 27, 2009

How to Become a Professional Nanny

By Rashel Dan

It would surely be easy to land a nanny job if you are a professional nanny. Although it is not easy to become a nanny, it's also not impossible to become one. How do you become a professional nanny?

Start Somewhere

Unfortunately, there is no formal nanny academy. You can't study to become a nanny before you find your first nanny job. The best teacher therefore would still always be experience. Just like every other nanny, you have to start somewhere. Your first few nanny experiences will give you a feel for the job and some basic knowledge about caring for kids.

Do remember though that first timers usually do not earn very much. Parents may also only hire you for a very short period of time. Don't let the low pay and limited time get to you. Once you get considerable experience, you will be given more opportunities to work for higher pay. The key is to get experience.

Enroll in Special Courses

A crucial factor that parents consider is knowledge in first aid, CPR and child care. You may have a basic knowledge of these from related classes in school. Do make sure though that your knowledge is up to date and comprehensive. The only way to ensure that is to enroll for refresher courses or special classes.

Get supplementary materials. Read the latest about child care from leading family magazines, books and online resources. Some parents may even opt to ask you questions related to child care and situations involving kids. Reading up will supply you with some good answers.

Join Groups

Others may be able to teach you to become a professional nanny. Those who already are professionals may be willing to share a few good points or two. You can find these experts in associations for nannies or informal online groups. Even forums may be able to yield good information that you may be able to use. Be careful though. You also need to have the wisdom to carefully sift through what you gather from informal sources. If you really want to follow a particular practice or method, make sure it is from a reputable and expert source.

Establish Relationships

Value your clients. You are on your way to becoming a professional once you have client relationships. Understand that different families have different ways. Your way of communicating and relating to one may not work on another. Nonetheless, two important factors are a clear knowledge of your duties and a respect for parental role. This means you know exactly what is expected of you without overstepping your boundaries as a nanny. Parents should always have a final say when it comes to how their kids should be treated or disciplined.

Having clients who are satisfied with your work is a sign of your growing expertise. In time, these satisfied families that you have worked for will become your recommendation and reference sources. It is not impossible for you to become a professional nanny. If you are determined to be one, then there is simply no stopping you.

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