Saturday, April 25, 2009

Forex Products

By Carlo S

Fx Reports is one of the new players in the trading scene. This Canada-based outfit was established only in July 2007.

For a trial period of 15 days at a cost of a $4.95 subscription, a subscriber gets to open a demo account. Almost similar to a real account except that it is at no cost to the subscriber. The user gets firsthand experience on how trades are done with no real money involved. A demo gives the subscriber a feel of forex transactions in the market.

A paying user is also granted access to the sites training resources and video vault.

The sites premium product, however, is the Excalibur V 2.25, a forex trading software. Excalibur, which Fxreports calls The Automated Managed Account Trading System, boasts of a constant profit factor between 100 plus pips a month.

FXReports claims Excalibur is fully automated forex software that trades on all currencies and on both US and European markets. The software places trade orders automatically and modifies trades on the fly to increase profits. Trades are also closed instantly. The program runs on accounts with as little as $1,000.00 USD. Other features of Excalibur include: consistency in over 75 % profitable trades, over 40,000 hours of continued testing, a database that is updated daily, and its capability to manage trade lots sizes according to the current balance.

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