Saturday, October 31, 2009

What Is Industrial Design?

By Leticia Bernabe

Industrial design applies a blend of art and science for working upon a product in a way that there is an addition to its commercial value through improved looks and functionality. It comes to use both for products that are under development and those that are already in the market.

The primary consideration of industrial design is the way in which the customer will relate to the product. It means the consumers should consider the products as something desirable and worth paying for. This optimization is achieved by adding new features to the product to make it more useful, and by enhancing its appearance so that it becomes more attractive to customers.

The first step in the direction of coming up with more desirable products is to undertake a detailed market research on the buying habits of consumers. This should be succeeded by other features like sketching, sampling, and a round of testing before the product is ready for promotion. Nowadays, there is a growing trend of making use of 3D software and CAD programs for making these jobs easier.

The primary goal of industrial design is enhancing the overall feel of the product. Designers need to focus upon a lot of factors other than the looks of the product. These include sturdiness, utility, ergonomics and the convenience of usage of the product. Designers can also reduce the manufacturing cost by bringing about some alterations in the design of the commodity.

Industrial design also includes other features like packaging a product, study of a consumer's psychological reaction towards a product, and his or her degree of emotional attachment to the item. Therefore, industrial designers have to undergo a rigorous training for many years before being assigned a live project.

Some of the well known industrial designers are Raymond Loewy, designer of the Coca-Cola bottle, Jonathan Ive, credited with designing the iMac and Brooks Stevens, the most accredited designer of the Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

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Chakra Healing A Non-Invasive and Natural Healing Process

By Anne-Marie Laureaut

What is Chakra

A chakra is the human bodys energy axis that receives, interacts with and conveys life force between an individual and his/her environment. Its direct English translation means a spinning wheel. Furthermore, ancient Hindu writings reveal that of the bodys 88,000 chakra points, there are seven which are considered of primary importance.

Located along the spine, the seven key chakras are the root, navel, solar plexus, heart, throat, brow, and crown. These energy axes (chakra) in our body continuously receive and give out energies from their interaction with our environment such as other people, plants, trees, animals and other elements. They are credited with having a direct effect on our physical, emotional and spiritual character.

One interesting aspect of the explanation and characterization of chakras is the uncanny similarity reached by both the Hindus and Chinese that they are an integral part of mans conscious and subconscious experience. Add to this the fact that both civilizations use the same theory for promoting a healthy and successful life of an individual.

The chakra unceasing interaction with our body and the environment even during our sleep gives them a direct influence over our physical structure and appearance including our bodily processes, health and our emotions. A glitch of any one of the major chakras is an indicator that something is wrong with our physical/emotional health which may directly or indirectly be noticeable.

Each of these energy points have a direct influence on a particular endocrine gland in our body which is how imbalance and ill health can be made known to us.

Taking Proper Care of our Chakras From the preceding point of view promoted by the ancient Hindus and Chinese traditional medicine practitioners alike, we can conclude that a good number of our illnesses are in one way or another related to a malfunctioning chakra. Although physical symptoms may be absent or minimal at the very least, they are signs that something is wrong with us physically, spiritually or emotionally.

These factors could be anything ranging from repressed traumatic incidents during early childhood to wrong diet, unhealthy lifestyle and the like. One thing is certain, and that is we have to remove these physical or emotional toxins from our bodies because they affect us greatly.

Benefits of Chakra Healing One important aspect to note is that we have the capability to manipulate our chakras and their functions. By doing so, we are also directly controlling their functions in order to achieve good life.

There are a number of ways through which we can directly influence the functions of our bodys major chakras. From simple techniques such as aromatherapy, breathing exercises, physical fitness, or with the use of crystals and gemstones we can achieve balance and harmony.

One commonly used chakra healing method is through yogic meditation which enhances the ability of a person to relax his mind and body at will. Meditation is one highly proven method that promotes natural healing and relaxation techniques.

Despite the fact that we can see or touch our energy points, aside from the above there are other ways that we can keep them healthy in order for them to better support our body.

The food we eat affects our health and our system. They also have an affect on the balance and harmony of our major chakras because there are foods that can help maintain the balance and functions of the bodys seven major chakras.

Root-type vegetables, protein-rich foods and spices nourish our root chakra. The sexual and creativity (sacral) chakra needs sweet fruits, nuts and cinnamon, vanilla, sesame and caraway seeds; the stomach/solar plexus chakra which is responsible for enhancing our self-confidence and self-love are can be nourished by eating breads, pastas, cereal, dairy products, yogurt and minty spices.

Green, leafy vegetables, plenty of liquid, fruit juices and green tea are beneficial for our heart and throat chakras.

On the other hand, our third eye chakra is get nourishment when we eat blueberries and grapes and drink wine or grape juice. It is equally important to nourish this chakra as it makes feelings and senses sharper.

The last of the seven major energy points, the crown, does not need nourishment but requires fasting in order to be detoxified.

By influencing our chakras, we are also directly influencing our health in general. This leads to a more responsive existence complete in tune with our surroundings and all other elements of both the physical and metaphysical world we live in.

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The Progressive Society And The Card Printing

By Lee Tanner

They assert you can tell more and more concerning a society from its culture than from something else. Very credible after you settle for that a so much of trends, rumours and theories are born of what receives far media attention. Over in Britain, Elizabethan / Victorian modesty has given manner the age of "Page 3 Girls" and whole circles of friends revelling concerning the next tabloid story to try and do with the latest "WAG" (as if Cheryl Cole's opinion on Jordan's new haircut was really relevant to our lives). Things actually modification, do not they? But it is my belief that you'll be able to tell the the majority of concerning someone from what they are most pleased with; that is why I for 1 have bought the thought mentioned in the first sentence of this paragraph.

If it's true that the hunt for information has driven us forward from day one, it will surely explain why increased simple access to the media has resulted in us gaining generally rather passionate opinions from younger ages; while there will always be individuals who cannot stop wringing their hands as they preach concerning "the evils of the mass media" and create claims that leave therefore several in bewilderment. Claims favor, "Cartoons build our youngsters thick!" Youtube could be filled with instructional fabric and clips of every kind of music irrespective of what you'll be trying for, but that doesn't stop people from being resentful of it due to all of the "garbage" you can realize on it. For instance, Chris Crocker has single-handed divided the worldwide Youtube community into fans of his and people who decision him nothing but an "attention whore"; whereas others insist on stating their indifference.

Except for all this practically unavoidable fashionable-day hype, our most cherished traditions still never fail to receive attention. How else to explain the continuing success of the cardboard printing business? Birthday cards, wedding cards, anniversary cards, it's all par for the course in card printing. Add to these "Now you're 18!" cards, "Congrats on passing your driving take a look at / exams!" cards, "New Baby!" cards, etc. etc., that are nice for enhancing celebration at very little cost. And there already there exists "New Baby" cards which are specifically boy or lady, cards that specifically say "Congrats on your xth birthday" - you get the idea, right? There are shops in my local area that sell exclusively cards and "nice very little gifts".

Lots of card printing people have invested in humour (and they have a love of rude humour, at least within the UK). The joke starts off on the front of the cardboard and you have to open the card to encounter the "answer" or alternative thing that gives it its humour factor. And don't we all additionally prefer those cards that play sound recordings when opened!

Though many firms are printing cards these days, however some firms hold the tag of name in printing very good card, Kad Kahwin is on of the simplest card printing corporations where you'll expect to own higher printed card, whether or not you want to book cards for wedding, party, engagement or any different perform, Kad Kahwin is the simplest place to possess higher printed cards at reasonable prices. Their changes are highly commensurate and value could vary according to the scale and weight of a card.

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Friday, October 30, 2009

Reincarnation And Past Life Regression

By Jon J Collings

They say, only twenty five percent of people believe that reincarnation exists. This does not prove it does not exist. Have you ever felt inclined towards or perhaps realized you had the ability (talent) for something and wondered where that talent came from? You are, I am sure, what I am referring to. In our daily lives we sometimes feel a strong connection to something and can think of no reason for it. It could, perhaps, have been something in your past life that was important to you.

Unfortunately, its possible existence or validity is overlooked by many people and tends to be ignored. The opportunity to expand personally is missed out by that person or persons. To discover who they were in the past and who they are today, in the present. Ignoring information received on their past lives makes it easy to impede personal growth and to achieve success.

Research into past life regression has been done extensively and is now used to help the emotionally disturbed and is considered to be a very powerful tool.

The clearing and healing trauma, is a very common benefit of life regression. We have two choices when trauma happens and we can either try to change it of face it straight on. As we talk of life regression and of facing trauma, the option to rescue the past and help the individual (him or her) to continue to move ahead and get into a position where the trauma will be available for viewing by a higher self, as a whole.

Contacting our creative sides is possible with the help of past life regression. Without exception, everyone is imbued with many talents and abilities which can help with guiding them in making choices and dealing with situations that they experience throughout their life. Going back into past lives with life regression makes it possible to bring these abilities forward to use as a inner guide.

A past life transgression can be rewritten with the help of past life regression. Karma, the full circle of life, means whatever you do, good or bad, will eventually come back to haunt you. If an another individual is involved it may be a contract or promise made in a past life and you have a need to become free of this agreement or contract. To do this you need to go back to that time period of agreement or contract was made. You can go back with the help of an inner guide and decide to either atone or see if the contract can be modified to help with your present situation.

A very significant benefit of going back to a past life through regression is the affirming and the grounding of ones self.

People who go back to a past life through past life regression want to feel more grounded and this is not uncommon and they also become more aware of themselves as a person. Its factual that they are now aware why they have some connections, desires, characteristics and talents. This information explains why they have these abilities and enables them to accept the situation, who they are and to live a more balanced life.

Ask the experts in the field of past life regression and they will agree, if a person practices past life regression they can truly improve or enhance their life. You will remember your past lives and begin to live a more complete and fulfilled life in the present practicing past life regression.

You may think your experiencing simple figments or feelings of imagination. However, a catharsis will happen and your mind will open breaking down barriers blocking your achievement abilities and making it possible for you to achieve all you want in life.

Lets recap briefly the benefits to you from life regression, including the ability to deal with traumatic situations of the past, enabling the move forward in the present. By dealing with the issues of past lives enables you to better deal with making better decisions presently, using experience we have had in the past.

Much like history, if you know history you are less likely to repeat history. This is true of the world and it is true of your personal life. If you know that in the past you were dishonest and you paid the price from being dishonest you can change your old habits to improve where you are today.

The most important of all the benefits of past life regression though is the fact that you will have a better understanding of who you are today and why you are that person. This means that you can live a more complete and balanced life where you are able to live to your fullest potential, taking advantage of the talents and skills you didnt even know you had.

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The Most Amazing Speed Reading Course Ever -- 11 minutes!

By Dr. Jay Polmar

It's so easy to learn to be a basic level speed reader in 11 minutes. The 11 minute Speed Reading course is a part of a firm that has spent more than 32 years researching and sponsoring teaching of speed reading courses to 8,000 students around the U.S. These courses were taught at colleges and universities, live research gathering classes. These classes were taught by Dr. Polmar himself.

How did he do it? First, he taught courses at colleges and universities in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Oregon and Hawaii to see how fast these techniques worked. And, then he took the 3 best speed reading techniques and wrote the course. They tested the course on hundreds of willing students, and in 11 minutes you too can be a speed reader by studying the course.

Plus, you'll also learn the correct way to read books. You'll quickly discover how to organize your reading tasks, what to look for when you read, and you'll learn how to remember and recall what you read.

Now you can learn all the secrets on how to write your own term paper, any report, or any type of paper including research, organization, writing, reviewing, and the formal presentation. The methods are easy, even a 9 year old can learn to use them.

You'll be reading 50% to 75% faster. With practice, while reading your daily reading material - you'll double your reading speed.

Dr. Polmar is famous for speed reading and accelerated learning courses since 1977. He is the only speed reading teacher and author who has incorporated several different techniques of speed reading along with visualization and relaxation techniques and accelerated learning to help people, from every country, to read faster and have a better and more productive life.

Written by Dr. Jay Polmar, ('s founder), an amazing man who has written over 100 success oriented books in his career. His specialty speed reading course, is based on 16 years of teaching at colleges and universities.

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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Various Kinds Of Trademarks

By Margaret Brown

The term trademark stands for certain logos or texts that differentiate the products of one firm from the other. The main objective of trademarks is to make sure that the consumers are not under any confusion with respect to the origin of the product.

A trademark must be unique and remarkably distinct for the customers to identify it easily even amongst a crowd of similar goods in the market. The uniqueness of a trademark can be assessed by placing it in one of the trademark classifications - suggestive, descriptive, generic and arbitrary.

A descriptive mark is representative of the essential quality or some other characteristics of the product like its function or form. However, marks that are descriptive are not as unique as some other marks and therefore, they are not normally capable of being trademarked. however, if the mark has acquired a secondary meaning that is more popular among the consumers, it can be successfully trademarked.

Suggestive marks are indicators towards a certain product feature or quality. However, consumers might have to use their imagination to identify the real relationship between the product and the mark as there is no evident connection between the two. For instance, footwear named 'Hush Puppies' are suggestive of cosy shoes, which make sure that your feet do not become sore. The creative reason behind such a name is that the problem of sore feet is known as 'barking dogs' in certain American states.

Fanciful marks on the other hand have no relationship whatsoever with the any quality or feature of the product. For instance, the use of the mark 'Apple' for computers is entirely disconnected from the product. Similarly, arbitrary marks are those that come from the creative mind of certain people or come from old languages like Latin and Greek.

Finally, generic marks are those that represent a general category of the item such as 'olive oil', and they cannot be granted any protection under trademark laws.

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LifePath Unlimited - Finding a Team and Mentor

By Justine Simard

So you have been researching LifePath Unlimited, or maybe another network marketing or home business opportunity, and now want to make the big decision about starting your own business. But wait! There are a few things to consider when looking for a mentor and team that will provide you with all the support and training you need to build a successful business.

LifePath Unlimited teams often offer a training program that has been customised for their team members. While you are joining the same company as your fellow members, there may be differences in the training and guidance you receive.

Here are some questions you should ask a potential mentor to find out about the structure of their team, to know what to expect, and to see whether their approach fits what you are looking for:

1. About the training:
How is the training structured; what does it involve; how is the training delivered; how long is the initial training for; what type of ongoing training is provided?

2. About availability:
When do you work (you want to know when they will be available for you); who else can provide assistance if you are not available; how many people are you coaching at this moment?

3. About philosophy:
How do you approach the business (e.g. casual, thorough, collaborative, etc); what do you think is the most important aspect of this business; how much to you get involved with the business community; what do you like and dislike about the business?

4. About the team:
How are the team members connected (e.g. is there a shared networking site); what team support is available; what resources do team members share; will I be able to offer all the team resources to people joining under me?

5. About marketing resources:
What marketing resources do you provide; what type of marketing do you focus on; do you help with finding leads while I am going through the training so that I can start making money right away (e.g. through a marketing cooperative); do you provide website templates and/or hosting?

You may also be asking yourself this important question: "Should I choose a senior member in the company, someone who has been doing it for a long time?" The answer is 'not necessarily'! In fact, as you have read in the previous section, there are things far more important than status in choosing a mentor! Leadership, resourcefulness, a positive mindset, diligence, the right approach and availability are the main factors which should influence your decision. Also, with the right mentor should come a supportive and resourceful team with members who contribute with their various experience and skills, and from which you will also draw on to create you own success!

Lastly, remember that starting your own network marketing business will place you in a mentor position as well, so while you will be able to rely on your team support, think about how you will answer the questions in this article as a mentor!

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

DWI Sobriety Testing

By Richard Milford

Regardless of where you live there is much more to being stopped for a DWI, or driving while intoxicated, than just showing your license and vehicle registration. If you are pulled over by the police under suspicion of driving while intoxicated, then you are most likely going to be asked to go through some tests which will either prove that you are sober or if you are intoxicated.

Once you are charged with a DWI then you will have to go to court, pay fines, hire a lawyer and maybe even pay medical bills. If you are also convicted of the charge then you might have to go to jail for a certain amount of time which can range from just a few days to even several years, but this depends on the severity of your particular case charges. However, before any of that happens you will first have to perform a number of tests that will allow the police officer to determine the level of your intoxication.

The first tests to be conducted are known as field sobriety tests and these have the objective of testing your balance and coordination. Of these, the most common test requested by the police is the so-called walk the line test. For this an officer will draw a straight line on the ground and then have you walk along it as straight as possible in about nine to ten heel -to-toe steps. After reaching the end you will have to turn around and repeat while walking back towards the officer.

A popular sobriety test is the horizontal eye test and this is done with the police officer using either a finger or pen. The object is moved and you will have to follow that movement with only your eyes and without moving your head. If someone is intoxicated, then it is normal to show jerking eye movements. However, those who are sober will have no problems with the test.

The police may also ask you to stand on one leg for a period of time and then switch legs and repeat the process with that leg. The objective of this test is to see if you can stand up on one leg without falling down or wobbling. The officer can vary this test if you have any physical disabilities and it depends upon age.

Trouble completing any of those tests will lead to the officer thinking that you are intoxicated and then you may be asked to undergo the breathalyzer test. To perform this test you will have to breathe into the device and then it will determine how the quantity of alcohol that you have running through your blood. If your results are over what the legal limit is then you will be read the Miranda Rights and put in jail.

In some cases, you may be required to have a blood test done to get a precise blood alcohol count. Once arrested you will be given a court date and the amount of bail may be set. It can be very beneficial for you to seek the advice of a DWI attorney to help with your case. You may end up doing some jail time as well with the amount of time varying from a few days to years depending on how many convictions you may have.

A DWI is nothing to laugh about, especially since many people are killed in accidents caused by drunk drivers and that includes the offender too. The best thing is to have a designated driver or just phone a taxi so that you, your friends and those around you will all get home in one piece.

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Understanding The Green Card Interview Process

By Tomas Seabey

If you or your spouse (or spouse-to-be) is trying to achieve resident status in the United States, you will eventually have to undergo a green card interview. Like so many parts of the bureaucratic processes behind getting a green card, the green card interview has very stringent requirements and you will have to be as prepared as possible if you want things to go smoothly. A huge part of being prepared for this interview is having an idea about what to expect. By doing a bit of research and familiarizing yourself with some of the immigration interview questions you might be asked, you can be better prepared.

A big part of understanding the green card interview is having a glimpse of the types of questions you will be asked. Of course there is no set number of questions or any specific questions that can be studied. Mostly it will be based off of each individual circumstance with the focus on your relationship and living situation. These will get personal so rule number one is keep an open mind. Some of the question categories may consist of the following:

1. The plans you and your spouse or fiance have for the future 2. Detailed questions regarding the veracity of undergoing the green card process 3. You interests, hobbies or pastimes that you enjoy 4. How you met your spouse or fiance 5. Your work history and current work situation 6. Just about any question pertaining to your life and your relationship

The main focus of the green card interviewer is for the interviewer to ensure your marriage is genuine and not a fraudulent effort in obtaining a green card. Sometimes the questions might seem silly or not relevant, but there is certainly a goal. Just like any other interview process, the interviewer will be asking a series of questions to delve deeper into your relationship, working to get a sense of your honesty, and trying to uncover an inconsistencies in your story throughout the process.

If you notice the consular officer getting concerned and asking more pointed questions, it is most likely due to contradictions in the answers given by either you or your spouse. Honesty is your best defense to ensure you are being as open as possible with the interviewer. Any deception will most likely backfire in a big way, and trust us, every deception has been tried. The interests of the United States government is not to make this process difficult or to discourage people getting married. It works to ensure the marriage was entered in good faith by both parties and eliminate those applications where the marriage was only for the purpose in obtaining a green card.

In addition to being willing to answer any and all questions that are posed to you in an open and honest manner, you'll want to make sure that you bring along the right documentation for the process. When your interview was first arranged, you should have been informed of which documents to bring with you on the day in question. Make sure you go back over the list before heading out for your interview, so that you have everything you'll need. Failing to bring a single document can seriously delay the green card process - and might even jeopardize your chances for success altogether.

The following is a general list of the kinds of things you'll probably be asked to bring to your green card interview. Make sure that you inquire with your local office, however, to make sure that you have what they specifically require. Double check your appointment letter for more specifics regarding which types of documentation you need to bring. Some of the most common things required at a green card interview include:

1. Your birth certificate 2. Your marriage certificate if applicable. 3. The green card appointment letter 4. Valid passports 5. Your application for a green card and the alien registration form DS-230 6. Legal proof of divorce 7. Two recent, passport style photographs 8. Death certificates, if applicable 9. Any and all relevant USCIS documentation

Creating a master check list that lists out the documents you need to bring and some sample questions is a great way to be prepared for this very important day. It doesn't hurt to bring more with you on the day of your interview. For example if for some reason you are not asked to bring a passport, bring one anyway. Research and preparedness is your best weapon. Review the types of questions with your spouse or fiance, ensuring you both understand what will be asked of you. This checklist can be your best friend to having a successful green card interview.

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

During Pregnancy A High Fat Diet Can Lead To Severe Liver Disease In Offspring

By Aleksandro Imles

Scientists have discovered a previously unknown link between a mother's diet in pregnancy and a severe form of liver disease in her child.

In a study, published in the journal Hepatology, researchers at the University of Southampton found that a high fat diet during a woman's pregnancy makes her offspring more likely to develop a severe form of fatty liver disease when they reach adulthood. The findings are another piece in the jigsaw for scientists who believe diets containing too high levels of saturated fat may have an adverse effect on our health.

Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is a condition associated with obesity and caused by the build up of fat in the liver. The condition advances in some people and it is important to understand the factors that contribute to disease progression. Until recently, NAFLD was considered rare and relatively harmless but now it is one of the most common forms of liver disease that may progress to cirrhosis a serious life threatening chronic liver disease.

Professor Christopher Byrne, with colleagues Dr Felino Cagampang and Dr Kim Bruce, of the University's School of Medicine and researchers at King's College London, conducted the study, funded by the BBSRC. Prof Byrne explained: "This research shows that too much saturated fat in a mother's diet can affect the developing liver of a fetus, making it more susceptible to developing fatty liver disease later in life. An unhealthy saturated fat-enriched diet in the child and young adult compounds the problem further causing a severe form of the fatty liver disease later in adult life."

The next stage of this research, also funded by the BBSRC, will be to understand, more precisely, the reason why fatty liver disease develops and to intervene to prevent the fatty liver disease occurring.

The University's School of Medicine has a worldwide reputation for its pioneering research into the relationship between mothers' diets in pregnancy and future health problems in their offspring.

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What You Should Bear In Mind When Retaining A Property Solicitor In Birmingham

By Donald McGowan

With any business transaction, it is wise to get all the tips possible, collate them all and make the most informed decision that you can. In Birmingham, a conveyancing solicitor can cost an arm and a leg to hire, even for simple legal advice, seeing as the city is suffering badly as a result of the credit crunch.

With record job losses across the city, the citizens of Birmingham are seeing a change to the economic climate within the city's infrastructure. It takes a brave person to buy or sell a property in the city at this time, yet if executed with caution and prudence, a profit can still be made.

When you first start looking for accommodation, there are many pros and cons to consider; firstly, do you want to rent or do you want to buy? Many people consider renting as 'dead money', with you spending longer and longer off the property ladder and it is simply going towards making your landlord richer.

Nonetheless, with the country being in its current state of financial turmoil, and with the city of Birmingham being hit particularly hard by the current recession, some people may consider it the smarter move not to invest all their savings and mortgage into a house that could very probably lose its value in the coming years.

The best thing to do is to, rather than an hourly rate, (as this can be clocked up indefinitely by scamming solicitors) negotiate a fixed fee with your solicitor for the work that they are to carry out before you actually begin the process. This way at least you will know that you can cover the solicitor's wage for the job, while there will be other hidden costs that are separate to this fee.

Citizens of Birmingham should shop around for the best deal, as the city is in a 'transient' period of housing development. Now, this may seem like obvious advice, advice that you could get from your mate down the pub, yet there is a legal theory behind it. The city is seeing a shift in homeowners moving from buying to renting, therefore you may be able to get a bargain if you offer to buy a house as opposed to renting.

A professional consultation is essential when looking to begin the process of conveyancing, as it would be terrible to get the wrong advice about conveyancing.

If you need more legal advice on the conveyancing process, then you should contact a Birmingham conveyancing solicitor to ascertain whether you can get the best deal for your specific needs.

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Monday, October 26, 2009

How to Use Blank Calendar

By Blaine Marcom

We need a blank calendar either for company events or to place in our bulletin boards. For us to be successful in what we endeavor ,we must plan. A calendar is a vital tool to facilitate this. The future will come once at a time in a life time, therefore planning is vital for us to be successful. People look at future differently. Some see it to be miles away while others see the future to be too close . All in all we need to plan for our future. Here we shall illustrate how blank calendars can be used to plan the future and how to use them. It is important to agree at this point that we all need calendars to plan,but a calendar is just a tool that will help you get to where you focus to be.

Calendars are used in so many ways to achieve one goal for instance, it can be custom-made to meet intermediate demands and others are used to attain numerous amount goals. There are many downloadable calendars in the internet today for personal use or family use.

Printable calendars can be used to organize you. The question here is how? You can use one for your children's school and home activities. You can also try to integrate routines for the whole family on a single calendar for easier referencing. Make children involved with daily house chore and make them tick what they accomplish. They can be useful to both parents and teachers in checking the children progress in school and home. The point here being that the use of these printable calendars is endless. You can also try to organize your day at work. Use the calendar for your assignments, contacts , how you use time,what you have accomplished, due dates and scheduled meetings. They can also be used as diaries, exercise logs and or food journals

You'll see the difference how a printable calendars organize your daily task. And how will you be able to do that? You can use such in one for your children's or home activities. Also try to distribute the daily routines for the whole family on a single calendar for easier reference. This is how to enjoy children s involvement in daily house activity and the more help you get the faster you can accomplish. Both parents and teachers can take advantage of using black calendar for daily checking the children progress in both school and home. Endless uses of the calendar just to get you organize to your daily work helps you achieve your goals. you can use calendar by marking what day and time you're going to do an assignments, scan a contacts , organizing your time, and see what you have accomplished in a due dates and scheduled meetings so that at the end of the day you will see how the things going on. this is also can be used as diaries, exercise logs and or food journals if ever you want to remember or point out something according to your plan.

The first important thing is making sure that you are well aware of what you want to do or to achieve, This is as essential part. Brainstorm on ideas on what you want to achieve. This forms the basic foundation on how to use blank calendars to plan.

The second most important thing is to set your goals. Write down your top priority goals and daily household tasks. There are different types of calendars and it is up to you to select the most appropriate for the assignments. Then print your choices and place the dates. Saving several copies might be helpful for the future.

Other important points in posting down your goals is that you need to write down your all the vital goals and daily chores. Selecting the appropriate calendar with their different types such as weekly, daily and monthly blank calendars will lessen your worries in time matter Accurate planning time may give you pleasant break .all the choices you need must be in hand and ready to be printed.

Having a blank calendar in your goal plan can ease you hectic schedules regarding to your daily activities or projects. It'll bring you more confident and progressing outlook towards your goals. Just take note that there are some bigger roles that may take long to accomplish for more than 20 years or more so take it as one step at a time to achieve it.

Also In addition to these, avoid pushing things that are impossible to achieve. Don't waste your time on something that is not realistic focus on something that you can perceive to achieve. You have to learn to become productive in time as well as keep away from nature dilemma. Building a house is like building your goals that making use of the blank calendar just like a blue print.

The importance of this planning tool is big. People who want to succeed must plan. Depending on the events and goals select the most appropriate calendar. There are blank daily calendars for short terms goals, blank weekly goals for medium term goals and blank monthly calendars for long term goals. However the importance of each cannot be separated since they all play a key role in the achievement of long terms goals.

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Corrections - Moving Forward

By Gus Kalakis

You might be surprised to hear it, but juveniles in the California juvenile justice system has decreased by almost seven thousand youths. Both youth (and adult) fire crews have helped save the state from around $80 million in the fight against wildfires. Also, the recidivism rate for adult inmates in California is only around 60%.

A new publication, Corrections - Moving Forward, contains these facts and more as part of the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) efforts to provide a consistent and comprehensive understanding of today's corrections challenges.

This publication includes a statistical update on everything from inmate population trends to return-to-custody statistics; from the impact of the three strikes inmates to a look at CDCR's entire budget and a summary of the department's 2008-09 accomplishments.

"Transparency in government begins with making information available to as many people as possible," said CDCR Secretary Matthew Cate. "Through the Internet, our collection of data bases and Office of Research, we have worked hard to keep statistics on offender population and programs current and accessible.

Corrections - Moving Forward collects key facts from our expansive correctional system into one comprehensive report. As we face the challenges ahead, using current data to reflect on our population demographics will be crucial. We hope you find this new resource helpful in learning more about our agency."

The CDCR's pahmplet was designed to provide a general overview CDCR statistics and significant trends facing California's largest state agency. Information was provided by the Office of Research, CDCR Budget Office, the Division of Juvenile Justice Research branch, Division of Adult Institutions, and Division of Adult Programs.

This report was produced and printed entirely by CDCR staff to minimize cost while providing much needed information for legislative members, department staff, journalists and others interested in an accurate statistical picture of CDCR's issues and challenges.

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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Toddlers Biting - Stop the Biting Without Biting Back

By Jake Long

If you have experienced toddlers biting then I am sure you have heard the advice, 'Just bite them back!' I heard that so many times it made me sick! Seriously, I do not want to bite my child. I do not want to teach him that biting harder or by a bigger person is the solution. There has to be a better way, right?

Toddlers Biting - Could Be A Symptom. Your child is not going to be able to tell you adequately why they bit someone - not unless the biting happened in a much older child. But we are talking about toddlers. Don't bother asking them why they did it. There is no good answer here. Be a detective! Here are just a few possible reasons:

* They wanted to play with a toy or object someone else was playing with.

* They got hurt by someone

* They were seeking the attention of a loved one.

The list above is just a starter so don't get lazy. You have to figure it out for your own child. You need to know what motivates them to do the biting. It will go a long way in helping them stop.

Focusing On the Cause

By understanding the why of the biting you can better approach your child with a solution. If they wanted a toy - does your child have a way of communicating that? Do they have words to use or are they frustrated because they have no idea how to ask? If other children the same age are using words to ask, you may want to consider a quick local screening for speech delay. With the right resources your child can catch up before school starts and be WAY better off! Mine sure was (he was a biter and had a speech delay - now he reads a grade level above his current grade)

Parenting = Teaching NOT Talking

Don't just stand there and talk till you are blue in the face. Give your toddler some specifics and get them to practice your new methods. Practice makes progress!

Encourage Positive Behaviors

Be aware of what your child does well. Make sure that you can see the signs of a biting about to happen. When you see it happening, intervene. Get them to do something else or remove them from the situation. Stopping a biting is much easier if you can catch it prior to the initial speedy lunge!

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Training in Cisco CCNA PC Support Examined

By Jason Kendall

Should you be interested in training in Cisco, a CCNA is in all probability what you'll need. The Cisco training is intended for individuals who wish to understand and work with routers. Routers are what connect networks of computers to other computer networks via dedicated lines or the internet.

Routers are linked to networks, therefore it's important to have prior knowledge of the operation of networks, or you will have difficulties with the course and not be able to follow the work. Seek out a program that includes basic networking skills (for example CompTIA) before you get going on CCNA.

If you haven't yet had any experience of routers, then studying up to CCNA is more than enough - at this stage avoid being tempted to do the CCNP. With a few years experience behind you, you can decide if it's relevant for you to have this next level up.

One thing you must always insist on is proper direct-access 24x7 support via trained professional instructors and mentors. It's an all too common story to find providers that will only offer a basic 9am till 6pm support period (maybe later on certain days) with very little availability over the weekend.

Don't buy training courses that only support trainees through a message system after 6-9pm in the evening and during weekends. Colleges will give you every excuse in the book why you don't need this. The bottom line is - you need support when you need support - not when it's convenient for them.

Be on the lookout for providers that utilise many support facilities from around the world. Each one should be integrated to offer a simple interface and round-the-clock access, when you need it, with no fuss.

Seek out an educator that is worth purchasing from. Only true live 24x7 round-the-clock support gives you the confidence to make it.

Make sure you don't get caught-up, as a lot of students can, on the certification itself. Training for training's sake is generally pointless; this is about gaining commercial employment. You need to remain focused on where you want to go.

It's a sad fact, but a large percentage of students begin programs that seem amazing in the sales literature, but which gets us a career that doesn't satisfy. Just ask several college graduates for a real eye-opener.

Stay focused on where you want to get to, and then build your training requirements around that - avoid getting them back-to-front. Stay on target - making sure you're training for an end-result that will keep you happy for many years.

You'd also need help from a professional who understands the sector you're hoping to qualify in, and who can give you 'A typical day in the life of' synopsis of the job being considered. This really is absolutely essential as you'll need to know if you're going down the right road.

The old fashioned style of teaching, using textbooks and whiteboards, is an up-hill struggle for the majority of us. If all this is ringing some familiar bells, find training programs which feature interactive and multimedia modules.

Research into the way we learn shows that memory is aided when we involve as many senses as possible, and we get physically involved with the study process.

Modern training can now be done at home via self-contained CD or DVD materials. Instructor-led tutorials will mean you'll find things easier to remember via the expert demonstrations. Then you test your knowledge by using practice-lab's.

All companies should willingly take you through a few examples of the materials provided for study. You should hope for instructor-led videos and a wide selection of interactive elements.

It's usually bad advice to choose training that is only available online. With highly variable reliability and quality from the ISP (internet service provider) market, it makes sense to have disc based courseware (On CD or DVD).

Finding job security in the current climate is incredibly rare. Companies can remove us from the workplace at the drop of a hat - as long as it fits their needs.

Where there are escalating skills shortfalls mixed with high demand areas of course, we can hit upon a fresh type of security in the marketplace; where, fuelled by the conditions of constant growth, companies find it hard to locate enough staff.

The Information Technology (IT) skills shortfall in the country falls in at over 26 percent, as shown by the latest e-Skills investigation. Meaning that for each four job positions in existence throughout the computer industry, there are barely three qualified workers to do them.

This single concept alone highlights why the country desperately needs considerably more new trainees to become part of the industry.

We can't imagine if a better time or market circumstances is ever likely to exist for gaining qualification for this rapidly growing and developing sector.

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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Do Chiropractors Hurt Your Chances in Obtaining Lawsuit Loans? Part I

By Dr. Tom Rhudy

It is interesting that, when it comes to lawsuit loans, many payers, most often insurance carriers, attempt to convince people that if chiropractors are providing services, your chances of obtaining a strong settlement are diminished. Having reviewed literally thousands of cases, it is quite evident that this simply is not true!

There is little interest that physicians have in providing services to individuals suffering personal injuries if medical insurance is not available. You may wonder why this is so. Very simply, there is no guarantee of receipt of payment for services rendered.

A physician who agrees to see you following such injuries, perhaps twice, will never acknowledge that it was someone else's negligence that caused your injuries. This is done to enable the physician to get paid by the insurance carrier.

However, on those visits following such an injury, your case is severely compromised by giving the insurance carrier ammunition to argue that you sought medical attention following the incident, but there is absolutely no mention of injuries sustained as a result of the incident likely to serve as the basis of claim for which a lawsuit loan may be pursued.

On the other hand, chiropractors, will agree to provide care and treatment to such patients. Working closely with you and your attorney, the chiropractor will agree to await settlement. The inability to obtain medical attention from physicians and surgeons if you have neither insurance nor the means to pay for these services on the date administered, are factors that make these services a tremendous value.

The treatment of injuries that often occur subsequent to the personal injuries that result from others' negligence and serve as the likely basis of the lawsuit loan requested is an area in which chiropractors receive extensive training in evaluation and diagnosis. You are awaiting settlement on the claim you filed as a result of injuries, necessitating your need for a lawsuit loan.

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Choosing Among Private Schools: Are You Asking The 12 Questions Most Parents Neglect To Ask?

By Tamara Andreas

How do you get past superficial differences and find out which private school will give your child the best foundation for a happy, full life? Most parents--including us--really don't know what questions to ask the private schools to decide which is best for them. When we chose a private school in Boulder, Colorado, we were lucky. Even though we didn't know about many important differences between private schools, we have been thrilled with our choice. From our experience and from conversations with other parents and teachers, we've gained a better understanding of how private schools are different, and how parents can find out those differences before making their choice.

1. Does this school teach academics to the exclusion of crucial areas like the arts, physical development and foreign language classes? Most parents agree that academic achievement is crucial for success in today's world. However, for many of us, a complete education includes music, art, drama, physical activity, and language learning. Does a school have to limit their curriculum to the "Three R's" to support academic achievement? Fortunately, you don't have to settle for a restricted academics-only curriculum to produce good college entrance exam scores. Actually, some well-rounded approaches can show evidence of yielding superior results measured by future academic achievement.

2. How well are your graduates prepared for college and for "real life"? Do you instill in your graduates a life-long love of learning? The main purpose of school is to give our children the foundation they need for a happy, successful, fulfilling life. To find out whether a school is producing good results, the achievements and life skills held by the school's graduates will tell you more than first grade test scores.

3. Are this school's graduates pleased with the education they received here? If we parents make sacrifices to send our children to a quality private school, we hope that one day they will be glad we did so. The long-term benefits of a school program may take some time to sink in. A revealing question is: how likely are graduates to give their own children the same type of education they received?

4. How does this school approach discipline, and what conduct do they accept from students? Ideally, a school will have policies that clarify the conduct they allow, as well as what they do not allow. Optimally, discipline will be administered with respect as well as firmness. The school's disciplinary policy will have a significant effect on your child's school experience. Too strict, and it can stifle a child's normal exploration. Too lax, and it can allow chaos to reign in the classroom or on the playground.

5. How do you assess how well students are learning? This is an important aspect of education. Does the school focus on testing, or on other types of observation? Does the school only evaluate academic skills such as reading and math, or does it also take into account abilities such as social and artistic skills? You may also be interested in the ways in which the school communicates these assessments with parents.

6. Does this school's curriculum and approach fit with a child's developmental stages? Because of the importance of learning to read, many educators are pushing the envelope with introducing reading skills at younger and younger ages, with the assumption that younger is always better. But what if that assumption is false? A young child does not have the same mind that an older child or an adult has. A great deal is known today about the developmental stages children go through. To us, it is important for a school's philosophy to take these developmental stages into account, rather than simply pushing academics earlier and earlier.

7. What is this private school's approach to spirituality? You may prefer a school with or without a spiritual grounding. In any event, you probably want to understand how teachers will address spiritual subjects.

8. What expectations or requirements does this school have of parents? You know that the way you raise your own child makes a difference in his or her behavior. For better or worse, the same is true for the parents of the other children in the classroom. Their parenting will end up strongly effecting your child's learning. If you are willing to make the effort to be the best parent you possibly can be, wouldn't you want the other parents to be doing so, too? It can be greatly to your child's benefit if a school gives some guidance to parents, and this will also attract conscientious parents to the school.

For instance, the detrimental effects of TV watching on learning is now well-documented. Even just an hour of TV or more per day is associated with a poor attitude toward school and underachievement, according to a study of 14 year olds. The more TV kids watch, the worse it gets. Kids watching three hours or more have a higher rate of attention and learning difficulties. The problem is, this effects not only the child who is watching excessive television but if it leads to behavioral issues, it also effects everyone else in the classroom. Teachers who are struggling with all kinds of problem behaviors don't have as much time and energy for teaching. For these reasons, I believe my child learns best in a class with other children who have restricted TV viewing. It's to my benefit for the school to have some guidelines for this.

9. How does the private school help kids develop socially and emotionally? A child who learns to cooperate and communicate well has an important skill that can lead to a happy, successful life. Children can really benefit from a school that supports emotional and social development.

10. What kinds of play do you offer to young children? Young children have an innate capacity for imagination, and a need for physically active play. Does the school provide the maximum opportunities for imaginative play and physical activity, or does the school put them in computer lab and reading lessons in kindergarten or preschool?

11. Does your school go beyond rote learning and memorization to actually developing cognitive skills? There's nothing wrong with memorizing facts. It's actually useful and necessary. The problem comes when that's all students are taught. The best people in any field can apply their reasoning and creativity to further develop our knowledge in that field.

12. What else do I need to know that makes this school unique? A school may have some unique approach that would never occur to you to ask about it. So it's good to ask an open-ended question, to give the school administrator an opportunity to highlight their areas of uniqueness.

I hope you find some or all of these questions useful to add to your list as you interview private schools in your area. I wish you the best as you make this important decision!

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Friday, October 23, 2009

Public California Divorce Records Look-Up

By Alex Grim

People simply don't work hard enough at their marriage nowadays. It's no wonder the divorce rate in the country remains high. The number of marriages has decreased in recent years but make no mistake, the dropout rate of those who married is still worse than 1 in 3. That's what the official Divorce Records say and they are one of the vital data and statistics which are mandated by law.

In a free society like ours, divorce is easy. It's usually just a matter of running through the formality; filing, hearing and decree. Checking on Divorce Public Records is not difficult either. They are comprehensively documented, filed and uploaded from the local courthouse or county office where the divorce was granted to the designated state department which is usually the data and statistics office.

Divorce Public Records are available from the state department placed in charge of the service. The information itself is free but a nominal fee is normally levied for its search, in direct contrast to commercial operators. For certified copies of original documents, the request must be made directly to the county or district level agency where the divorce was granted. The same applies for divorce searches falling outside of the central index.

A great deal of information about people can be derived from free Public Records Search. They show the personal particulars of the divorcing parties such as age, address and so forth plus those of their children if any. Other details will also be produced. Examples of this are asset division, financial settlement, alimony and child support, custody and visitation and reason for divorce. Except for those officially classified as confidential, anybody can have access to anyone's public divorce records.

Free Divorce Records can be requested in many ways. Generally, the available options are walk-in, telephone and fax but the online requests over the internet are catching on very well due to its convenience and are increasingly offered by the responsible government agencies. Processing time and fees vary among the various offices but the ranges are quite standard.

Free Public Divorce Records are also offered by private websites on the net but they should be avoided unless you are confident of mastering the spyware and viruses that are notorious with such sources. Turn to professional record providers instead. Fees may be involved but that's the price for the peace of mind and quality of service. Over and above government archives, they can reach into private cross-database network nationwide. This is a big plus for those conducting multiple-state searches.

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Offshore Career Guide UK North Sea

By Jack Kane

Offshore Career Guide - UK North Sea

If you are interested in working in the North Sea here is our useful guide.

As there are so many different types of jobs and career paths to follow it's hard to know where to start!

The phrase I hear all too often is;

'Offshore workers make a packet, I want to be one of them'.

Working offshore is by no means and easy job, safety is always the top priority. The offshore environment is a challenging and hostile place in which to work and those personnel who play their part in operating and maintaining it, are each highly skilled. All offshore workers must pass intensive training and are frequently assessed to maintain their qualifications and certificates. Okay, so now we've cleared that up, let's take a closer look at what we needed.

Two things which are essential to working offshore are:

A survival certificate for the Offshore environment.

An Offshore medical certificate.


The offshore survival certificate for UK waters is referred to as a BOSIET.

(Basic Safety Offshore Induction and Emergency Training).

The BOSIET includes Safety; Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting, First Aid and Hypothermia, Helicopter Safety and Escape, and Survival at Sea.

Courses are very popular and there can be a waiting list of a couple of weeks - though gone are the days of a single provider for the UK. BOSIET course are usually 2 to 3 days and vary in length between providers, some companies now allow the theory parts to be completed via the internet. The BOSIET is commonly known as the 'Offshore Survival Certificate' or 'Survival Ticket'. It is valid for four years, and refresher must be undertaken before your old certificate expires. Failing to do this means the whole 3 day course must be re-taken. There are apparently no exceptions to this rule. Cost of the basic course is around 600 GBP, plus accommodation costs.

'Extras' can be requested when doing your survival which can be bolted on to the BOSIET. 'Additional Safety Training' is an example which counts for the Norwegian sector and which is essentially extra helicopter escape training.

Some countries across the world have different requirements, some more stringent than those in the UK. One example; the BOSIET course is not enough to work in the North Sea Norwegian sector. The Norwegian Oil Industry Association (OLF) course is a 5 day affair and a lot more demanding than that required in the UK. Most offshore training companies in the UK run courses allowing you to work in other sectors. These are often run as additions to the BOSIET course.


To be fit to work offshore, each and every worker must pass a medical examination which declares them medically fit and healthy to work offshore.

Different offshore authorities have different requirements. For UK waters only physicians who are approved by the United Kingdom Offshore Operators Association (UKOOA) Health Advisory Committee should carry out the examination and issue certificates.

The medical ticket which it is commonly referred to is only valid for a set time frame. This is determined by your age and the authority or body who controls the asset on which you work. You will have to have it renewed every so often in order to continue working offshore.

For UK waters, all assets are controlled by UKOOA and renewals are necessary 2-yearly, with effect from 1 Jan 2007, irrespective of the age of the offshore person.

The typical medical examination will entail a physical examination and you will be required to complete an extensive form on your medical history and lifestyle, e.g. exercise and alcohol consumption.

- Urine check (for protein and sugar)

- Height, weight and resultant Body Mass Index calculation

- Blood pressure and pulse

- Basic eye sight test including colour vision

-A Check on your lung capacity

-Test of Hearing

-The physical examination by a qualified doctor. Checking stature, breathing, reflexes, etc.

- The doctor will also discuss the form you filled in, and carry out any additional checks they think necessary.

An employer who is paying for your examination may request additional checks such as a drug test.

The Next Step

Don't rush out the door and get you survival and medical ticket just yet! These are just the two essentials you are required to have to enable you to work offshore. Now you have made the decision what exactly you want to do on the rig. Perhaps you already have some skills you could develop further. For example if you are chef or an electrician, you could simply develop the job you already and adapt your skills to work offshore. This may mean additional training or qualifications. Do your research, investigate everything further. Find out what skills are in demand at the moment and the costs involved in becoming qualified. Research who runs the course and the governing body who oversee it. Listed below is a short list of the many job categories to investigate further.






N.D.T. & Rope access personnel

Specialized trades & Riggers

Health & Safety

Geologists & Geosciences

Working Offshore

Working offshore on an oil platform is very different from working in an on shore office! Some find it a challenging but refreshing environment, quite different from the nine-to-five routine and the rush-hour commute. The long working day (12 hours), the harsh weather conditions, especially in the North Sea, the remoteness, and the reliance on helicopter travel do not suit everyone.

What To Expect

A lot depends on the installation. It could be a production platform or drilling rig, or an FPSO (Floating Production Storage and Offloading vessel) each one is different! Their size is a factor. Some are huge other very small. As a result facilities on offer vary greatly. As a general rule of thumb a typical North Sea production platform will boast a crew of between 50 and 100 men and women. Living quarters are usually small but comfortable, typically en-suite, with 2 or more to a cabin. Food is good and plentiful, although do not expect a beer with your meals - alcohol is strictly prohibited offshore.

Offshore crew usually work on a production platform for a period of two weeks before having a rest period onshore for two weeks - 2 weeks on 2 weeks off, though 2 weeks on and 3 weeks off is becoming increasingly common. Those in drilling and exploration can spend longer offshore. Offshore crew work 12 hours a day, including rest and meal breaks, and have 12 hours off. Off-shift, workers can choose to work out in the gym, watch a video or DVD or satellite TV, play snooker, play PC games, read or just hang out with their colleagues.


There are some downsides. You have to get on with your cabin mates. Living in such close spaces with work colleagues, means that an offshore worker has to be able to co-operate in a group. Missing loved ones at home can be a problem. Prolonged absence from home can indeed be a catalyst for divorce or family break up.


In addition to survival and medicals, there are a few other restrictions;

The minimum age for working offshore in the UK sector is 18.

- You are not allowed to travel offshore under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs. This is strictly enforced at the heliport departure desk. It is not unknown for people to be denied travel offshore because their breath smells of alcohol. Additionally, some operators have provision for carrying out random drugs tests on potential travellers.

- There is a limit to how long you can spend offshore in any one trip. Most operators have a 21 day limit on this. After 21 days you must be onshore for 7 days before travelling offshore again.

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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Hydroponic Lettuce - 9 Advantages

By Charlie Jackson

If you're thinking about growing your own hydroponic lettuce then you've probably chosen the easiest of all vegetables to grow hydroponically! They are also delicious and you can make money too!

Below are some reasons why you should grow your own hydroponic lettuce.

1. As you're not growing them in the soil, you're not going to have that soil taste that is just so darn hard to wash off lettuce. You know what Im talking about don't you!

2. No soil borne disease will be passed on to your lettuce. This is a big problem for many gardeners.

3. There will be no need to eliminate any soil loving pests, so you will save money on pesticides! As a result your lettuce will remain organic! We all know how slugs love to go for the lettuce first don't we!

4. Running costs will be approximately 20% lower with hydroponic lettuce once the initial costs and set up have been taken care of.

5. Maintenance time is greatly reduced! You don't need to water hydroponic lettuce as all the nutrients are already there and weeding does not exist with hydroponic gardening. All you really need to do is pick your lettuce once it's ready.

6. You will have permanent lettuce yields if you space out your initial seeds by a period of 1 week for the first 4 weeks. This is due to the hydroponic growing phase being 4 weeks for lettuce.

7. You can grow hydroponic lettuce anywhere; rooftop, window ledge, conservatory, corridor, greenhouse, garage or bedroom.

8. Hydroponic lettuce tends to grow an average of 40% larger than their soil born brothers. This is due to the fact that you have manipulated the growing environment to be optimal for lettuce. They will also have access to all the nutrients they need.

9. Hydroponic lettuce also grows much faster than other lettuce. This is mainly because the roots don't need to grow and spread out to find nutrients in the soil. This means money in the bank for you!

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The Issues That College Students Must Deal With

By Leo Grammar

So you've graduated from high school and now you are off to pursue higher college education. Whether you made a conclusion to go to a public state college or a private university, there are several things that students need to be cautious about otherwise they'll fall into academic probation and fail which eventually gets them kicked out of school. You don't to fall down that road after the difficult work you and your parents have paved the way for you from the beginning.

Most students who have recently graduated are eighteen or about to turn eighteen. And due to how family in today's society consider eighteen year olds as a grown up by legal means, many newly graduates decline to see that they're still inexperience in the true world. They could make many stupid decisions in their early years of college and become surrounded into plenty of life's frequent problems.

One of the common examples of the problems is falling behind and maintaining the college schedule. Since elementary school, the agenda is made for the student to follow and is anticipated for the student to attend everyday when school is open. In college, the classes don't always repeat each day but are generally are on a Monday-Wednesday-Friday or a Tuesday-Thursday schedule. The professors also don't usually make it imperative to visit the classes to pass the course. All that must be done is doing all of the homework, quizzes, tests and the final examination which ends up in them being arrogant and believing they can cut their classes and still pass the course. Some students have their own place whereas others are a part of fraternities or sororities and one thing is common among a lot of them- that is partying. Because they attend so many parties and gatherings, they slowly ignore their schoolwork and start to get behind courses one at a time, eventually leading them into educational probation. A third common trap that many students fall into compulsion of some hobby with the most typical one being video games or betting.

Many new students have access to a credit card and are now allowed to bet at certain locations, they begin to take up on hobbies that take up all their time and money and become totally obsess with it. Students who spend all their time to play games become separate from society and totally be enslaved by it and those that become hooked to betting can complete in massive debt. There are plenty of problems that can arise that become misdirections for students who have just entered the adult world.

To stop these from occurring to you it is up to you the student or the guardian or parent to try and anticipate these from happening. Be sure you get your work done before you use your time to do your personal thing. The world is a frightful place, and there is not always somebody there to guide you in the right direction.

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

How Mind Maps Can Help You Pass Tests

By William Baker

How do Mind Maps Work

Mind Maps are used to represent information and ideas in a visual form that the mind finds easier to remember. A central image or theme is located at the centre of the Mind Map and topics and subtopics are arranged around that central theme or topic.

Mind Maps are considered the most effective note taking technique. They provide the most effective way of organizing and arranging information. There are now a number of different Mind Mapping software tools available to facilitate the creation of Mind Maps.

Why use Mind Maps

Mind mapping is the most effective way of studying, generating new ideas, summarizing and organising information you want to recall. Mind maps can also facilitate creativity, problem solving, decision making and the generation of new ideas.

When reviewing information for an exam being able to review your notes quickly is important. Reviewing the most important, relevant information is even more important and Mind Maps enable you to do this as the most important key topics are located nearer the centre. Mind Maps also make use of images which the mind finds easier to remember and these can be used to summarize important information. Also the mind is better able to recall the information when associations or connections are made between related information. Mind Maps make this much easier then normal linear note taking.

Revising for exams using Mind Maps

Lets say you want to use Mind Mapping to revise for an exam. It is a good idea to first determine how much knowledge of the subject you already have. This will help when you want to build upon that knowledge later by developing associations and connections from the knowledge you have already gained.

Obtain a large sheet of paper or if you are using Mind Mapping Software create a central image or theme at the centre of the page. This will represent the main topic. Then write down the main subtopics related to that central topic by creating branches moving out from the central keyword. Add sub- branches to these subtopics containing keywords or short phrases summarizing key ideas that you can recall from memory and try to see how the different sub-topics and elements are associated.

Linear note taking is monotonous and boring. The key information does not stand out, they take longer to write and do not provide a quick way of summarizing the important information needed for an exam. Mind Maps highlight the important information by placing it nearer the centre in larger writing with images that can quickly sum up a key idea or topic. Try and sum up information with a few words or even better 1 keyword or image. Use plenty of colour and images. Organize the information like this helps you to build associations and is very usefully when you want to recall information at a glance.

Speed read books related to your subject after you have recalled as much of the topic as possible. There is a common myth that speed reading reduces comprehension and recall of information. Speed reading enables you to get a broader perspective of the information contained and helps you focus in on the important information. Getting a broad perspective of your subjects helps the mind to make associations and piece together the information particularly when you read the information in more depth. Before you speed read the book dont forget to flick through the book and look at the contents pages.

Prioritise those books that provide the most valuable information you require for passing the exam and read those books in depth.

Add more branches to your Mind Map and continue to add the key information after reading each section of the book. These keywords, images and phrases should sum up the main topics and subtopics.

Continually recalling the information you have just read will go along way by itself in helping you store the information in your long term memory. It will enable you to determine if your mind is effectively recalling the information and if not to adjust your memorization methods.

Keep adding to your Mind Map after gaining knowledge that you consider important for the exam, whether it be from books, lectures or elsewhere. Your Mind Map should become larger and more branches should be created moving even further from the central theme. A detailed Mind Map summing up each area of knowledge in a word or key phrase will contain a lot of useful information. If your using Mind Mapping Software you should add notes providing more in depth information if needed.

As you approach the exam you should be able to recall in detail the knowledge gained by glancing at your detailed Mind Map which should now contain a detailed summary of your entire subject or topic.

As already stated the Mind works best with the use of Images and by creating associations between related information. Also the most important information will stand out and you will not have to read through tons of notes to find the key information. The Mind Map will also have assisted your ability to remember by helping you to recall and review this information.

The Mind remembers best when it can see a subject from a broader perspective and visualise how the different topics and sub-topics are associated and ordered. Combine this with the images which give the mind more mental hooks to latch onto you have the most effective method for learning and recall.

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Debt Consolidation Information

By Bob Jones

Where can you get information on debt consolidation and reduction? It's really not that difficult to come across; and the debt consolidation information is usually available free in some localities! If you have a bad credit status, then you can get debt consolidation information by reading the free do-it-yourself kits at the local libraries and acting upon them. Debtors can go to the local public library to read debt self-help books that will help you from beginning to end the steps of paying off or consolidating your debts right up to actually repairing your credit.

Most libraries will allow you to copy and print the forms inside the guides. This means you can simply fill in the lines and submit the papers to the right sources. By doing this, you will soon be on your way to debt relief. This is probably one of the easiest sources of debt consolidation information.

Creditors would rather debt information in the form of a letter rather than a phone call, since the letters explain in more detail than an ordinary telephone conversation will and it is also hard evidence too. In addition, letters are also better for you too, since, if you are being taken to court for the debts you owe, you will have hard evidence too showing that at least you made an effort to repay your debts. Written information holds up in court and is better in any situation than word of mouth.

Therefore, you should keep all copies of letters you send or letters from your creditors. This will include recording phone conversations it is worth getting a machine, recording dates, recording time, and definitely recording the name of the person who called you. You will should provide a brief outline of the conversation and store the files in a safe place. This could all be very important debt consolidation information.

If you find errors on your statements or anything that seems strange, don't delay in contacting the creditors immediately. Furthermore, if you own a credit card, and they try to force you to pay for damaged packages, remember that it is illegal in the US for anyone to try to force you pay for damaged goods, if you did not cause the damage yourself.

The Internet can be an equally good source of debt consolidation information, but not everyone has a computer or is competent at using it and debt is such a personal and often embarrassing subject that many people would be reluctant to ask someone to assist them search the Internet for debt consolidation information.

Debt consolidation is usually a long process, but if you get the right debt consolidation information, you will find a way to relieve your debt gradually and you will eventually reap the benefits of your efforts when you finally become debt free.

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

How To Outsource Your Bookkeeping Needs

By Candy Goodman

There are a lot of overheads when you have a business. Now, the challenge becomes multifold when you have a small business. Each and every penny counts and you should always look for the ways to reduce your overhead. Outsourcing is the way to go.

One such place where you can reduce your overhead is the small business bookkeeping. The cost of employing a bookkeeper on your rolls is way too high given the fact that you may not need his services everyday. There are a lot of options available for outsourcing the bookkeeping business.

To avoid this cost there are multiple options that you have. The first way is to get the services of a part time bookkeeper but the difficulty here is to find someone who will come into your office on a part time basis. Full time bookkeeper will entail additional overheads in terms of office space and other infrastructure related costs. The other thing that you can do is to make sure that you outsource the bookkeeping work to third party bookkeeping service firm who will charge on the hours of work put in by their employee.

Make sure that you check out the rate per hour that is charged by the firm as there are a lot of third party bookkeeping firms which are competent but charge exorbitantly and vice versa. You need to think about striking a balance between competency and the charges based on the complexity of your needs.

Also you can even use the outsourcing firm's infrastructure for your bookkeeping needs as that will save you money on the infrastructure. You can think of buying the infrastructure later once you have the sufficient business volume. The charges for the infrastructure are based on the monthly volume for bookkeeping.

Hope that all this will enable you to reduce your costs related to bookkeeping and help you make good profits in your business

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Science and the Supernatural: Converging and Conflicting Mythologies

By John Berling Hardy

During the Middle-Ages the Catholic Church maintained a monopoly over determining what was and was not acceptable to believe. When the upstart Florentine Galileo Galilei came to them with a challenge, arguing that the Earth goes round the Sun, and not the other way around, he was dismissed as a rogue and an heretic.

Today the Church is no longer the enforcer of the accepted norm. Instead, we now look to science to provide us with the answers we still seek. The scientific method holds that is something is not provable, it is not believable. Take Extra-Sensory Perception (ESP), a phenomenon for which there is much anecdotal evidence. Science dismisses this trait as something unacceptable because it is not proven to exist. The same applies to anything which cannot be quantified: if it is not material, it does not exist.

Yet this is not the whole story, for all but the most extreme proponent of the scientific method would agree that there is much in our world which can be neither proved nor measured: kindness, honour, justice, love and so forth. Few scientists would wish to test for these phenomena; they are simply accepted as truth.

Consider now the way in which the rich and the powerful justify their methods by means of constant recourse to a litany of so-called facts. These need not be objectively true; they need not even be provable. What matters is that they are presented as irreproachable, and that they therefore come to be accepted by the speaker's audience as undeniable and fundamental. Note also how every society on earth has its own individual set of "fundamental" facts.

This supreme conceit of the modern scientific establishment is reminiscent of the inverted logic used by the Inquisition when determining the piety of one of those brought before it. The accused would be tied down and then submersed in water. If they were able, through some divine intervention, to survive, then it was considered proof that God had spoken and they were innocent. In the event that nature took its natural course and they drowned, it was seen as a testament to their guilt. It was a no lose proposition for the Church. If the accused died, the legal system was validated. If they should survive the ordeal, then it was declared a miracle and it provided the Church with a public relations triumph.

Now consider society's objections to the supernatural. The very word now carries pejorative connotations of something fanciful. Since science is concerned only with explaining what is natural, anything which cannot be accounted for is lumped in together to this growing category of the "supernatural". This system fails to acknowledge that if any higher order exists it must govern both the natural and supernatural fields according to a single set of rules. To label something "supernatural" because we can provide no satisfactory explanation for it is a cop out, which only goes to show how limited the scientific method really is.

So why do we rely on it so heavily? It is because human nature fears what it does not understand. If we cannot explain something, then it stands to reason that we cannot control it, and this makes us seem weak. To admit that we have limitations is to undermine the supremacy of the human - the doctrine upon which our society is predicated. How is it such a struggle for us to admit that there are some things we simply cannot know or understand?

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