Tuesday, October 13, 2009

How To Lose Arm Fat-Wining The Mental War

By Katherine Crawford M.S.

Having the right diet and exercise approach is the least important part of losing arm fat. Having the right mental strategies, however, is what will control success or failure.

Why is a mental game plan so critical? Well, no matter how good your arm fat burning program is, you WILL eventually get tired of it. Psychology and biology dictates that you simply cannot stay highly motivated towards a singular pursuit for extended periods of time. Thus, your mental plan will ultimately carry you to victory.

Thus, here are some pointers for getting the edge when losing arm fat:

1. Adopt a new value system for food. We have grown to value fast and cheap food. Fast food joints, for instance, offer the cheapest calories your money can buy. Understand that eating healthy and losing arm fat may require investing in more expensive, inconvenient but healthier food.

2. Eliminate all self criticism. Even small amounts here will have devastating consequences. Never be self critical when evaluating your body. In the long run, this will deplete you of any energy to keep moving forward.

3. Believe in compliments. How many times have you received a compliment only to disregard it as a nicety? Well, outside compliments are usually extremely accurate, so do not dismiss them!

4. Do not check your weight on the hour every hour. This is ridiculous yet so many women do it! Not only does your weight constantly change no matter what you do, but it is a very poor indicator of progress.

5. Give up trying to find the magic bullet at the end of the rainbow. Why? Because it does not exist. Yes, some programs are much better than others. But in the end, no matter what program you choose, you still HAVE to do some work.

6. Do not obsess on losing arm fat. This one is a little trickier. But if you can focus on the process of losing arm fat instead of obsessing on the arm fat loss itself, you will be much more likely to succeed.

Ignoring the benefits of thought process optimization is a surefire way to fail when trying to lose arm fat. So follow the advice in this article and you will be that much closer to reaching your goals.

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