Saturday, October 10, 2009

Past High Profile Murder Cases Where Young Ladies Were All Found Killed

By Connor Sullivan

Many people like reading a good murder mystery book or going to a suspenseful movie where the story is about a mysterious murder . Unfortunately, art tends to imitate life and many ideas for books or movies are drawn from real life murder mysteries or cases. This article will discuss three such cases that have been reported recently where a female victim was found murdered . A Las Vegas defense lawyer or Las Vegas defense attorney are usually hired to represent the person that is considered a suspect for the case.

The first story is about a newlywed couple from Cincinnati. It is the case of Ryan and Sarah Widmer who had gotten married just 4 months when she was discovered unresponsive in the bathtub. Ryan was home when it occured and claimed that when he went in to check on her she was lying under the water . A long trial of this case proceeded where defense attorneys showed that there were not signs of a struggle or marks or bruises of any kind on Sarah to show a forced drowning had happened . The prosecution claimed her body was not wet and the bathroom was not very wet and there were no signs of pruning on her fingers to prove she had not even been bathing but had been killed by Ryan . The jury found Ryan Widmer guilty in murdering his newlywed wife .

The next case involves another formerly married pair , Ryan Jenkins and Jasmine Fiore. They met each other in Las Vegas and married a couple of weeks later only to become separated not long after that. The body of Jasmine was found in a dumpster near where she lived in California with her teeth and fingers removed . Investigators claimed that the person who murdered her did those things to slow down the ability to identify her. The way she was eventually identified was from the serial numbers of her breast implants. from the discovery of her body , her ex-husband, Ryan was reported missing and the prime suspect. Shortly after that he was discovered dead in a motel in Canada after he committed suicide by hanging.

The last case is one that just happened a couple of days ago involving a female medical student from Yale University. Annie Le was found to be missing and security cameras last showed her going into a lab where she worked but never coming out . Two days later, her murdered corpse was discovered stuffed into a wall cavity where lab rats were stored on what was to be her wedding day . Raymond Clark, a lab technician has been arrested for strangling Le and the case is considered one of workplace violence. This will soon go to trial.

With so many horrible crimes happening , we have to have faith in the justice system and hope that the offenders that do these crimes are punished for their actions. The innocent until proven guilty statement must also be held up and help those who have been accused wrongfully to be let go .

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