Saturday, October 24, 2009

Do Chiropractors Hurt Your Chances in Obtaining Lawsuit Loans? Part I

By Dr. Tom Rhudy

It is interesting that, when it comes to lawsuit loans, many payers, most often insurance carriers, attempt to convince people that if chiropractors are providing services, your chances of obtaining a strong settlement are diminished. Having reviewed literally thousands of cases, it is quite evident that this simply is not true!

There is little interest that physicians have in providing services to individuals suffering personal injuries if medical insurance is not available. You may wonder why this is so. Very simply, there is no guarantee of receipt of payment for services rendered.

A physician who agrees to see you following such injuries, perhaps twice, will never acknowledge that it was someone else's negligence that caused your injuries. This is done to enable the physician to get paid by the insurance carrier.

However, on those visits following such an injury, your case is severely compromised by giving the insurance carrier ammunition to argue that you sought medical attention following the incident, but there is absolutely no mention of injuries sustained as a result of the incident likely to serve as the basis of claim for which a lawsuit loan may be pursued.

On the other hand, chiropractors, will agree to provide care and treatment to such patients. Working closely with you and your attorney, the chiropractor will agree to await settlement. The inability to obtain medical attention from physicians and surgeons if you have neither insurance nor the means to pay for these services on the date administered, are factors that make these services a tremendous value.

The treatment of injuries that often occur subsequent to the personal injuries that result from others' negligence and serve as the likely basis of the lawsuit loan requested is an area in which chiropractors receive extensive training in evaluation and diagnosis. You are awaiting settlement on the claim you filed as a result of injuries, necessitating your need for a lawsuit loan.

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