Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Explore New Worlds With Astral Projecting

By Hayden M Price

A lot of people find that there are some stumbling blocks preventing them from successfully astral projecting. However, this is something which all of us can do. It is a natural ability which every man and woman already has. Much like riding a bike, you dont forget how; but you do have to keep in practice in order to do it well.

The biggest problem which many face as they learn astral projecting is learning to relax fully. To astral project, you have to be able to totally relax your body and your mind. There are a lot of different ways which you can relax. These methods include muscle relaxation and breathing techniques.

Obviously, youll have a much easier time astral projecting if you are doing this in a relaxed environment. Follow these tips to get relaxed and have the best chance of success as you prepare to astral project.

*Youll want to remove jewelry and any constricting clothing. Some find that taking off their clothes off helps, but there is no hard and fast rule about this.

*Make sure that the room you are going to relax in and practice your astral projecting is dark. Dark enough so that light can not be seen through your eyelids, but you shouldnt turn off all the lights.

*Lay down with your body pointed north to south. Your head should be pointed north. You can orient yourself by using the sun as your guide (since it sets in the west and rises in the east).

*While astral projecting, you want any clothes you wear to be comfortable and loose, while still keeping warm.

*Astral projection should always be done in a place which is free of distractions. Make sure that you have a quiet and peaceful place to practice astral projecting.

*It is time to enter a state of relaxation, (this is where you want to practice your relaxation techniques.)

*Start giving yourself mental suggestions that will help you be able to remember what is happening during your session. Keeping a pen and paper close by is helpful, so that as soon as you finish your astral travels you can write down what you remember. Remembering can be enhanced by saying to yourself five times, I will remember.

*Start using your breathing techniques and feel yourself starting to relax.

*As you are breathing focus on the blackness in front of you.

*Now you want to focus on a point or object about a foot away from your forehead, once you focus on that object change your focus to six feet away.

*After this, think of a line which runs perpendicular to your body from your focal point six feet away.

To prepare yourself for astral projecting, just follow these simple. It is important that we note that you also have to have mental control of what you are going to do. You dont want your astral body to just go out and bounce through the astral planes with no direction. You can go anywhere, do anything so it is important that you have direction.

Those who are well practiced at astral projecting have reported being able to perform feats which their physical bodies would be unable to do and even speaking with departed loved ones. Remember, astral projection is something you have done before. You know those dreams where you wake up and remember everything vividly? Those were actually astral travels. With practice, you can astral project at will and gain many benefits.

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