Monday, October 5, 2009

Cases About Yaz Lawsuit Side Effects

By Angelica Schoen

Since 2001, Yaz has been available as a contraceptive drug for girls. Millions of girls have spent billions of bucks on the drug which has proven to be 99% useful in stopping sperm from reaching the eggs and fertilized eggs from implanting themselves in the uterine wall. You only take one pill a day, and you're protected. It's not surprising that the drug has been so preferred. Recently, however, patients have been taking another look at this miracle drug and finding it not so perfect. Search the term Yaz court action on the web, and you can begin to find a huge amount of information about why Yaz use hasn't turned out as guaranteed for many ladies.

Perhaps you're one of the lucky ones who have taken the drug and not been worried by any complications. However, if you are still taking Yaz as your method of birth control, you'll doubtless want to go visit with your health practitioner about the wisdom of continuing. The percentages are good that he'll decide to switch you to another form of contraception rather than continuing to gamble with Yaz. The issues have been significant enough the medical community has started to take notice. Although the FDA has not ordered a recall at about that point in time, it is to be expected as the damaging statistical data continue to mount. In the meantime, you can take steps by swapping to a different pill, and if you have experienced any harsh side effects, you can look into filing a Yaz lawsuit.

Once again, you can search the Web to find barristers who have just taken it on themselves to become well capable on the health hazards Yaz imposes on trusting users. They know that the issue is major enough that the girls affected will wish to file valid Yaz legal actions, and they suspect the girls can win. Through their research they have reached the conclusion that Bayer, the company that makes Yaz, knew of the health dangers in their product, but they chose to cover them up in order to improve their bottom line. They turned thousands of ladies just like you into victims who will have health concerns for the rest of their lives.

Yaz works as well as it does to stop pregnancies because it contains the ingredient drospirenone, a part that's missing from most contraception pills. While effective, it is also responsible for the side effects. Many women have complained of depression, stomach aches, dreadful headaches, fatigue, loneliness, bloating, breast agony, blood clots, and paranoia. And these were the fortunate ones. In worse cases, Yasmin has been linked to coronaries, strokes, liver and kidney damage, thrombosis, embolisms, and even death.

The complications of taking Yaz may not occur immediately. One young girl reported she had taken the contraceptive for 2 years when she suffered a moderate brain hemorrhage. Before that time she had been a content, healthy 21-year-old. Reading the accounts of women with similar experiences should be enough to persuade you that if you are taking Yasmin you must talk to your doctor straight away. If you experience dreadful side effects, you'll also need to file a Yaz suit to seek compensation for your suffering.

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