Saturday, October 3, 2009

Stop Your Own Foreclosure Fast

By Adam Whazzer

If you, like many folks in the United States, are facing foreclosure on your home, then you are looking for anything you can do to stop it. Firstly, be calm and dont panic. Do not get yourself into a situation like mortgage restructure that you have to pay for up front. A reputable mortgage company, that knows that their service will help you, will do this with no money up front because they know they will get paid when the mortgage goes through.

In stopping foreclosure, the first thing you need to do is always keep the mortgage company aware of your current issue. Work with the lending company and make an agreement with them to pay what you can, even if it is partial payments. This agreement, if followed by you, will keep your loan from going into foreclosure.

Once you get too far behind in payments, your mortgage company will file a notice of default. Your options, at this point, become very limited and your mortgage holder will not be as likely to work with you once this has been filed and foreclosure proceedings are begun.

When you reach the stage of notice of default, your only option may be to pay the arrears payment along with the interest and foreclosure costs in order to stop the process.

At this point, the fees can begin adding up so quick that there is no way that a person can catch up. At this point, walking away from the problem all together seems like the easiest thing to do. Here is the sad part of this; there are some options that can be exercised.

The laws on foreclosure differ from state to state, They are not the same either in Judicial Foreclosures or Non-Judicial Foreclosures. As of February 2008, the Foreclosure Act of 2008 allows homeowners to file for bankruptcy and be able to save their home. Of course there are different qualifications for this. Most people will qualify. It will be up to the individual judge as to what extent and what the foreclosure will include, as far as all or a portion of the loan goes. It is crucially important that when you receive the Notice of Default, you notify the bank of your intentions immediately. So do your homework before you receive your notice if it is eminent.

Most folks are not aware of this, but there are many foreclosure assistance companies out there that can help you at this point. The earlier you get one of these corps on board, the better off you will be. So be honest with yourself and seek help before it becomes a necessity. This is the key to stopping a foreclosure. There are mortgage prevention programs and mitigation companies out there that know how to help you, so seek their help.

Not only can these corps help you stop foreclosure, they will communicate with the mortgage holder directly, easing your stress over the situation. They can restructure the mortgage or lower your payments for a period of time.

If You can't afford one of these companies go to the Internet and use your search engine to find self help to stop foreclosure there are a lot if do it yourself kits for various other legal maneuvers if you dont feel comfortable with the options above. Again, be realistic and seek these forms of help before it becomes completely necessary.

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