Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Issues That College Students Must Deal With

By Leo Grammar

So you've graduated from high school and now you are off to pursue higher college education. Whether you made a conclusion to go to a public state college or a private university, there are several things that students need to be cautious about otherwise they'll fall into academic probation and fail which eventually gets them kicked out of school. You don't to fall down that road after the difficult work you and your parents have paved the way for you from the beginning.

Most students who have recently graduated are eighteen or about to turn eighteen. And due to how family in today's society consider eighteen year olds as a grown up by legal means, many newly graduates decline to see that they're still inexperience in the true world. They could make many stupid decisions in their early years of college and become surrounded into plenty of life's frequent problems.

One of the common examples of the problems is falling behind and maintaining the college schedule. Since elementary school, the agenda is made for the student to follow and is anticipated for the student to attend everyday when school is open. In college, the classes don't always repeat each day but are generally are on a Monday-Wednesday-Friday or a Tuesday-Thursday schedule. The professors also don't usually make it imperative to visit the classes to pass the course. All that must be done is doing all of the homework, quizzes, tests and the final examination which ends up in them being arrogant and believing they can cut their classes and still pass the course. Some students have their own place whereas others are a part of fraternities or sororities and one thing is common among a lot of them- that is partying. Because they attend so many parties and gatherings, they slowly ignore their schoolwork and start to get behind courses one at a time, eventually leading them into educational probation. A third common trap that many students fall into compulsion of some hobby with the most typical one being video games or betting.

Many new students have access to a credit card and are now allowed to bet at certain locations, they begin to take up on hobbies that take up all their time and money and become totally obsess with it. Students who spend all their time to play games become separate from society and totally be enslaved by it and those that become hooked to betting can complete in massive debt. There are plenty of problems that can arise that become misdirections for students who have just entered the adult world.

To stop these from occurring to you it is up to you the student or the guardian or parent to try and anticipate these from happening. Be sure you get your work done before you use your time to do your personal thing. The world is a frightful place, and there is not always somebody there to guide you in the right direction.

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