Saturday, October 17, 2009

ProForm ELearning Studio, Avatars And AlterEgos.

By Andre J Jaay

Improving the impact of presentations and CBT projects by including a virtual representative or virtual teachers is a well known method of improving memorability, impact and retention of information, consequently improving dramatically the effectiveness of training media, there has always been a drawback however, "the need to create a personal video of a suitable representative". The combination of ProForm ELearning Studio and the revolutionary approach promises and even better training and CBT solution, for just a few dollars.

ProForm ELearning Studio offers an effective import feature to enable you to integrate external video compositions, but how many people are comfortable integrating their own image? may have the answer in a simple to use concise desktop package.

Fully animated talking Virtual representative, Avatars and Virtual tutor production is where AlterEgos stands heads above the competition. It's simple, effective and adds the impact that features within ProForm ELearning Studio compliments perfectly.

With a simple wizard driven interface AlterEgos desktop solution holds your hand along the way. With fifty-three male and female virtual characters, Text-to-speech or the ability to process your own voice recording, AlterEgos produces a stand-alone media file with full lip-synching in a number of industry standard formats including; Flash FLV, Flash SWF and AVI compressed or with the Alpha channel intact so you can overlay it on your own background media.

The workflow process of ProForm ELearning Studio and AlterEgos allows you to script, tailor, generated and import your virtual tutor in a matter of minutes.

With just a few clicks your AlterEgos fully animated composition can be imported into ProForm ELearning Studio, no special techniques or conversions are necessary. Simplicity itself

The end result is a compelling web or CD ready tutorial, presentation or training module with a fully embedded virtual trainer.

AlterEgos and ProForm ELearning Studio offers you a perfect partnership. With ease of use, industry standard compliance and simple workflow, professional impact and effectiveness is available to all.

For the ultimate in customisation will even create you your very own AlterEgos for a small fee. If could even be a virtual "you", full circle, it's a funny old world.

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