Monday, October 12, 2009

School Clocks Reviewed for the Consumer

By Melissa Carmel

When I think of school clocks, I think about all the time I would spend just staring at them while I was in another boring lecture class. Those things always seemed to run slow to me. The memories for me are not always pretty, but I think the analog school clocks had more to do with where they were located.

The look of the clocks are similar these days, but a lot of schools have opted for an atomic clock so everyone in the school is in sync with each other. You no longer have to play the guessing game from class to class on the real time.

Prior to this new technology, many schools tried wiring all the clocks together. This resulted in a lot of wasted money and time. Now, all schools have to do is purchase one of the many atomic school clocks available.

With money being so important at this time for schools, it makes practical sense that if you are looking to replace a lot of school clocks, the atomic one is the best bet. They are more durable than the old ones, and they also come much cheaper.

School discounts when buying in bulk will apply here, as the low end puts you at about 20 dollars a unit. Depending on how many you need or how big you want them, the price might go up a little.

When you factor in how durable they are (some even come with warranties), these clock purchases could be the last ones you?ll need to buy for many years.

School clock styles have changed a little, but they still give you the classic feel that everyone grew up with. They don?t have a ton of bells and whistles, they just do their job well.

Those teachers who are creative will like that there are enough choices now where you can pick from a variety of fonts and frame colors. These choices can bring individuality to your room, and also help match up with the look.

Online seems to be where most of the deals can be found. A lot of businesses are begging for some potential buyers, so one looking to buy in bulk will more than likely get a great deal. Shipping is very reasonable as well.

One tip would be to try and call the online company directly before just placing an order. Since you are looking to buy a lot at once, you might be able to negotiate a better price. With educational money stretched as far as it is already, every dollar counts.

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