Thursday, October 1, 2009

Maine - State Labor Law

By Bettina Falwell

Maine is one of the best travel vacation destinations of the world. People love to visit this place again and again. We all know how popular these state labor laws have become. These laws are gaining popularity in this part of the world. Like the other parts of the world this state too has adopted state labor law for the protection of the rights of the labors.

Further, in this article we would talk about State Labor Law in Maine. It is very vital to know about this law if you are an employee in Maine. Given below are some of the vital points regarding State Labor Law in Maine:

1. Employment laws
Under this law, a manager cannot employ a worker on the basis of grounds other than his credentials. He cannot take hiring judgments based on caste, religion, sex or nationality of the applicant. He cannot ask private questions to the applicants. However, he can ask questions that are required to execute the needs of the corporation.

2. Unemployment laws for workers
The Unemployment law in Maine preserves the rights of the employers who have lost their jobs due to some reason.

3. Company Benefits
Under this law decree, the recruiter should provide a safe and sound office place for the workers. Workplace should be free from all types of medical hazards.

4. Child Labor laws
Under the Child labor law in Maine, the children of age 16 and 17 years respectively can work in most offices but not in dangerous jobs. The minors below the age of 14 years cannot work in most of the companies. All the children under the age of 16 years need a job permit to operate. The corporation should keep a documentation of hours of work done by the minors below the age of 18 years on every day basis.

5. Termination Laws
It is considered unlawful if a company terminates a worker due its caste, religion or sex. He cannot make any termination decisions based on such grounds.

These were some important state labor laws in Maine that you need to know. So, make sure if an employer violates these laws you file a law suit against him. Have fun!

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