Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Pros And Cons Of Professional Resume Writing

By Eric Civi

There are two options when it comes to writing your resume. You can either write your resume yourself or get a professional writer to do it for you. Obviously doing it yourself is the cheapest option plus you know precisely what your duties and achievements were; Consequently, you might think you are the best person to do this. But with the job market being so competitive it is imperative that your resume stand out and unless you are a great writer and are aware of the latest employment trends, chances are you will not be able to do this. This is when you should consider hiring a professional.

To help you find what is right for you, here are the advantages and disadvantages when it comes to getting a professional resume service:

The cost is obviously the first issue. While preparing your resume yourself is free, hiring a professional writer obviously has a price and, to be frank, it is not cheap as writing a strong resume is not easy.

The delivery time can also become an issue if you are getting close to the application deadline (if there is one). Because writers have multiple clients and need to sleep just like you, they will need at least a few days to get your resume ready, unless they provide rush delivery, which will incur an additional cost.

In terms of advantages, resume writers certainly know their job. Not only are they certified and have lots of experience but they also know the latest trends and techniques so that your resume will be up to date.

Another important element is that they will be able to customize your resume to your niche or your specialty. Despite what you might think, resumes should be formatted differently depending on your career level and field.

Finally, most companies offer guarantees. If you are not happy or are not getting the results you expected, they will rewrite you resume until you are fully satisfied and, in some cases, might even reimburse you.

With these elements in mind, you should now be able to assess what is the best option for you, whether it is preparing your resume yourself or getting a resume service to do it for you.

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