Thursday, September 10, 2009

Tips To Learn French Faster

By Estrella Waldgrave

Learning a language sounds like a hideous job. But knowing an international language like French is an asset, it outshines all the difficulty to learn it. French is an easy language to learn. It does not even need a daily course. The language can be quickly learned to speak with some easy tips because it is based more on sounds and natural intonations.

While learning French, one does not need to translate every word or sentence. Visualization is very important, as one should be able to imagine and connect the objects and the words. Translation will not only make learning harder, but will make the progress in learning, a time consuming process. On the contrary, one should think in French. The problem arises when we translate the words and the sentences, as seen in numerous cases. Infact, teachers and interpreters always warn u beforehand about not translating, and rather, concentrating on connecting the words structure and the objects.

Start taking an interest in the French culture and connect it with your own culture. Also, invest in a phrase book rather than a word to word dictionary though the latter can be used during your study hours. Also, instead of writing down words and meanings try the pictograph method of listing words with a small photo or picture of what it implies.

Next, go online and look up chat and language websites that connect people learning languages. Most of these offer special groups and blogs where those learning French can interact. This way you can pick up a French-learning mate who is at your level and practice conversation in French every day or at least thrice a week. Often, in these language-learning chat rooms, you can find people who teach the language as a hobby and are willing to take an online class for free.

Get hold of French audio books, songs and poetry instead of prose. Play these tapes while you are busy with your daily routine and let the French seep into you subconsciously.

These steps can help you a lot than sitting for hours and struggling with a language text book. Follow these steps go ahead you will realize soon that you are a master in French, a world language.

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