Friday, September 11, 2009

Green Officer for Green Business

By R Michael Richmond

The biggest hindrance for any business installing a Green program is the lack of sufficient information and the absence of a clear plan of action. It is obvious that every business needs to be a Green business, but getting there is a journey without rhyme or reason. Installing a Green officer in the operation seems like a smart idea, but what qualifies a person to take on the role as a Green officer or to participate in a Green Committee?

Green officers are not merely appointed, nor come to the job because of a "Better-than-Average" environmental knowledge. A Green officer, like other key roles in the company, should be trained, informed, and clear on the path to success. This knowledge has not been available in the marketplace until now.

The body of knowledge required and the methodology of Greening a business is staggering. A Green business simply does not have the time and talent to install a Green program. The size of properly Greening a business defaults most businesses into the ugly position of Greenwashing. Greenwashing, or "Token Green" means that a company does the minimum possible to earn the Green title, but makes it sound like Green is a major effort.

The Green Business League was the first to offer Green Consultant training in America, and now does similar training across the world. They are now offering Green Officer Training for those who presently are or hope to be in-house Green officers. This course is offered in live two and a half day classes or online, but the live classes are highly recommended.

Green Officer Training begins with the core elements of Green, Sustainability, Conservation, and Pollution. These four segments are actually the "Four Corners of Environmentalism." The training program also covers global warming, carbon credits, indoor air quality, energy, waste, paperless office, and the Green Supply Chain as well other needful subjects. The course provides more than 250 pages of vital text and a large amount of important supporting information. The Green Officer Training is remarkable in its capacity to provide a broad array of on-target information in a well-prepared package.

The volume of information eventually turns to the practical applications that provide a step-by-step procedure for Greening all types of businesses. This program is different from the LEED program which requires that the business must own the building. Using this system, the business may lease, rent, or own their own facility. Because the program is tied to "Green Practices" of the business, the program allows for easy-to-install behavior changes as well as improvements.

Most attendees will be surprised to learn that Going Green will produce a potentially strong cash savings for any kind of business. Students will discover that the Green process will bring numerous efficiencies to their company. Greening a business actually includes a number of applications that will often save the company money, increase profits, and improve worker performance.

Finally, the Green Officer Training provides a plan for Green business certification. Every Green practice utilized within the business carries a point value. When a company reaches 100 points, that company can apply to the Green Business League for certification under this trademark program. When fully considered, this is the clear solution that cuts through the Greenwashing and mystery, while providing a means for a business that is "Authentically Green".

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