Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Laptop Projector Takes Over

By Greg Jamison

Why has the laptop LCD projector become so popular during the last few years, and who can stand to benefit from the use of one?

To get the best idea as to how a laptop projector works, you may remember your school days in the classroom with a teacher using overhead devices to teach lessons with. The images would then show up on a screen that came down from the ceiling. Nearly every school had this, but times are changing.

The new technology enabled by laptop projectors allows the direct view of a laptop screen to be transmitted in digital quality onto a screen or wall. This is a much more pleasant experience for anyone around one.

Businesses are doing the same as well. The laptop projector makes it very easy for a presenter to broadcast a Powerpoint or other presentation to a large room of people.

While it obviously has its educational and commercial appeal, there's also a very good reason to use the laptop projector for entertainment purposes. Many people around the world are beginning to do the same.

Why are so many people using these devices and what are the benefits? Well, think about it. You now have a device that digitally broadcasts whatever is running from your computer screen.

The images are crystal clear and will match up with the resolution of your laptop screen, as long as the resolution of the projector screen is the same. The sound quality is excellent as well.

In schools, the fact that a laptop can be broadcast onto a bigger screen so seamlessly is a major enabler. All kinds of rich media can now be worked into teaching lessons, making classes more enjoyable for students.

Thanks to the advent of some great technology, laptop projectors continue to improve by the year. Crystal clear HD movies are enjoyed via these devices, which should say it all about the quality of the sound and images they're projecting.

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