Thursday, December 3, 2009

When Kids Play Kitchens Cognitive Skills Are Being Developed

By Benedict Perez

Turn your children's rooms into kid play kitchens so they can really be themselves. Check for the best choices in making your child's room come alive with bright color, creativity and originality. It does not matter what gender the child has as long as the set up is fun for the little one. This is an educational environment for the child where responsibility and recognition of real life roles are being nurtured.

Let them enjoy the environment so they can appreciate the beauty of nature. It will also give them more space to set up tables and chairs and create a make-believe world of having a restaurant and serving a customer. You can do this if the room is not spacious enough for the kids play kitchens. You can turn your idle backyard into an interesting place with these stuffs. It is alright if children get soiled especially the girls for that is part of the learning process.

With the kids play kitchens, children learn how to set the table and you can guide them with the proper table setting. They will also learn how to clean up their utensils and their kitchen apparatus like the stove and the oven. What is important is there is an adult who can guide and supervise them. This is one way of grooming the little ones for being responsible persons as they grow.

The love for work, virtue of patience and obedience must be instilled in their minds. When they are preparing food and setting the table that is already work and that can be really useful in the near future. Serving food on the table for a make-believe diner or customer is inculcating the virtue of patience and this is something they must live up with. You have taught them the importance of obedience when you teach them how to clean up their mess and they wash the utensil, dishes and other things they have used.

Children are great imitators and they follow what you do. They learn by examples so you must be ready to give them some good ones. It is necessary to arouse their interest in order to develop their cognitive skills and their awareness of the facts of life. Parent and child bond can be strengthened with these types of games. Children are enjoying what they are doing as they like to do what you do as when these kids play kitchens.

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