Sunday, December 13, 2009

School Furniture And Learning

By Bart Icles

All school furniture should not create any type of distraction to the students using them. They should be aesthetically pleasing and, at the same time, durable and can last for years on end. However, they should not be too flashy as to provide a distraction. The lesser distraction there is in the classroom, the better it is to be able to facilitate the learning process. A classroom can be kept looking nice and tidy by school furniture that are not too flashy. All they need to be able to accomplish is to blend well with its surroundings and, at the same time, be conducive to learning.

Studies show that students perform better with the right school furniture placed at the right areas. It has something to do with psychology. Classrooms should be divided into different areas, like there should be an area for writing, an area for story telling, an area for meeting and exchanging ideas, an area for drawing, and the like. This would help them focus on what they are supposed to do better, and with the right type of school furniture to use, they would be able to focus and to concentrate in the best manner possible.

Good quality school furniture are more expensive than the generic ones but are more practical buys since they would last a very long time. Durable school furniture are needed, especially for the lower grades, since kids are prone to spilling liquid, drawing on desks and chairs and walls, and also, staining the school furniture in general. The maintenance costs should also be considered, and usually, durable ones are those that are easy to maintain and to keep clean. Usually, those that are made of good wood, like maple, oak, and the like, are the durable ones. Those that are made of good quality plastic are also great choices since they are lightweight and, at the same time, cheaper than those made of wood.

School furniture should also be able to conform to the principles of ergonomics, which deals with making sure that the human body, in any environment that it is placed in, is comfortable and would be able to function to its optimum capacity with whatever appliance or furniture that it is going to be exposed to. Also, being comfortable in the classroom would really be able to help students focus well on their studies and, at the same time, get better grades as opposed to having a classroom that is cluttered, with furniture that are mismatched. Generally, harmony brings out the best in everybody and the same goes with school furniture.

Making sure that school furniture conforms to the needs of the students is a must. School administrators should not be scrimping on them.

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