Monday, December 7, 2009

Tips For Success When Making Occupation Goals

By Connor Sullivan

When attempting to enter the workforce, there are a lot of steps to becoming proficient in your field. For instance, if you decided on becoming a Las Vegas DUI Lawyer, there are certain qualifications that would be necessary before taking on clients. To be a successful Las Vegas DUI Attorney, training, proper education, and experience in the field is a must have. Though some people can do it, it is near to impossible to enter a career without the proper requirements. This is applies to all fields, however, not exclusively the legal world. Preparation is necessary for almost any occupation.

When deciding what occupation to go into, one would need to complete a number of tasks before entering into the field. The first step after choosing a potential occupation is to do some research about the career. Using available resources to determine aspects of the career like salary range, necessary education level, employment outlook, and number of people currently working in the field is an vital initial step. When attempting to research occupations, there are numerous resources that are easily accessible and reliable. With more knowledge of the occupation, it is easier to begin the process of achieving the career.

Most often the most important qualification for a career is a certain level of education. However, the needed level of education varies depending on the field and even the organization within the field. Most often a Bachelors degree is required before being able to work. However, there are certain occupations that would require more secondary education, for example the aforementioned legal position would require an individual to continue education through law school. Furthermore, individuals with a higher degree usually have a higher salary in certain occupations. Another potential option is to start off in an entry level position and discuss with the company about full or partial compensation to take night classes to achieve a higher degree.

Having some sort of applicable experience is necessary in almost all occuations. Experience can be achieved in a number of ways. Volunteering for organizations within the realm of the chosen career is one method of gaining valuable experience. Also, in most school settings, an internship is required at some point, which will allow for more practical experience. Furthermore, employers are impressed by leadership experience.

There are also a number of little things that have a big part in successfully entering a career field. To enter a career, being hired is key, and this means successfully interviewing. It is important to do mock interviews with a friend or school advisor. It is also vital to have multiple copies of an updated, professional resume. Everyone wants to be hired based upon their qualifications, but to do so a good first impression is necessary, so it is vital to dress professionally. It is important to present the unique aspects about one to make an impression on a potential employer. This could just be an undying passion for the work they do.

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