Sunday, December 6, 2009

Important Steps To Follow When Selecting A Fort Lauderdale Criminal Defense Attorney

By Joseph Martella

When you start looking for the best lawyer to represent you, you are making a decision that could certainly have life changing results. In making your decision, you can either search online or consult with an attorney who has a different specialty and ask him to refer you to the best attorney for your case. This is often a great method to use as the top drug case attorney certainly knows who the best criminal attorney for a robbery case would be.

A criminal attorney will make all the difference in protecting someones rights who has been accused of a crime. After years of studying in law school, an attorney has all the experience that is needed to take on even the most difficult cases. The selection process is incredibly important, as the right legal representation will provide the absolute best likelihood of a positive outcome.

You should be looking for a criminal lawyer who has experience handling cases like yours. Make all efforts to analyze past performance to see if he is the best choice to represent you. Another smart thing to do is to contact your state bar association to inquire if the lawyer you are contemplating retaining is in good standing.

While experience and past performance may be the most important thing to consider, another desirable quality is when the defense attorney has a friendly relationship with the judge and the prosecutor of the case. This is why it is typically good to try and seek out the criminal attorney who was once a prosecutor.

Whether you have committed the crime or not, trial experience is key in getting you acquitted. A good criminal attorney does an exhaustive investigation of the evidence against you which is also known as the discovery evidence. This is where things can change fast, as a good attorney can often get some evidence deemed not admissable. This alone can get all charges against you dismissed or at the very least make it much less realistic to convict.

Experience in this type of defense strategy cannot be overlooked. You are looking for someone who has taken on this fight before and has a record comparable to a heavyweight champion. You cannot win them all, but you certainly want the person who almost does! When you have a prominent criminal attorney they should always be shooting for a dismissal of charges or a not guilty verdict. Great attorneys dont like to settle for plea deals.

The stakes are very high in criminal trials, and if your lawyer does not provide a good outcome, you risk a harsh sentence. Does your attorney have the ability to bring forward a compelling and legitimate defense? Does he consider you and your case important? A high quality defense attorney is the "make or break" in most cases.

Once you are formally charged with a crime you cannot waste any time in choosing an attorney. The beginning of this ordeal is when you need the most guidance, and it is also the time when most mistakes are often made. Retaining a lawyer in the very beginning also offers adequate time to formulate the best criminal defense possible.

Legal representation is a right that everyone is entitled to. This is a right and a privilege we should embrace, as it is often the single most important factor in determining the outcome of your case. A good criminal defense attorney will make a huge difference in your case so be sure to choose the best one possible!

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