Thursday, November 13, 2008

ICAATS Resource: Here's What I Found About Adult Education

By: Andy Ernest

There are many courses of study these days. You simply have to fall into the type that pertains to your lot in life. People who were unable to get schooled while they grew can get adult education and choose the course they want to study. It is a lot better than having nothing at all.

If you think your current education background does not serve you well enough, you could still get more education. Some might think it too late, considering age and all, but that is not true. Whatever kind of person you are, someone has got the right kind of education for you. Just look it up.

A lot of companies will refuse to hire people if they think they don’t qualify – it’s only to be expected. Even with a basic diploma, you might need higher qualifications to make the cut. Going back to school at this age may be tough, but it might also be your only shot.

You know that in the United States, the quality of jobs you can get is all about that college degree. Sometimes, that six figure salary is only another level of education away. Well, I've got a secret for you: you are not too old to go get it. Adults around you are; why not you?

There are lots of adult education programs to be had all over the world. You can decide to sequester yourself at some facility to study, or you can do it long distance while still going to work daily. If you to add value to yourself, it is something you might have to do sometime.

Sometimes it is not the quality or quantity of the degree you hold that counts – sometimes it is the fact that you have a degree. Getting a job can be as simple as that. The tough part is for you to decide to still do some schooling at that age when others are settling down to marital life. You can if you want to. I did.

Studying is good, especially when you are young; studying further is even better, especially when you aspire for more. The thing about studying further is merely that you are no longer a child, and a lot of those things that seemed to be so easy aren’t quite so easy anymore. But that’s what adult education is all about.

A hiring manager might look to you like the barrier between your success and you, but that is not true. The poor dude is just following orders: he cannot hire anyone who does not have a degree. In that case, you are the person who is standing in your own way. Even adults go to school, why shouldn't you?

University credit programs can be made flexible enough for adults also to study. As a matter of fact, they already are. Some of the most popular colleges and institutions in the United States have some of the most reputable adult education schemes you could ever hope for. Your way out of a life of misery, right there.

You might not be able to get a high school diploma because you can't return to high school at this time of your life. However, several schools have adult education schemes that offer parallels of such qualifications. And then if you want it, you may go further still.

Many adults in organizations are unable to read or write. Sometimes the organization agrees to bring in scholars and tutors for just such a purpose. It is still a form of adult education, just like the studying for a professional qualification or something.

The activities of an adult education system may be focused on single needs such as reading and writing. On another front, it could be geared more towards the professional. Anyone interested needs to find some niche into which they fit so that they can maximize their potentials.

Often you will find that adult education courses are adjusted in special ways to meet the special needs of adults. A lot of the extraneous material that you will find in high school and even college are done away with. You are recognized as someone who wishes to learn, but you are also respected as an adult in your own right.

Increasingly, adult education has begun to gain grounds in modern day America. People scoffed at it, at some time in the distant past, wondering how it is possible to still school when you brain was fully formed and had no room for anything else. Amazingly this has changed with the sacrifices of a few people who took the bold step and have thus made it.

Adult education is all about exploring dreams and possibilities. Even if you have a home to cater for, you can eke a living during the day and study at night. By the time you are done, you may then apply for any of those classy jobs you have always wanted. And that would be the beginning of a new life for you, practically.

The prototype that many adult education institutions and programs are based on today is 1874s Chautauqua movement. A place for Christians who wanted to learn at first, it became a model summer training scheme that many still look up to today. By '76 it was perhaps the most popular such program that America knew at the time, with universities springing up, offering extension programs that brought education directly to the public.

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