Saturday, November 15, 2008

ICAATS Selected: Adult Basic Education Jobs

By: Clara Ken

There are some learning programs in which adults can participate. These programs, regardless of your creed in life, are particularly appropriate if you have had quite some difficulty with education growing up. Take your time to pick a course that you love and enjoy; you will be the better for it.

The student population in an adult education program is mostly made up of people with families ñ wives and kids. A lot of them also have jobs or some other sources of livelihood; that is how they pay for the program.

Some wonder if the level of education they have is not sufficient for the kind of lives theyíd love to live. Well, it might be as such depending on perspective, but as an adult, you can still do something about it. Just look for programs in lots of institutions that befit your career and start one. In just few years, you will be surprised how your life will improve.

There comes a time in every man's ñ or woman's ñ life when a professional certification might be all they need to secure a good job. I'm talking of a certain specialized job where the employer simply won't compromise. That professional certification might come only if you allow yourself to go back to school to study before writing the exam. Some people think it's worth it, and some don't. However this is what makes the difference between those who take the prize home, and those who lose.

A professional engineer is not just anyone, but someone who has the qualification to be referred to as such. That means they have written some examination to get a degree or certificate, or something. The reason why you donít is because you didnít study further, thinking that because you are an adult now, you donít need to be caught dead in a school. Too bad. The truth is that you can do something about improving your lot in life, if you are really willing.

You probably know about cases where certain jobs are only available for people who have the kind of certification necessary for the job. Adult education sometimes is what you need when you have to deal with some of those situations. That is why a lot of people still gun for it, even if it takes some extra sacrifice.

There are a million and one job opportunities ñ new ones ñ that could suddenly come your way if you went back to school to do some more studying. There are indeed programs specifically meant for adults; several of them, in fact. And the jobs you can get with a better education are quite a lot.

Some job descriptions are mean and straight. They make it quite clear that you are not going to be getting them if you are not qualified on paper. People like to take the trouble to go studying for the better credits. You could too, age notwithstanding.

You can commence your professional education with an adult program. Itís always easier than thought of. Many donít do it because of the fear and the alleged shame of studying at an advanced age. This is a wrong notion. Such fears and shame disappear immediately you commence an adult education program.

The type of adult education program you sign up for is entirely up to you. Almost every institution you find around you has something especially tailored for adults. On the other hand there are schools whose programs are exclusively for grownups; take your pick.

You could have missed out on several opportunities when you were younger, and no one blames you for them. However, there are a lot of things that life still has to offer. They come in different packages like adult education programs and such. Now you can sign up for them, or you can whine for the rest of your life; itís up to you.

You might not have thought of this, but it is difficult to get a grown man or woman to come sit down in a classroom full of people when there are bills to pay. Those who are able to really deserve the kudos. They are smart enough to look beyond the present to a future that's rich, after getting their adult degrees.

Increasingly, adult education has begun to gain grounds in modern day America. People scoffed at it, at some time in the distant past, wondering how it is possible to still school when you brain was fully formed and had no room for anything else. Amazingly this has changed with the sacrifices of a few people who took the bold step and have thus made it.

It has been centuries since adult education started out in some form in the United States. Back in the 18th and 19th centuries, numerous lecture series and discussion societies began in earnest all over the world. All of a sudden, folks who had lived with regrets at missing out on education started to voice up. Today we have all kinds of programs doing the same everywhere.

A lot of adults can still study in their spare time. Not that they are likely to have a lot of those, in between working and providing for their families, getting pregnant and raising babies. However what must be done must be done, and if pushing it through is what adult education takes, then so be it.

Adult education is out of the dark and into the open. For ages now, you could argue that it has been in development. Well that developmental stage is over and the world is hungry to explore. Thousands of adults the world over sign up for classes and courses they have always wanted to do each year. And the good news, many of them succeed and pass out with degrees and certificates. You can too if you really want to!

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