Thursday, November 27, 2008

ICAATS Selected: The Importance Of Life Skills Coaching

Giving yourself to other people and offering your expertise and/or skills to help change their life in any positive way is a profound way to effect the world we live in. Free Content for BlogsWhether you are a coach, a teacher, a counselor, or if you just have wealth of knowledge to offer people you can help shape the our society.

Not only that, it can be very healthy for you as well because let’s face it, it feels good to genuinely help others and know that you are making a difference in their life.

Due to the stress and pressure of most people’s lives there is much need for people with skills in the area of life coaching. However, if you want to become a life coach you need to be in a good place yourself, as there is nothing more annoying than people who don’t practice what they preach.

To Become a Great Life Skills Coach You Must Train First

If a person wishes to become adept at life skills coaching, it may be necessary to first take life skills training, which is the study of behavior in humans. People are generally known to have their own behavior patterns that can lead, in some instances, to negative turns or choices in their lives. People are all very different and you need to be aware of these differences and how they do or don’t affect people’s behavior.

This is where life skills coaching comes into play. Your job is to:
* Monitor your client’s behaviors
* Help them make the right choices
* Recognizing the wrong choices
* Gain back control of their life
* Set realistic goals for them

Specializing Your Life Coaching Skills

You also want to specialize your life coaching expertise. Most people who are good at counseling are usually great at coaching in one area and only good at others. Stick to what you are great at because in order to make a profound difference in someone’s life you need to be a great life coach, not just a good one.

For example if you are trained and knowledgeable in business coaching your specialized skills in this area will help others succeed in the entrepreneurial or corporate world, but don’t go trying to help a mentally ill person who is contemplating suicide. Leave that up to those who specialize in mental health.

One thing that is actually a little ironic about this is that once you start to specialize in one area you will find that you are also improving that part of your life as well. By teaching others you will learn even more about yourself. Let’s face it no one is perfect and even life coaches can still improve on their life skills.

One thing that is for certain is that to be a good life skills coach you need to have conviction. This means that you have the power to motivate others by your words.

Motivation is the only way you can lead someone to change. You Can’t change someone for them, you can only motivate them to change. I learned that a long time ago and it was exhausting trying to help other people who don’t really want to help themselves.

There is one thing to watch out for, however if you are currently a life coach, or pursuing the profession. Don’t get too emotionally attached to your clients. Yes you want to help them, but you don’t want to hurt yourself by trying too hard or investing so much of yourself into them if they continue to make poor choices.

Article source: Posted by Baker Brue

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