Friday, November 14, 2008

ICAATS Resource: Untold Benefits Of Distance Learning Programs

By: Christy Jon

Distance learning can be started within the serenity of your home. You can receive your sound and qualitative education from the internet without moving around too much. Online distance education enables you to learn effectively and with ease.

It can be quite frustrating to remain stagnant at your workplace while other people are getting promoted. If you are constantly passed up for a promotion because your qualifications don’t measure up, enroll for an online distance learning program. With an online distance learning program, you can step up on the ladder of promotion faster.

Without the Internet distance learning would have remained extremely difficult and expensive. Many people today consider it both, but they have never had to deal with it back in the day when all correspondence was on phone, running up enormous bills; or when lecture notes had to be sent by post, taking never-ending days and weeks before delivery. With the Internet most of these problems are now a thing of the past.

The success of Charles Wedemeyer’s AIM (Articulated Instructional Media) in the United States from 1964 to 1968 prompted the opening of UK’s Open University. A lot of the concepts that were visited, including extensive communications technology advancements, were very useful in starting up and instituting subsequent distance learning programs.

Chatting on the Internet is not really a favorite technique for passing bulky information in distance education. Unless you can do away with the typing and use just the voice option, you are not likely to enjoy it. If your professor insists, though, you haven’t a choice.

When giving assignments, colleges and professors often make them extremely difficult. This is to discourage their distance learning students as much as possible from seeking outside help. Doing the assignment gets so involving that the students are forced to study, and in so doing, to learn and earn their degrees.

If you move around a lot, chances are that your education is often disrupted. You can opt for a distance learning program and avoid your educational process being interrupted. With distance learning, you can learn anywhere and at anytime.

Distance learning isn’t so different from on campus learning. The only thing that distinguishes distance learning from on-campus learning is the absence of the classroom setting and the teacher or lecturer.

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