Saturday, January 9, 2010

Enjoy Your Life Once Again With Chakra Meditation

By Anne-Marie Laureaut

Meditation has been part of man's way of life for over two thousand years. All religions out there use some form of meditation as a way to achieve a higher spiritual consciousness in ones life.

At first meditation was used by religious priests, for a while now even ordinary people have been employing meditation as a way to discover the several benefits that meditation offers.

For those who are new to meditation, it is simply the practice of concentrated and intense focus on sounds, objects, ideas, breathing rhythm, action or movement to be able to intensify perception, cut down stress, enhance relaxation, personal and spiritual growth.

When meditation was first out it originally was only practiced along with some sort of religious traditions to build your spiritual belief higher, but now it is used by several people to help relieve different stresses and pains.

Western medical practitioners are realizing that meditation has help people to cope with different health issues, so they are beginning to promote it to their patients more and more. In fact they have begun to use it along with medicines to help and relieve aches and pains for several people.

It is interesting to note that medical clinics and hospitals across the nation have been offering the practice of meditation as a possible method for patients to improve their health. Meditation is currently employed as a method for treatment of some diseases, as an additional therapeutic process for a comprehensive treatment program and as a means of improving the quality of life of people with chronic, debilitating, or incurable illnesses.

There are three different approaches to meditation, first is transcendental, then relaxation response and third is mindfulness meditation, which is usually referred to as mindfulness-based stress reduction.

Meditation centers on the seven major chakras, which correspond to the body's major endocrine glands, the power and of course the environment of the universe.

If you practice meditation for at least 30 minutes a day your body's functions will become more balanced and harmonious.

As energy continually flows from the root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and crown chakras during meditation the entire body's biological, emotional and spiritual aspects are equally nourished and balanced and in the process physical, emotional and spiritual toxins are cleansed.

Since chakra meditation requires deep concentration the uninterrupted flow of energy into the body also gives a boost to the major chakras (and their corresponding endocrine counterparts).

You know how catalytic converters work? Well imagine your chakra meditation as a catalytic converter for your body. It gathers the energy outside of your body and channels it to the useful portions of your body's chakra system.

Since chakras are such an essential part of our body and its metaphysical and physical manifestations, the tuning of them is very important to our everyday lives. And it will also affect our lives in directly or indirectly, emotionally, physically, intellectually and even spiritually.

There a different ways that people practice chakra meditation, but no matter what way they use the may step is to be able to concentrate and allow the focus to spread throughout your body.

Although results are not achievable in a short time, you will gradually realize that chakra meditation will eventually give you a different and more positive outlook in terms of your thought processes and in your perception and understanding of events and behaviors. Meditation; excellent benefits have been acknowledged as responsible for people having better lives, both physically and emotionally.

The biggest difference that most people notice from practicing chakra meditation is their ability to concentrate better and the awareness of things around them. This benefit will be noticed in only weeks of beginning, just imagine if you've been doing chakra meditation for years!

Commonly reported benefits of chakra meditation are heightened creativity, enhanced resourcefulness due to better perception of events, objects and the general surrounding of an individual in general. It is also proven that regular meditation helps people improve their sleep patterns and benefit from deep sleep. The advantages of deep sleep can not be understated since it helps to improve a person's overall health, restores the body's energy stock and makes you feel stronger.

Daily chakra meditation will also decrease stress in your life, from work, family, and inter-personal relationships. This is because you are more able to control your emotions because you have more patience. Also with less stress in your life, health problems will not be so prevalent in your life.

Normally one's overall health is greatly improved through the practice of meditation. It will help to lower blood pressure, which in turn will reduce the risk of heart disease and strokes. Also with meditation stress of people who suffer from chronic health conditions has been lowered.

Even if you are only able to practice meditation for half an hour a day you will be able to notice a more healthy and productive life.

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