Saturday, January 9, 2010

How The Seven Chakras Impact Us

By Jai Dahalli

It is surprising enough that every new dimension of human existence reveals a new secret and arouses newer aspects related to the successful existence of the human race. One such highly mysterious and quite unknown aspect that helps govern the human body and the human mind is the network of the seven chakras that are held in the human body as 7 circles of energy.

Apart from the physical energy that we get from substances that we consume as a part of our routine diet, the human body also requires a good amount of cosmic energy that is a result of the energy exchange between the seven chakra network in our body and the heavenly bodies above us.

On most occasions people fail to understand the kind of effect the chakras in their body have on the attitude they wear as well as the kind of life they lead. A very popular theory states that a person with positive thoughts ends up achieving better results as compared to a person with a negative frame of mind. The reason is simple as positivity in thoughts is the result of the abundant positive energy in the chakra governing the thoughts.

Each circle of energy is an active participant in the process of monitoring and enhancing a body part or its activities, the effect that these chakras have on different body parts and attitude is different, hence most chakras independently affect their respective body organs.

All chakras end up influencing various aspects that are important for the well being of an individual, you will be able to understand the impact in detail in the following explanation.

The chakra that is placed at the bottom is the root chakra which helps regulating the actual personality and the character of the person. When positive the chakra helps the individual to enhance his/her ability to stand strong against the odds. Root chakra is said to control the large intestine, rectum as well as other digestive organs below the stomach.

The second chakra is the genital chakra, it not only helps you relieve from worldly pleasures when it is in a positive state but also carries a favourable impact on your brain and hence broadens your vision and mind. However this chakra in the negative stage can make you feel cruel and ignorant. It is in control of the urinary and the genital organs and functions.

Umbilical chakra is the third of the series of seven chakras and it has an impact on the mental stability and reactions that a person might have to certain situations. While there is an inclination towards the positive side the chakra inculcates will power and mental strength but when weakened it arouses embarrassment, idiocy, jealousy and represents an instable behaviour. It controls a good part of the digestive system.

The fourth chakra from the bottom is the heart chakra that is responsible for the generation of various emotions as well as inspires feelings of liking and admiration. As the name suggests it has firm control over the human heart and if filled with negativity can lead to feelings of hatred and hypocrisy.

Above the heart chakra is the fifth chakra referred to as the throat chakra, it controls the way we speak as well as what we speak. It helps to regulate critical organs including the mouth and the lungs.

The next is the third eye chakra. You tend to develop impressions and make perceptions due to the chakra referred as the third eye chakra and it is very important for a person!

The seventh chakra or the crown chakra is towards the crown of the head and in a positive state helps people achieve enlightenment.

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