Friday, January 1, 2010

Thriving During The Tough Economic Times

By Jay Polmar

Want to thrive during the hard economic times? We are some of those who are prospering during these seemingly challenging times because we are driven with new business opportunities, increased revenues, things like new book deals, and stronger and healthier relationships that have more closeness than we ever thought.

Why are we thriving, no matter what is going on in the world around us, while others seem to be challenged? The difference between those who are magnetizing their fair share of abundance to them, and those that are either only getting by or feeling stuck, is the vibration level " the frequency at which their own energy vibrates. When we turn on a higher frequency in our inner worlds, our outer world must mirror that back to us in anything we do!

The body is very much like a radio tower constantly transmitting thoughts and feelings on a specific frequency into the Universe. The thoughts and feelings that you have mentally creates a vibration of energy that you send out throughout the universe. Then its reflected back to you by the Universe, producing results you can see, smell, taste and touch! Its an automatic manifesting machine and you cannot shut it off. It works according to the Law of Attraction and it will never stop working while you are still living and breathing. The only power you truly over it is to choose where to place your focus and your intention in this process " in the HERE AND NOW!

"Every type of focus, intense thought, visualization, emotional imagination, intention, all sets energy into motion. Whether you know it or not, energy is all there is." ~ Dr. Jay Polmar

If your body energy has been living in a elevated state of feeling free, abundant and in love with life as it is, you will attract all sorts of positive outcomes with effortless love in your life, you will attract the people and things you desire into your life.

If your body energy repeats daily feelings of being afraid, not having enough or being (in any way) needy, you will manifest experiences that are very hard. You do not want to focus in this direction, just release this old pattern of thinking and feeling, reprogram your vibration to FEEL alive and positive about everything in life! The key to being able to transform life is very simply to imagine it and walk into the frequency of a super positive way of thinking and feeling " its that easy, and everything will follow that natural path that you are creating.

Yes, you are a supernatural, yet quite natural, magnet, attracting to a something you always focus on in your life; good or bad " its up to you. Do you know how to turn from negative to positive and, to stay positive. Thats was success with this system brings.

If you are not getting what you want out of life, its time to transform your vibration! You already have all the tools you need to shift your vibration and harness your own powers to manifest " 1) thought 2) vision 3) focus 4) feelings all you need is desire " passionate desire and watch how the Universe is helping you to naturally attract prosperity, better relationships, more opportunities, and everything else you really want.

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