Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Post Grad At James Cook University

By Jerry Duncan

What better place to study than in the heart of the tropics in Australia. Nestled amidst the rainforests amongst some of the most amazing ecosystems is the incredible JCU campus. This unique location allows for hands on studies of many diverse environments and this superior region is unmatched for the hands on educational opportunities that it offers its students.

The James Cook University has be acknowledged for the cutting edge research for many of their areas of study. While at James Cook University you can study a variety of topics, among them are marine biology, ecological and environmental studies. James Cook University especially takes pride in the students research in areas of medicine, tourism, global warming and public health.

James Cook University has locations spread out all around Australia. Two of the larger campus are located in Cairns and Townsville. Then there are also campuses located in Brisbane, Thursday Island, Mackay, and Singapore. Students of John Cook University has many educational avenues to take including law, Medicine, Information Technology, Social Sciences and the Arts.

James Cook University offers programs for both under graduate and post graduate courses. James Cook is attended by a diverse group of students from all around the globe. Those that attend school at James Cook, and even those that come for a visit find it one of the most enriching programs found anywhere.

James Cook University offers a relaxing environment and wonder moderate temperatures throughout the year. They offer many wonderful educational opportunities as well as some fabulous recreational activities as well. While you are out touring colleges that you may be interested in attended, you should add James Cook University to that list.

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