Saturday, January 2, 2010

What Does It Take To Successfully Complete an Online College Degree?

By Ana Kennedy-Smith

Online degrees are not necessarily good for everyone. It takes a lot of strong characteristics to make a dedicated student, but it takes even more to make a committed online student. Placing your own destiny tightly in your own hands can be a risk, especially if you are not entirely aware of what it means. However, a little investigation can enlighten you, but additionally make the potential of studying on your own even more daunting than it ever seemed before.

This will not scare the majority of persons that really want to take an online class or program, but it is necessary to be sure before you follow the distance learning route. Here are some of the most desirable characteristics that any good online learner will need in great quantity!

Patience - Every student needs a degree of patience as knowledge by no means comes easily. It should be worked at, and this is even more necessary to those choosing to finish their education online. What if you cannot find the one text you need to complete an assignment? You have to be patient. It may take more time to understand things than campus-based students find it during the course of study since you do not have anyone present to help you.

Initiative - You need to be able to motivate yourself adequately to study by yourself. There will be no one watching over your shoulder or reminding you of imminent deadlines. You must remember them and work towards your degree on your own schedule. There is no way to get around this. What happens if something comes up and you get behind schedule? Do you immediately give up, or do you press on no matter what?

Aspiration - You have to want to succeed. You have to want your ultimate goal of an education. You have to need to earn yourself and your family a better future. This could be tough to attain if you are not sure where you are going in life, so it is best to have some a goal in mind before you begin.

Organization- This is one of the most key characteristics an online student can ever have. If you are not well organized then you are likely to fail to remember deadlines, lose information and might never actually finish your degree. A high level of organization is critical for online students because you have to be able to schedule your education around your lifestyle. If this seems out of the question then distance learning may not be suited for you.

Determination - Finally, you must be resolute to accomplish your goals. The day you finish your degree will be one of the happiest days of your life if you have been unwavering to accomplish your goal.

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