Saturday, January 30, 2010

Have A Clean Slate With Your Low Teacher Salary

By Jurinsthea Smith

Even if educators spend much effort in educating students, at the end of the month they still have very low teacher salary. Whether under a private or a public school, their pay is much lower than those in the service of product companies. It oftentimes takes a great deal of effort for mentors to budget their salary until the next payday.

I also experience the same scenario because I am a teacher myself. What is difficult in this situation is looking your hard earned money disappear almost instantly. At some point, your salary will be exhaust to pay debts. At the day's end, what remains is nothing - not even a penny for me to spend. And this is something I want to avoid for other educators. Therefore, I present to you some solutions that have proven successful on my end, on managing our low teacher salary. I hope some of these are valuable and applicable for your implementation.

Solution # 1: Clear the debts. Although debts are part of our lives as much as possible use your salary to clean up your previous loans before. If you have debts from credit cards or banks, it is necessary to put aside some money each pay day or even take majority of your salary to pay the amount slowly. The longer you delay the payment, the higher the interest will be and the more difficult it is for you to cope with the payment.

Solution # 2: Prioritize things. It is a necessity for you to consider what area of your life you should allocate your teacher salary. Whenever possible put an important factor on the ones you need for instance for your card company or bank. In order of priority, you will see that there are expenses that are not needed, such as shopping, thus try to stay away from the desire to splurge. What is needed now is to ensure that your salary will be used for debts and necessary expenses like food, bills and your shelter. You can also divide some few portions on other stuffs so as long as you have allocations on the basics.

Solution #3: Sacrifice. If you think your salary is not enough to pay your huge debts and endless interests and some home expenses, then the next big step is to sacrifice. When speaking of sacrifice, you need not deprive yourself of some simple pleasures. This is just a small escape route for you. For example, you can cut probable expenses like electricity in some lights and appliances. Or you can find a second job that somehow adds to your cash flow. This may be difficult, but this is an important thing to do.

These are just some of the solutions in the larger scale of things that can gradually raise you from your current debt situation. It's just a question of how effective you are in managing your spending, and debt finances. Also, how resourceful are you is also a big plus. When we look at the perspective of things, there really is no such thing as low teacher salary; it is only question of successful you are in managing your money.

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