Sunday, March 29, 2009

Bed Bugs In A Nutshell

By Dan Smith

Bed bugs are becoming a huge nuisance in house holds around the world. They will hide in hard to reach places, like in between mattress seems, and they will come out at night to feed on you, creating insect bites that could cause some major irritation.

When a bed bug bites you, they suck up some of your blood and leave small traces of their saliva in your skin. The good news is that medical studies have proven that bed bugs do not transmit any kind of disease.

When it comes to getting rid of bed bugs, it is a task that is not easily accomplished. Bed bugs look like ticks, the only difference is that they like to feed on humans more than they do on pets like cats and dogs.

To get rid of bed bugs, the owner must hire a pest control. The pest control is an expert in identifying whether the bed bugs are the ones that feed on human or those that animals know about. A softer bed that may have infestations on it can be just as dangerous as a plan to rid of bed bugs show up from out of nowhere.

In getting rid of bed bugs, one has to remember why they are loathsome. Bed bugs are often referred to as vampires. They lie in wait for their prey and patiently take the time to come out and feed. No wonder many want to get rid of bed bugs.

When looking for bed bugs be sure to check everything that is in the room where the bites are taking place. They will hide in furniture, small cracks and crevices, and of course in your mattress. If you mattress becomes infested you may have to trash it completely.

Bed bugs can also hide in many other places such as carpeting. Anyplace that there is an angle a bed bug could be hiding out. To limit their hiding places keeping a clean room will make it easier to find and kill them.

If you find some bed bug eggs, or a spot where they are hiding out they can be killed with temperatures above 130 degrees. Items like hair dryers and irons work great as a heating resource to kill bed bugs. Another good method to get rid of them is by steam cleaning. Finding the bed bugs is the hardest thing to do, killing them is easy.

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