Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Website Internet Marketing Business is in Your Reach

By Tracey Martin

You want to start a website internet marketing business, but let me guess you are overwhelmed and unsure where to start. I once sat in the exact same position you are. I desperately wanted to have the ability to create an income from home, so I turned to the internet for information.

What I found was completely overwhelming. There were options from being a mortgage broker to an online secretary and tons of points in between. What kept catching my attention was the website internet marketing businesses. What I quickly found out was the amount of information pertaining to this topic was staggering. Beyond that I learned that there are loads of scams. I am confident in saying that , because I was victim to many. It really is a shame that there is so much garbage out there on this subject. Because, the reality is, this venue, website internet marketing, is a great way to make a living.

The biggest problem is not knowing who to believe and who is full of hot air. For me, I was a victim to so many scams that to say I was becoming leery is an understatement. I was feeling like the only way to make a living online was to scam other people looking to make a living online out of their money. That was not for me. I truly desired a website internet marketing business, but up to this point was really not sure how it could happen.

I was online one day and came across a website called the Wealthy Affiliate. So I put up my guard, and went to check it out completely sure I would uncover yet another online scam. I navigated to their landing page where it tells the story about these two young guys who have made a fortune on the internet and you too can be a millionaire, blah, blah, blah. Whatever. I had a terrible attitude and frankly can't believe I went any further into their site. Boy, am I glad I did.

What I saw was incredible. These "young men" were legitimate! Not only were they will teachers, they were excited too show you how to have a website internet marketing business. This was what I had wanted, and so desperately needed someone to grab me by the hand show me the way. Not only that I needed someone to restore my faith in humanity that not everyone is out to scam you. Thank goodness for that.

They provide you with all you need to a have a successful website internet marketing business. If you are a newbie, what you see could be a little confusing. But for me, I had spent a little bit of time in the trenches and I was thrilled by what I saw. You get a complete educational system and all of the tools you need in your membership.

I want to outline a few of the benefits they are offering. NicheQ. What can I say, but wow. This is an in-depth, professional industry niche report that outlines and entire industry for you and shows how to market it. They do all the work, you just follow the outline. They give you free web hosting and a web design builder. They provide you with your own blog and space, as well as a writing system called Rapid Writer. The biggest thing is it is a university for those of us wanting a website internet marketing business.

If you decide you want a website internet marketing business you should know that it is real work. The Wealthy Affiliate is not a get rich quick scheme. In spite of what many are saying, you can not work for just a few short hours a week and expect to generate a huge income off the internet. That is such a load of crap. You get out of it what you put in to it. FYI, there are no magic bullets, no short cuts, just good old fashioned, roll your sleeves up work. Becoming a successful internet marketer is no different than becoming successful at anything. I guarantee if you treat this like a business it will treat you with an income. I encourage you to check out the Wealthy Affiliate, you really owe to your self.

It is my hope, my mission and my goal to stop people from being "taken to the cleaners" by the garbage internet marketers out there and let the world know there is a real teaching source out there for you. If you do what these guys say and follow their plans, you will succeed.

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