Sunday, March 29, 2009

Teaching - The Most Rewarding Career

By Corey Adams

It appears that lately there is an increasing group of teachers that are really not as happy with their pay check as they could be. Maybe you are a teacher that is in this predicament? With the cost to live ever increasing at such a fast pace, it maybe time to analyze at the money they bring in.

It's true that a teaching career is not the most exciting career choice but it certainly is one of the most rewarding. It seems a shame that sometimes you see some teachers having to take second jobs to make more money for themselves to be a bit more comfortable and provide better for their family.

Sometimes teachers are even finding that starting and operating their own business on the side to increase their income is working for them.

It's definitely great that teachers can do things like this, especially during the summer time when they are not teaching, but with a career as important as it is they shouldn't have to do this.

The other problem with working a second job, besides missing time from your family, is the increase in taxes that you have to pay. Running a business can help in this due to the things that can be written off at tax season, but it can be another burden.

Now, all this working is not always negative. Sometimes, if a teacher had started a business and it really takes off they can find themselves working toward real financial freedom and actually have the choice themselves to return to teaching or concentrate fully on their business.

Whatever a teacher chooses to do, it is still a good idea to maybe take a look at their salaries and see what can be done to help. Teaching is an important job and should be looked at more as such.

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