Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Things To Know Before You Buy A Tuxedo.

By Victor B. Sancharo

It is good for all men to know the different types of tuxedo's that are available in the market nowadays. This is because it is of great importance for men to dress appropriately on occasions where they are required to dress formally. There are many classic and trendy styles that you can find on the market.

Before you purchase a tuxedo there are a few things you need to think about. Even though you could rent one for a special occasion, it is still a good idea to have at least one and maybe two included in your wardrobe. That way, it is there if you need it, ready to wear when the occasion arises.

While having a tuxedo in your wardrobe is ideal should you be invited to attend a formal affair, it is important to consider how frequently it will be worn. Tuxedos are expensive to purchase, and the quality of the material and style should be considered before making such an expensive purchase. It is, however, an investment into your wardrobe, so being sure to purchase the best possible quality which will also be resilient to wear and style changes is something to seriously think about before making the purchase.

Choosing the right tuxedo for the particular formal event is fairly simple. Light colored fabrics should be worn during the day. A light gray colored tuxedo is appropriate for a day-time formal event. An evening formal requires a darker colored tuxedo, such as midnight blue or black. In order to look your best in a tuxedo, you should carefully examine it for the proper fit, and examine the fabric for any holes or defects.

Proper care is essential to get the most life out of your tuxedo. Immediately after wear, it should be carefully inspected for stains or any other imperfections which require immediate attention. It is advised, also, that a tuxedo hang in a garment bag rather than being folded into a drawer.

You can wear your tuxedo with a pre-tied bow tie or wearing the actual bow tie itself which requires you to learn and practice to wear it. You can also wear your tuxedo without wearing any tie at all if you feel comfortable not wearing one. However, if you want a different outlook or feel to your tuxedo, a black tie will do the trick for you.

A single breasted tuxedo generally fits almost all body types and sizes while double-breasted ones look a lot better for taller men who are six feet and above. Double breasted tuxedos usually come in three different styles which are traditional double breasted peak, double breasted notch and double breasted shawl.

Finally, you should not wear both a vest and a cummerbund together. One or the other is fine. A cummerbund should be worn with the pleats facing upwards. A subdued color or pattern on your cummerbund is preferable if you are attending a formal event.

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