Thursday, March 26, 2009

Resume Formats - Which One Is Best For You?

By Cynthia Penfold

It is important that you keep your resume format looking clean and professional. You are inviting an employer to read the resume, so you want to keep the format very reader friendly. Make sure you use wide margins because thinner margins and long sentences can cause the employer to lose their train of thought. Yes, you need to be professional, but the employer shouldn't have to use a dictionary to read your resume, and do not use any jargon. When the person reading the resume cannot figure out what you're trying to tell them, it becomes easier for them to just throw the resume out.

Your resume's format should include a readable font. Do not choose something that you think conveys your personality because you think it makes it more personal. Choose something that isn't going to strain their eyes. You need to be able to capture the reader with your words.

Keep in mind that if you are using boxes, lines or shading in your resume formats, that they can be very confusing if they are not used properly. The most effective use for these types of graphics is to delineate the sections of your resume such as your experience or your educational background. Keep in mind that your resume formats should always maintain a professional air. Certainly, the resume you submit does not have to adhere to resume formats that one would use for an executive position for a Fortune 50 company if you are applying for a position in customer service at a cell phone company, but it still must show that you are committed to being professional in your role as an employee of their company.

Make sure that the resume formats you use reflects the tone you are attempting to set; that of an educated, skilled professional that is willing to do whatever is required by the company in order to do the job in the prescribed manner and as competently as possible. Make sure that the resume formats allow you to get in all of your pertinent information. You need a resume cover sheet, and you need the actual resume. Be sure to sum up why you feel this is the job for you, and why you are the person for this job.

Furthermore, use the resume formats made available to you on the Internet because there are great templates and examples that can be quite helpful.

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